UKIPT5 Edinburgh Day 2: Level 19 -22 updates (10,000/20,000 ante 3,000)

November 21, 2015

12:20am: Day 2 is done
The 11 remaining players will return at noon to play for the title the trophy and a first prize of £49,660. David Gomez is the overnight chip leader and a wrap of the day’s play will follow shortly. — NW

12:05am: Race for the chip lead is on
There’s about 15 minutes left to play and there’s a three way race for the chip lead developing. There’s just a handful of big blinds separating Alex Lynskey, Benjamin Burnhill and David Gomez at the top of the chip charts. –NW

11:59pm: Gary Laing doubles through Benjamin Burnhill
It was far from an easy call for Gary Laing, but he’ll sure be glad that he made it…

Pre-flop Laing raised to 55,000 from under-the-gun, Benjamin Burnhill three-bet to 115,000 and Laing tanked and then smooth called. Laing then checked in the dark and the dealer spread a 10♥9♠5♥ flop. Burnhill announced all-in and that’s when the pain for Laing began. He sat back in his chair, took his glasses off and then began to count down his remaining chips. He had about 275,000 back (just under 14 big blinds) and eventually elected to call.

Burnhill: A♠K♥
Laing: A♣10♣

Laing had hit top pair to outdraw Burnhill and the 9♣ turn and 5♣ river kept him in the lead. –NW

11:50pm: McGee and Lynskey battling
Michael McGee and Alex Lynskey are sat side by side, both have seven figure stacks and the two have tangled in two pots that reached the river in the past orbit.

In the first McGee opened to 40,000 from the cut off and Lynskey called. On the 4♠A♥3♠ flop McGee fired out 34,000 and Lynskey smooth called. The 9♣ fell on turn, McGee drop four 25K chips over the line at the same time as he announced a bet of 97,000. It was a bet that Lynskey called.

The 5♥ completed the board and both players checked with Lynskey showing A♦J♦ and McGee Q♠10♠. Pot to Lynskey.

McGee was also the aggressor in the second pot, making it 43,000 to go pre-flop, call from Lynskey. On the J♦10♥10♣ flop McGee c-bet 42,000 and Lynskey smooth called. The 5♦ checked through, but a bet from Lynskey on the K♥ river was enough to win him the pot. –NW

11:40pm: Harry Lodge eliminated in 12th place (£3,510)
Harry Lodge has enjoyed another deep run on the UKIPT but it just ended in a pot against Alan Brown. The Scotsman opened to 40,000, Lodge shoved for about 370,000 and Brown made a quick call.

Lodge: 10♠8♠
Brown: K♠K♦

Brown had the goods and the kings held on a 6♥A♦A♠7♣Q♣ board. — NW

11:35pm: Chip counts
Here are the updated chip counts of the 12 remaining players. It’s still Benjamin Burnhill who leads.

Name Country Status Chips
Benjamin Burnhill United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 1,700,000
David Gomez Spain PokerStars Qualifier 1,275,000
Michael McGee United Kingdom 1,115,000
Alex Lynskey Australia PokerStars Qualifier 1,020,000
Angelina Rich USA PokerStars Qualifier 680,000
Thomas Pearn United Kingdom 670,000
Donald Elliot United Kingdom 660,000
Dean Hutchison United Kingdom PokerStars Player 520,000
Alan Brown United Kingdom 435,000
Harry Lodge United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 370,000
Gary Laing United Kingdom 355,000
Dara O’Kearney Ireland PokerStars Qualifier 300,000

11:20pm: Roberto Morelli eliminated in 13th place (£3,510)
There was already around 175,000 in the pot by the time Roberto Morelli and Michael McGee reached the turn of a 10♣9♠J♥4♠ board. First to act McGee bet 100,000, Morelli shoved for 340,000 and McGee snap called.

McGee: K♦Q♦
Morelli: Q♣8♣

Both players had flopped a straight but McGee’s was better, he had Morelli covered and the Italian needed a king on the river to chop the pot. It didn’t come and he was out in 13th place. –NW


A marvellous run from Morelli

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 10,000/20,000, ante 3,000


11:10pm: Sixes no good here, buddy
Roberto Morelli has dropped below half a million after losing a pot versus Thomas Pearn with pocket sixes.

Pearn opened the pot from the button and Morelli defended his big blind before things got a little frisky on a 9♣10♣2♥ flop. Pearn continue for 45,000 before Morelli check-raised to 100,000. Pearn then just over clicked it back to 160,000 and Morelli called. That was as naughty as it got as the Q♦Q♣ turn and river were checked through.

Morelli opened 6♥6♠ and lost out to Pearn’s K♥10♦. The latter rose to over 800,000. — MC

10:50pm: Xiao Yang Luo eliminated in 14th place (£3,100)
Xiao Yang Luo never recovered from losing that pot to Dara O’Kearney (see 10:42pm post) and was out a short time later. He three-bet shoved for around 60,000 with A♥3♦ and Alan Brown – who was the original raiser – was more than happy to call with pocket kings.

The 7♣4♣J♦8♥9♠ board stayed clean for Brown and we’re down to just 13 players here in Edinburgh. –NW

10:45pm: Lukas Dimsa eliminated in 15th place (£3,100)
Two hands in quick succession did for Lukas Dimsa with the most crucial of the two not the one that eliminated him. His downfall came about due mostly to a flip he lost to Harry Lodge.

The Lithuanian opened to 34,000 from the cut-off with A♥9♦ and called when Lodge shoved for 190,000 with pocket threes. The 9♣3♠2♣5♠5♣ board doubled Lodge and left Dimsa with just 22,000.

Two hands later his remaining shrapnel went in and he picked up calls from Gary Laing and Benjamin Burnhill. Laing bet the turn of a 6♥J♠7♥3♥ board, which got rid of Burnhill and he showed 3♠3♣. Dimsa was drawing dead as he had K♣2♣ and threw his cards in the air before exiting. — NW


A lost flip did for the Lithuanian
10:42pm: No choke from Doke as he doubles
Dara O’Kearney found a great spot to get his chips in and was rewarded with a double up.

Xiao Yang Luo opened to 35,000 from the hijack and called after O’Kearney three-bet all in for 178,000 from the next seat.

Luo: K♦J♦
O’Kearney: A♣J♣

The board ran 7♥5♣2♣4♣3♠. Luo dropped to 65,000. — MC

10:30pm: Pearn earns in three-bet pot
Thomas Pearn won some chips off Alex Lynskey in a button versus big blind battle.

Lynskey opened to 32,000 and called after Pearn three-bet to 77,000. The board ran out 10♥7♦A♦Q♠J♠ with Pearn checking every street over to the Australian. He finally took the bait on the river and bet 105,000 with Q♥9♥. Pearn called with A♣3♣ and took the pot to rise to 675,000. Lynskey dropped to 740,000. — MC

10:20pm: Chip counts
The plan is to play two more levels or until the final table of eight is reached, whatever comes first. Heading into the final two levels of the night it’s Benjamin Burnhill who leads the way. He’s one of four players over the million chip mark.

Name Country Status Chips
Benjamin Burnhill United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 1,304,000
David Gomez Spain PokerStars Qualifier 1,175,000
Angelina Rich USA PokerStars Qualifier 1,135,000
Donald Elliot United Kingdom 1,030,000
Roberto Morelli Italy 800,000
Alex Lynskey Australia PokerStars Qualifier 650,000
Dean Hutchison United Kingdom PokerStars Player 575,000
Thomas Pearn United Kingdom 550,000
Michael McGee United Kingdom 535,000
Gary Laing United Kingdom 420,000
Alan Brown United Kingdom 340,000
Xiao Yang Luo China 320,000
Lukas Dimsa Lithuania 235,000
Harry Lodge United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 184,000
Dara O’Kearney Ireland PokerStars Qualifier 175,000

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 8,000/16,000, ante 2,000


10:07pm: Brown rebounds
On the last hand before the break Alan Brown got a much needed double up against Xiao Yang Luo. The latter opened to 25,000 with K♥J♥ and called when Brown moved all-in for 160,000 with A♥6♥. The Q♥4♥Q♣7♣3♣ board kept Brown in front and he doubled. –NW

10:05pm: Dariusz Marcinkowski eliminated in 16th place (£2,790)
Dariusz Marcinkowski just got very unlucky to bust as he was two outered in a big pot against David Gomez. The Pole four-bet shoved for 375,000 with J♠J♣ and Gomez, who had already invested 90,000, called off the extra with 9♥9♦.

The Q♦8♣5♣2♠9♠ board meant Gomez spiked the river to eliminate Marcinkowski. — NW


Dariusz Marcinkowski’s run has come to an end
9:55pm: Doke short after doubling Dimsa
Dara O’Kearney has dipped below 200,000 after doubling up Lukas Dimsa in a battle of the blinds.

The action folded around the Irishman in the small blind and set Dimsa all in for 124,000. Dimsa looked down at A♥9♣ and made the call. O’Kearney opened J♣8♠ and couldn’t find a way out on a boars that came 2♠9♥K♠4♦4♥. — MC

9:45pm: Lull in the action
Not too much to report from either table to be honest. Over on table one Alex Lynskey was winning a lot of pots and then Roberto Morelli decided it was time that someone else did.

He opened to 27,000 and called when Lynskey three-bet in position to 62,000 total. On the A♣J♦K♥ flop Lynskey c-bet 60,000 but instantly folded when Morelli check-raised to 150,000. Morelli showed 5♣5♠ and Lynskey tapped the table before saying: “You had the best hand.”

That pot takes Morelli up to 700,000 and drops Lynskey to 470,000. — NW

9:30pm: Last 16 redraw

Table Seat Name
1 1 Thomas Pearn
1 2 Dean Hutchison
1 3 Dariusz Marcinkowski
1 4 Roberto Morelli
1 5 David Gomez
1 6 Mike McGee
1 7 Alex Linkskey
1 8 Angelina Rich
Table Seat Name
1 1 Lukas Dimsa
2 2 Alan Brown
2 3 Gary Laing
2 4 Harry Lodge
2 5 Dode Elliot
2 6 Benjamin Burnhill
2 7 Xiao Yang Luo
2 8 Dara O’Kearney


Hutchison’s title defence is still going strong
9:15pm: Christopher Fox out, down to the final two tables
Well that escalated quickly…

Benjamin Burnhill opened to 30,000 from the hijack and called after Christopher Fox three-bet to 68,000 from the cut off.

On the 5♦7♦9♦ flop Burnhill led for 75,000, Fox instantly shoved for around 375,000 and after thinking for about five seconds Burnhill called.

Burnhill: 5♥5♣
Fox: K♦Q♣

Burnhill was in front but Fox had flush outs to win the pot. The 3♠ turn and J♣ river were not the cards he was looking for though. After that hand Burnhill is up to around 1,050,000. They’ll now be a short break whilst they do a re-draw of the final 16. –NW

9:10pm: Robertson and Rodriguez go within seconds of each other
Christopher Robertson and Javier Rodriguez were eliminated one after the other, meaning the Main Event is one more elimination away from being a two-table affair. Another redraw will take place then.

Robertson was left short after doubling up Harry Lodge before and he three-bet all in for around 65,000 after Roberto Morelli opened from under the gun. The lone Italian snap called with K♥K♦. Robertson opened 6♠6♣ but couldn’t catch up through the 10♠9♠10♣7♠4♣ board.

Dean Hutchinson continues to run well, especially in the blinds. Rodriguez raised his small blind with 10♥10♦ and Hutchison defended his big blind with Q♣9♦. The flop came 8♣9♣4♣ and the chip inevitably went in. The Spaniard was the all in player with 110,000 and he managed to avoid a club that his opponent was calling for, but not a nine, as the board ran out 5♥9♥. — MC


Javier Rodriguez

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 6,000/12,000, ante 2,000


9pm: Lodge’s luck is in as he leaves the ladies languishing
Lucky Lodge! Harry Lodge that is as the UKIPT4 Isle of Man fifth place finisher just saw fortune favour him in a hand against Christopher Robertson. The action was started by Lodge, he opened to 20,000, Robertson shoved for roughly 275,000 and when it got back to Lodge he called all-in for exactly 200,000.

Lodge: 7♣7♦
Robertson: Q♥Q♠

The dealer made Lodge wait, but he got there on the 4♣8♠A♥J♣7♥ board. That loss dropped Robertson down to just 75,000. –NW

8:50pm: Corrigan finishes 21st; Teng out soon after in 20th
There were two exits in two consecutive hands at, funnily enough, table two. First to go was Paul Corrigan. He committed his final 166,000 with K♠J♠ but ran into the dominating A♦J♣ or Benjamin Burnhill.

The bigger ace was not sent crashing down from space as the board came 5♦A♠10♠4♣10♥. Burnhill is up to 790,000 as a result of that coup.

The all-in triangle didn’t get long off though as on the next hand Andrew Teng opened to 59,000 (5.9 big blinds). That seems an odd raise size, but it was effectively an all-in bet as he had just 28,000 more behind the line. After Gary Laing three-bet to 156,000, Teng did indeed call all-in and he showed A♥10♣.

You could tell by the way he showed his cards that he suspected he was behind, and so it proved as Laing held A♣Q♥. The 8♣2♥6♥K♣5♣ board didn’t help Teng and he was eliminated. –NW

8:45pm: Hoong left out in the cold
Dode Elliot was kind enough to fill the blog in on the unfortunate demise of Oliver Hoong in 23rd place.

Apparently he completed in the small blind with seven-five and Dean Hutchison checked his option in the big blind with 8♥4♥. The flop fell 5-6-7 with two hearts. Obvious carnage ensued and the turn and river were bricks.

The defending champion’s stack grew to around 460,000 after that gift from the poker gods. — MC

8:35pm: Wu’s queens cracked, Rich now the richest in the room
There’s never been a female champion on the UKIPT, but Angelina Rich might just break that hoodoo as she’s the chip leader here in Edinburgh.

She assumed that position by eliminating Colin Wu in a pot worth just over 400,000. The action was started by Christopher Fox, he made it 22,000 but then paid more attention to his phone than the rest of the hand. He was flat called by Rich and Wu then moved all-in for 204,000 on the button.

Back on Fox he flicked his cards into the muck and after getting a count, Rich made the call.

Rich: 9♥9♠
Wu: Q♦Q♥

The 7♣6♣9♦4♦K♦ board eliminated Wu and left Rich feeling a touch sheepish, she’s up to 1,050,000 after that hand. Meanwhile Oliver Hoong and Valerie Gray have also been eliminated. 21 players remain. –NW


Angelina Rich has the chip lead
8:25pm: Seat draw for the final 24

Table Seat Name
1 1 Roberto Morelli
1 2 Christopher Robertson
1 3 Thomas Pearn
1 4 Alan Brown
1 5 Dara O’Kearney
1 6 Valerie Gray
1 7 Lukas Dimsa
1 8 Harry Lodge
Table Seat Name
2 1 Chris Fox
2 2 Mike McGee
2 3 Thomas Pearn
2 4 Angelina Rich
2 5 Andrew Teng
2 6 Colin Wu
2 7 Gary Laing
2 8 Benjamin Burnhill
Table Seat Name
3 1 Oliver Hoong
3 2 Dean Hutchison
3 3 David Gomez
3 4 Xiao Yang Luo
3 5 Alex Lynskey
3 6 Dariusz Marcinkowski
3 7 Javier Rodriguez
3 8 Dode Elliot

8:10pm: Chip counts
Here are the chip counts of the final 24 players in the UKIPT Edinburgh Main Event

Name Country Status Chips
David Gomez Spain PokerStars Qualifier 850,000
Michael McGee United Kingdom 785,000
Benjamin Burnhill United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 680,000
Donald Elliot United Kingdom 620,000
Alex Lynskey Australia PokerStars Qualifier 580,000
Gary Laing United Kingdom 518,000
Angelina Rich USA PokerStars Qualifier 495,000
Chris Fox United Kingdom 470,000
Colin Wu United Kingdom 452,000
Dariusz Marcinkowski Poland PokerStars Qualifier 450,000
Javier Rodriguez United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 435,000
Dara O’Kearney Ireland PokerStars Qualifier 405,000
Dean Hutchison United Kingdom PokerStars Player 365,000
Roberto Morelli Italy 315,000
Lukas Dimsa Lithuania 255,000
Thomas Pearn United Kingdom 250,000
Oliver Hoong United Kingdom 240,000
Paul Corrigan United Kingdom 215,000
Alan Brown United Kingdom 210,000
Christopher Robertson United Kingdom 210,000
Andrew Teng United Kingdom 210,000
Valerie Gray United Kingdom 195,000
Xiao Yang Luo China 170,000
Harry Lodge United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 76,000

8:05pm: Tomasz Raniszewski out in 25th; three table redraw
Tomasz Raniszewski has had another deep run on the UKIPT but it’s just ended in 25th place and like Christopher Irvine he lost two pots in quick succession to bust.

In the first he opened to 20,000 with A♦10♥ and was priced in to call when Xiao Yang Luo shoved for 80,000 total. Unfortunately for him Luo had A♥Q♠ and the dominating ace stayed in front on the 10♦4♥Q♣5♠4♦ board.
This left Raniszewski with about 65,000 and they went in soon after with 8♠5♠ but it was a case of swing and a miss as Oliver Hoong took him out with K♦10♥ on a 2♥8♦3♣J♣10♠ board.
There will now be a short break whilst the tournament staff conduct a redraw of the final 24 players. –NW

8:02pm: Irivne out to Fox
Christopher Irvine just lost back to back pots to Chris Fox to bust in 26th place. In the first it was Fox at risk, he three-bet shoved for 189,000 with 7♠7♥ and Fox, who had raised to 20,000, called off the extra with A♦Q♥. The 4♥3♠2♦8♠6♣ board stayed the right kind of low for Fox.

That left Irvine with about 80,000 and this time it was he who three-bet shoved over an open and Fox who called off the extra. Irvine was at risk with 10♥8♥ and needed some help against Fox’s A♣5♣. Unfortunately for him the 4♣Q♦A♥7♥5♠ board didn’t bring it. – NW

8pm: Payouts so far

Kyle Maguire – 29th place

28 Marc Bedwell United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 1,765
29 Kyle Maguire United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 1,765
30 Dominik Fabjanczuk Poland PokerStars Qualifier 1,765
31 John Aitken United Kingdom 1,765
32 Einar Einarsson Iceland PokerStars Player 1,510
33 Ben Jenkins United Kingdom Full Tilt Poker Ambassador 1,510
34 Jonathon Prested United Kingdom 1,510
35 Aaron Spence United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 1,510
36 Jamie Ellwood United Kingdom 1,510
37 Kristian Johansson Sweden PokerStars Qualifier 1,510
38 Kim Clay USA PokerStars Qualifier 1,510
39 Dominik Nitsche Germany 1,510
40 Neil Irving United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 1,255
41 Tom Noble United Kingdom 1,255
42 Chris Fiedler Austria 1,255
43 Kevin Whelan United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 1,255
44 John McDevitt United Kingdom 1,255
45 Yew Kah Ooi United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 1,255
46 Patrick Weifels Germany PokerStars Qualifier 1,255
47 Paul Fowler United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 1,255
48 Orpen Kisacikoglu Turkey 1,255
49 Mateusz Zbikowski Poland PokerStars Player 1,255
50 Paul Otto United Kingdom 1,255
51 Denis Rosanov Marinov Bulgaria 1,255
52 Grant Smith United Kingdom 1,255
53 Esben Gunther Norway 1,255
54 Gavin McGuire United Kingdom 1,255
55 Joseph McGinley United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 1,255

7:50pm: Play resumes with a happy Elliot
The players are back in their seats for the last four levels of the day. One man who must’ve enjoyed his dinner more than most was Dode Elliot,after scored a huge double up to around 600,000 just before the break started.

He opened to 18,000 (bb 8,000) from middle position before Dean Hutchison three-bet to 42,000 from the small blind. Colin Wu was in the big blind and called before Elliot four-bet to 150,000. Hutchison folded but Wu set Elliot all in for his 281,000 and was snapped off.

Wu: 9♣9♠
Elliot: A♦A♣

The board ran 6♦K♦2♠6♣4♦ and Elliot breathed a sigh of relief. — MC


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PokerStars Blog Reporting Team at UKIPT5 Edinburgh: Marc Convey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May


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