UKIPT is science fiction, but the real kind

October 13, 2011


A couple of years ago some thrusting young executives came to me and said, ‘Nick we’re starting a new UK and Ireland poker tour and we want you on board as the host.’

I said, ‘congratulations you’ve made an excellent choice – a no-brainer – but a new tour is just the stuff of science fiction it could never actually happen.’

How wrong I was.

The UK and Ireland Poker Tour has just finished its second season with the final event in London. It’s been a huge success from the very beginning and amazing fun to be part of. It’s been successful in terms of numbers and money and coverage – but far more importantly to me it’s been a success in terms of how much fun everyone has had that’s been involved.

The second season grew a lot – partly to the presence of Channel 4’s TV cameras and partly to the good word of mouth and awareness after the first year. I haven’t individually counted all of the players at events around the world but I’m pretty sure it’s the most successful national/regional tour in the world….at least someone told me that was true so I’m going with it!

Putting together the TV shows has been really fun. From a personal point of view being able to make good shows that have quality poker and are knock about fun (no idea what that actually is – I think it’s what they used to have on Cheggars Plays pop – google it if you’re 25 and need to see the legend in his prime).


Of course none of it would be the same if it hadn’t been for my co-talking lady Liv Boeree. Working with Liv has been one of the most positive uplifting educational experiences I’ve ever had and I couldn’t have wished for a better personal or professional experience. (and yes she is sitting next to me watching me type this blog….true story).

It’s been great to see the TV shows have done so well in the ratings too I think people really enjoy watching local players play. The show has allowed us to make some ‘stars’ of players who aren’t the usual household names. Thankfully they’re all extremely grateful and have given me a cut of their prize money haul ….or at least I presume they have they always laugh when I ask them if they’ve made the transfer so that seems very positive.

I’d say I hope that season 3 could be even bigger and better and more fun…but that’s just the stuff of science fiction…


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