UKIPT5 London Day 1B: Level 7-12 updates (1,000/2,000 ante 300)

January 22, 2015

7:55pm: End of Day 1B
A fascinating day of poker has crashed to a standstill and the final freeze frame sees Warsaw-based Pole Piotr Tuczynski cutting the pose of a champion – his gargantuan 332,100 chips good for the chip lead. Some other notable stacks at the close of play include James Dorrance – who finished up with a enviable 247,000 in chips and Dave “Dubai” Shallow managed to winkle out some extra leverage for his stack when he returns for Day 2 on Saturday, recovering from a bowl of rice to finish up with 62,900.


Dorrance flirted with the chip lead, but she took a taxi home with Piotr

That’s it then. We’ll be posting a final wrap of the day’s proceedings shortly but for now thanks for following.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the coverage and we’ll see you back here at 11am sharp with cappuccinos and croissants in hand to follow all the twists, turns, follies and surprises day 1C can throw at us. Good night one and all. –RS

7:40pm: Last three hands…
The tournament clock has been paused, the end of the day looming large in the close distance.

Piotr Tuczynski has managed to snatch the lead back off James Dorrance for now in what has been a very tit for tat battle.

W’ll be bringing you news of the end of day counts shortly. Hold tight! — RS

7:28pm: Chaos reigns as we play through level 12
The last level sees plentiful shortstacks, large blinds and short fuses as players look to chip up a bowl of a stack into something meaningful or clear their plans on Saturday rather than come back and have to do their gambling then,

It’s a shove-fest out there, the player roster already reduced to 79 players out of the 244 who started and that number looking set to be significantly trimmed before these final 25 minutes are played out.

Here are some of the latest casualties:

Lin Junsheng
Kestutis Burba
Mark Southwood
Jorge Sevillano Rosa
Mark McCluskey
Adrian Espinosa
Stavros Tsourou
Sameer Singh
Guillermo Sanchez Otero
Tamer Kamel — RS

7:15pm: Shallow fried by Dorrance
We only caught the very tail-end of a hand played out between Dave Shallow and James Dorrance – more details when we get the chance to speak to either.

The upshot however is that James Dorrance picked up most of Dubai’s stack to move to 280,000 – good for the chip lead.

Soon after, he knocked out a tablemate for good measure, consolidating that chip lead by winning a classic flip – jacks versus ace-king – meaning with well over 320,000 – he is head and shoulders clear of his nearest adversary.

Dubai meanwhile is down to around ten big blinds, perhaps a touch more…–RS

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,000-2,000-300

6:58pm: UKIPT London’s leading men
Here are the players currently contending the chip lead.

Piotr Tuczynski Poland 190,000
James Dorrance United Kingdom 160,000
David Antelo Gomez Spain 150,000
Christopher Yong United Kingdom 150,000
Carl Croucher United Kingdom 120,000
Kazimieras Piečius Lithuania 115,000
Lee Andrew Brooks United Kingdom 110,000

This can certainly all change over what is likely to be a very fast final level however!– RS

6:40pm: Toffell topples Hussein
Talk about an action flop! Mudasser Hussain and Danny Toffel got it all-in on a K♠2♦J♦ flop and it soon became clear why.

Hussain: K♥J♥
Toffel: Q♦10♦

It was top two against an open-ended straight flush draw and although Toffel didn’t hit his gin card on the turn, the 7♦ gave him the lead and he held onto it on the 7♥ river. He’s up to 80,000 whilst Hussain joins a growing list of Level 11 casualties. — NW

Blinds up: 800/1,600 ante 200

6:30pm: Chip counts
A few counts from around the room:

Dave Shallow – 105,000
Angelo Milioto – 90,000
JJ Hazan – 88,000
Charlie Combes – 63,000
Rumit Somaiya – 58,000
Kevin Allen – 56,000
Marc McCluskey – 28,300
Philippe Souki – 11,000

Ukipt5_london_main event_day1b_dave_shallow.jpg

Shallow’s stack is anything but

6:20pm: Body-bagged
Some big names are amongst the lists of recently-departed. The poker gods show no mercy, regardless of your poker standing.

None of these guys are potential London 2015 UKIPT champions I’m afraid. Well played all.

Aleksandar Spadijer
Neil Mahamdi
Vytenis Salickas
Joann Martin
Bradley Amico
Jerome Bradpiece
Michal Gorlej
Edmund Catt
Christopher Ferguson –RS

6:10pm: Crab unloads the clip
Dave”Crabmaki” Shallow is a lot of fun to watch. He has boundless reserves of aggression and plays so many pots that his poker really is a pure spectator sport.

Most recently he raised in early position to 2,600, called by big stack Thales Filho and the button.

A big pot was brewing and Dubai didn’t take his foot off the accelerator, leading out for 3,700 on the Q♥ 4♠4♣ board, Filho the sole caller.

The turned 5♥ saw Dubai fire a second bullet of 7,700. Filho eyed him up carefully but it seemed unlikely he could penetrate the wooly-hatted sanctuary Dubai had hunkered down in. He made the call.

The river was the J♦.

Would Dubai fire a third barrel (or fourth depending on how you look at it)?

He didn’t let us down. A big chunk of chips were laid out – 20,800 the bet, leaving Filho looking a bit uncomfortable. He tried the old “reach for chips as if you are going to call” move, but Dubai was giving nothing away.

Save those tricks for someone with less poker miles on the clock!

Eventually Filho laid down his hand under this brutal assault from Shallow. More chips to add to the rickety piles Dubai is building. He rises back up to 95,000…

Thales Filho takes a hit but is still well-stacked with 85/90,000. — RS

5:55pm: All under one roof
The rate of eliminations has quickened and with just 120 players remaining all the players are now in the same room. The average stack right now is 50, 800 (42.3 big blinds) but the following players are all out: Bjoernar Kvamme, Gareth Teatum, Martin Carty, Scott Adams, Ben Jordan, Nadil Abdien, Kevin Walshe, Eleftherios Sinnos, William Martin, Stuart Mcdonald, Duncan Riches, Daiva Barauskaite, Mark Hester, Adam Owen, Gerald Candy, Mir Mousavianpour and Andrew Hulme. — NW

Ukipt5_london_main event_day1b_andrew_hulme.jpg

Andrew Hulme

Blinds up: 600/1,200 ante 200

5:45pm: Break it up
Another three levels have been ploughed through, players falling with increasing regularity during that last two hours. After that whirlwind of action, the remaining warriors are due a break and that is just what they have – 15 minutes of peace and quiet before rejoining the fight.

We’ll see you soon for levels 10-12 as we play to a finish. — RS

5:40pm: Zero Sum game
For every winner, there must be a loser and Richard Blacklock just played the role of the latter after seeing his tournament hopes dissolve in unfortunate fashion.

Following a raise to 2,200 from early position called in the hijack by Sum Yip, Blacklock found the perfect spot to shove his 17,000 into the middle with A♥K♦.

The initial raiser melted like snow in front of a blowtorch but Yip took more dissuading, shrugging before making the call off his bigstack with 10♠J♠.

Live but behind, Yip managed to spike a card on the Q♣6♥J♥ board and although Blacklock had nine clean outs to hit, he avoided them all on the Q♦ turn and 9♥ river.

He took the beat in good grace, congratulating his opponent before leaving the arena quicksmart.

Yip meanwhile rises to 80,000, standing amongst the chip leaders as we speak. — RS

5:25pm: It’s lonely in Tournament Room B
There’s only one table still in use in Tournament Room B but it contains two of the biggest stacks in the tournament. David Gomez has 111,000 but Thales Filho can trump that as he’s got 116,000. He climbed to that dizzying height in a hand against Renee Xie in which Filho flopped quad twos, got two streets before Xie folded to a bet on the river.

As he took the pot Filho showed his four of a kind. “You’ve got to show quads,” said Tamer Kamel, who’s to Filho’s immediate right, the British pro isn’t doing too badly either as with 83,000 he’s got nearly double the average. — NW

Ukipt5_london_main event_day1b_tamer_kamel.jpg

Tamer Kamel

5:15pm: Victims of the poker war
It’s the nature of the beast. The blinds rise, players are forced into confrontation with each other and often only one comes out alive. It’s basically the script of gladiators with cards.

These are the men whose demise has been hastened in the wake of the increased blind pressure:

Paul Romain
Jesus Espinosa Fernandez
Andrew Dickinson
Rajiv Sakaria
Oliver Horne
Spyridon Dimotsantos
Diego Soto Benitez
Andrew Purser
Ludovic Geilich
Rokas Asipauskas
Corrie Johannes Romate
Lurie Cudrinschi
Gary Whipp
Thomas Alexander High
Joseph Crampsie
Mariano Martiradonna
Milorad Dobrijevic –RS


Shouts of “Ludo, Ludo” won’t be heard in three days time

5pm: B is for bust
Roughly a quarter of the field has been eliminated thus far on Day 1B. Among those who’ve been given a one way ticket to the rail are: Michael Kossov, Pedro Miguel Carvalhas Faustino, Dinh Tuan Nguyen, Christos Kyprianou, Pal Zsibrita, Keith Christie, Nicholas Mingoia, Adrian Soriano Aleman, Charles Carrel, Honglin Jiang, Jose Rubio Garnito…

Ukipt5_london_main event_day1b_charles_carrel.jpg

Charles Carel

And: Leon Louis, Max Winberg, Andrey Veselov, Abdulkadir Ahmed, Lasse Aspen Melby, Philip Butt, Mikko Väisänen, Stephen Woodhead, Ken James, Paul Skipper, Benjamin Greenberg, Ali Zihni, Benjamin Raven, Chuc Gia Khuu, Andrius Janca, Darren Hand, James Parker, David Zermon, Matteo Mutti, Enzo Gomez, Simon Fuller and Nimisha Rattan. — NW

Ukipt5_london_main event_day1b_nimisha_rattan.jpg

Nimisha Rattan

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 500-1,000-100 ante

4:48pm: Silence reigns
The players had already reined in their table chatter as we pointed out earlier but one of the tournaments most garrulous combatants Michael Kossov has just departed. Love him or loathe him, you can definitely always hear him!

Also gone is Bernhard Svaeren, a victim of poor fortune.

Well played both on surviving most of the day. –RS

4:30pm: Tang turns up the heat
Chi Hang Tang just won a sizeable pot to hurtle up the chip standings. The hand opened with William Davies raising to 1,600 from early position, only for Tang to make it 3,800 from the button.

Davies was unperturbed by this action, popping the price to pay up to 6,200 and after Tang had made a survey of his opponent’s remaining stack (around 24,000) he made the call.

The flop fell J♣J♥ 3♦ and Davies led for 6,200. Tang called.

The turbed 7♦ changed little and this time Davies quietly tapped the table- checking to Tang, who thought about it before cutting out 8,400. which after a protracted think was enough to leave Davies abandoning ship and Tang chipping up to an impressive 58,000.

Davies drops to 18,500. — RS

4:15pm: The chasing pack
Whilst Dave Shallow is the chip leader there’s a bunch of players vying to take his mantle. His closest challenger is Vincent Meli as he’s got 89,000. Christopher Yong is also well placed with a stack of 70,000 and Kevin Allen has 64,000. — NW

Ukipt5_london_main event_day1b_kevin_allen.jpg

Kevin Allen

Blinds up: 400/800 ante 100

4:10pm: Shallow Stacked
Dave “Dubai” Shallow has an impressive poker pedigree, his exploits as “crabmaki” online coupled with some explosive live highlights including winning the 2012 WPT Dublin for just shy of $300,000.

He’s quietly rampaging over his table right now, raising regularly and winning more than his fair share of those pots.

He was winning plenty of pots without showdown so it made a change when a shortstacked tablemate (Abdulkadir Ahmed we beleive) moved all-in for around 15 big blinds and Dubai made the call. We were about to see his cards for once, how nice.

It turned out to be a great spot for Shallow, his pocket tens a significant favourite over Ahmed’s fives.

Ahmed stood up, anticipating elimination, although the board of 3♣2♣5♦ saw him re-take his seat – a set spiked – and his hopes of glory reignited.

Unfortunately for Ahmed the J♣ turn and 8♣ river saw an impassive Dubai make a flush and send another opponent to the rail.

Dubai up to 90,000, he’s beginning to look more and more like a credible threat for the title with every pot he scoops. — RS

3:55pm: Adios to Aido
UKIPT3 London champion Sergio Aido is out, in fact he’s been out for a while according to former table mate Andrew Hulme. He told the PokerStars Blog. “He lost with kings against the ace-king of seat nine.” Seat nine is Rumit Somaiya, the PokerStars Qualifier has a number of big scores to his name, including an 11th place finish at EPT7 London ,and is up to 60,000. — NW

Ukipt5_london_main event_day1b_sergio_aido.jpg

Aido – out

3:46pm: Upping the ante
This blind rise has seen a small but perceptible shift amongst the players left vying for supremacy. The earlier bantering that was fairly common has quietened down as the players knuckle down to become pure chip accumulating machines.

The wiggle room has been encroached on by the larger blinds. A small mistake earlier will be a much bigger one now with larger percentages of everyone’s stacks in every pot.

The concentration levels are rising with the stakes and everyone is strapping in for the long hail. — RS

3.35pm: Strap in for six more levels
There players are back in their seats and play has restarted. The board says that 200 of 244 runners remain. However, Michael Bartov, Pelayo Gil Carnero, Benjamin Dixon, Richard Sheils, Harrison Beattie, Thomas Rowland, Peter Kvisthammar, Stephen Kirk, Vadim Cojocaru, Manuel Soares Ruivo, Nicos Nicolaoum, Javier Rodriguez Gonzalez, Caleb Sheridan and Kevin Steward are not amongst them.

Ukipt5_london_main event_day1_cards.jpg

May the cards fall kindly for you

PokerStars Blog reporting team at PokerStars UKIPT London: Rod Stirzaker and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May


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