UKIPT Galway: Day4, Level 21&22

December 14, 2009


Updates from day 4, level 20&21 of UKIPT Galway, brought to you by Rick Dacey.

Level 21: blinds 6000/12,000 (1500)
And the action is under way with Michael Graydon leading the early aggression. He wins the first pot after raising into Cat O’Neill’s big blind and betting the 4♣ 8♠ 9♥ flop and makes Paul Marrow fold pocket 8’s face up with a 3-bet to 106,000 just a coupld of hands later. He’s won four of the first five hands with Michael McFadgen winning the other. Will this be the story of the final table?

_UKIPTGAL_MickeyMay_  9025.jpg

2.31pm: Marrow fires the turn and folds out better hands?
Ben Lefew opens for 30,000 and is called by Paul Marrow in the cut-off and Graydon on the big blind. Lefew shoots 60,000 at the K♥ 9♥ 7♦ flop and is called by both players. Graydon and Lefew check the 2♦ turn and Marrow steals the pot away with a 118,000 bet and shows 6♦ 7♠.

2.31pm: Trevor Bulless is out in 9th for €9,000
Trevor Bulless shoves from middle position for 160,000 with K♣ 9♣ and is called by Cat O’Neill who shows A♠ K♠. The board gives both players two pair with K♦ A♣ 9♠ 10♠ 8♣ but O’Neill takes it down and Bulless leaves to a round of applause.

Level 22: blinds 8000/16,000 (1500)

2.50pm: O’Neill flops a set
Dooley raises from early position and O’Neill calls the 37,000 raise. Dooley leads the 9♥ 6♣ K♣ flop for 50,000 and is raised by O’Neill to 140,000. Dooley folds and shows Queens and O’Neill, no doubt trying to reinforce her table image, shows a flopped set of sixes. O’Neill is climbing up the chip table. Marrow and Padraig are on the Guinness.

3.01pm: Dooley doubles through Marrow
Marrow raises from the cut-off to 36,000 and is shoved on by Dooley from the button for 180,000. Marrow has a dwell up before calling with A♣ Q♥ dominating Dooley’s A♥ 7♣. Dooley turns a flush with 2♥ 9♥ 8♥ 5♥. A blank hit’s the river and Dooley is on close to 400,000.

3.01pm: Marrow mixing it up
After losing a chunk to Dooley, King of Bling Marrow has won two chunky pots in a row. The first was in a O’Neill raised pot which he check-raised from the big blind when McFadgen stabs at the pot. ‘You’re always in danger when you raise my big blind,’ warns Marrow.
The next hand Marrow raises Lefew’s 80,000 c-bet to 200,000 on a 4♠ J♦ 5♦ flop and shows A♦ 6♦ when Lefew passes.

3.20pm: Cosgrove shoves and…
…gets no action despite a long ramble from Marrow about phone calls.

2.31pm: Cat O’Neill is out in 8th for €11,000
O’Neill raises under the gun and is called Lefew in middle position. She leads the 8♥ 4♠ Q♣ flop for 70,000 and is raised to 150,000. She calls and insta shoves the J♠ turn. Lefew doesn’t hesitate in calling with a set of 8’s and O’Neill ships the rest of her stack to Lefew, who’s now well stacked.



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