UKIPT5 London Day 2: Level 17-22 updates (10,000/20,000 ante 3,000)

January 24, 2015

9pm: Two down, one to go
That’s all for Day 2, it looks like 26 players will be coming back for the third and final day of this UKIPT5 London Main Event at The Hippodrome Casino. Stay tuned for a wrap of the day’s play, overnight chip counts and the Day 3 seat draw.

Andrew Mytton is the overnight chip leader with just over 1,800,000. Full counts will follow shortly.
— NW

8:52pm: Conversation of the day
It was perhaps inevitable, given Bayley’s verbal tendencies that his words would win this unheralded competition but it is a well-merited award, albeit one he shares with Andy Black.

The catalyst for the quote saw Andy Black arrive and ask Bayley if he could eat the rest of his half-eaten burger. Bayley was happy to relinquish the remainder of the meal but was appalled that Andy Black was so keen to devour it.

“What are you doing? I’ve seen this man on TV and now you want to eat my cast-off burger?”

“The question is do you think any less of me now?” Black replied, gobbling the burger and the left-over fries. “Would you like me to autograph a chip?”

Priceless stuff. — RS

Ukipt5_london_main event_day2_andy_black.jpg

If you don’t ask you don’t get!

8:46pm: 6 hands to go

Players have now been told they’ll play 6 more hands for the day and then call it a night. – JS

8:45pm: Bayley holds sway
The loquacious Lawrence Bayley is a chatty, genial presence at his table, though his friendly demeanour ends once he starts making poker decisions.

RIght now he is raising regularly and giving his table a relatively hard time. His aggression has seen him maintain his chip lead at around 1,450,000 although there are one or two stacks who could yet topple him before the night ends. — RS

8:30pm: Dazed Weekes time ends
If you lose your coinflips, you go home – a lesson that has just been poignantly rammed home to Jonathan Weekes.

Opening to 36,000 from early position, Weekes found Clayton Ka Cheuk Koo(recent beneficiary of a double through chip leader Lawrence Bayley) shoving all-in behind him for 389,000.

Bayley himself threatened to launch his big-stacked presence into the mix, running some mental complex calculations whilst making a decision(*)

Eventually though he withdrew from proceedings and it was left to Weekes to make a snap-call with A♦K♣ for the majority of his stack.

Pocket nines for Koo, he won the race over the 8♥6♥8♣10♥3♠ board, doubling to a now threatening stack of 900,000 whilst Weekes was left with shrapnel.

Jamie O’Connor collected the rest of that shrapnel, his pocket nines successfully overcoming Weekes’ desperation move with A-8.

(*) That is what we surmised although for all we know he may have just been playing elevator music in his head whilst flipping a mental coin.— RS

8:15pm: Boatman meets Bayley
In their first hand together since Lawrence Bayley switched tables and joined Ross Boatman and co, the Hendon Mob legend found himself put all in. We picked the action up on the 8♥J♥4♣ flop, and first to act was Bayley, who checked. Boatman slid across 45,000 and Bayley bumped it up to 125,000. Boatman thought for a while and made the call.

The turn was the 4♣, pairing the board. There was no checking for Bayley this time as he moved all in, forcing Boatman to put all his chips into the middle if he wanted to see a river card. After much deliberation, Boatman clearly decided that he would wait for a better spot and live to fight another day (namely tomorrow, if he survives Day 2). – JS

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 10,000-20,000-3,000

8:05pm: Hanham on the up
Martin Hanham was starting to fall into the murky depths of the 10-15BB zone when he found a hand – pocket jacks – he could go for a double up with.

When Alex Bounsall raised to 35,000, he just shoved allin for 228,000. Bounsall made a pretty quick call with A♥Q♣ but when the flop fell J♣8♥3♦ Bounsall was already counting out his stack.

The A♠A♣ on turn and river improved Bounsall’s hand to trips but that remained inferior to Hanham’s full house.

Bounsall drops to 550,000, Hanham up to 475,000. — RS

8:05pm: More fallers
We’re down to 33 players here in the Main Event and for those below it’s good game as they’ve all been eliminated.

34th. Daniel Haw, United Kingdom, £2,070
35th. Leng Cheng Ong, United Kingdom, £2,070
36th. Mindaugas Šimkus, Lithuania, PokerStars Qualifier, £2,070
37th. Sandeep Shah, United Kingdom, £2,070
38th. Joaquin Hernandez, Spain, PokerStars Qualifier, £2,070
39th. William Ho, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, £2,070
40th. Akshay Reddy, United Kingdom, £1,815
41st. Nikhil Persaud, United Kingdom, £1,815
42nd. David Clarkson, United Kingdom , £1,815
43rd. Gabriel Gusetoiu. Romania, £1,815
44th. William Davies, United Kingdom, £1,815
45th. Richard Steele, United Kingdom, £1,815
46th. Kevin Allen, United Kingdom, £1,815

Ukipt5_london_main event_day2_william_ho.jpg

William Ho – 36th

47th. Nicholas Hennessy, United Kingdom, £1,815
48th. Diego Gomez, Portugal, PokerStars Qualifier, £1,815
49th. Ian Drake United Kingdom, £1,815
50th. Gabriel Carter, United Kingdom, £1,815
51st. Luis André Pinho De Faria, Portugal, PokerStars Qualifier, £1,815
52nd Tony Vu, United Kingdom, £1,815
53rd. Caicai Huang, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, £1,815
54th. Guðmundur Gunnarsson, Iceland, £1,815
55th. Peter Flynn, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, £1,815
56th. Andrew Sweeney, Ireland, PokerStars Player, £1,590
57th. David Crane, United Kingdom, £1,590
58th. Norman Thalwitzer, Germany, £1,590
59th. Adam Churcher, United Kingdom, £1,590

Ukipt5_london_main event_day2_caicai_huang.jpg

Caicai Huang – 53rd

7:55pm: Wrong Yong eliminates Ong
Leng Cheng Ong has been working his shortstack for all it is worth over the last level.

He shoved once and got it through to collect the chunky antes – but second time round he wasn’t so lucky.

The well chipped-up Christopher Yong raised to 36,000 and Ong shoved his 175,000 stack into the middle over the top.

Yong was either suspicious or fancied the gamble as he made the call with K♣J♦ – only to find out he was in bad shape as Ong tabled the dominating A♥J♥.

A king on the flop however saw their positions of strength reversed and when the board failed to bring any further help to Ong he was the latest man to hit the rail.

“Very unlucky,” Yong commiserated as Ong slipped out of the tournament arena.

“The rich get richer,” was muttered across the felt as Yong stacked his newly-won chips – a reference to the fact he has close to a million now. — RS

7:45pm: Brutal bust for Shah
Sandeep Shah has just been eliminated.

He gave a clipped, perfunctory description of his exit to the blog as he left the arena – “I lost aces vs fives” – clearly still feeling the pain of this distressing exit. — RS

7:35pm: The action continues
Jamie O’Connor and Jonathan Weekes seem to be building up something of a rivalry as they’re playing a lot of pots heads up against each other. We caught the end of one such hand, in which O’Connor led out for roughly 108,000 on the river of the 9♥8♠10♣3♦8♦ board and got the call he wanted with 7♣6♠ and his flopped straight.

Meanwhile, Christopher Yong was the beneficiary of an elimination when his 10♥10♣ held up against an all-in pre-flop shove with A♣Q♣, and chipleader Lawrence Bayley showed he’s not about to splash his chips around willy-nilly by folding his 7♣2♠ face up to a very small all-in shove. “Just for you” he told his opponent. – JS

7:25pm: Chip counts
Below are the chip counts of the players in the main event as level 21 gets under way. Thanks to that massive pot against David Clarkson, it’s Lawrence Bayley who leads, whilst Paul Simmons is his nearest challenger. Brett Angell is in the top half of the field at the moment as he tries to go back to back on the UKIPT.

Lawrence Bayley United Kingdom  1,350,000
Paul Simmons United Kingdom  PokerStars Qualifier 900,000
Rapinder Cheema United Kingdom 880,000
Hak-Mann Lee Sweden  755,000
Alex Bounsall United Kingdom  755,000
Christopher Nazer United Kingdom  720,000
Andrew Black Ireland  640,000
Miguel Riera Suarez Spain 640,000
Jonathan Weekes United Kingdom  635,000
Marek Banas Poland  600,000
Miguel Seoane Spain PokerStars Qualifier 570,000
Andrew Mytton United Kingdom  PokerStars Qualifier 550,000
Brett Angell United Kingdom  540,000
Tony Martin United Kingdom 530,000
Rory Foster United Kingdom  PokerStars Qualifier 505,000
Christopher Yong United Kingdom  PokerStars Qualifier 490,000
Michele Buono Italy 470,000
Kevin Weiland Luxembourg  PokerStars Qualifier 430,000
Joakim Sorensen Sweden 430,000

Ukipt5_london_main event_day2_brett_angell.jpg

Angell’s still flying

Chuck Clark United Kingdom  385,000
Ross Boatman United Kingdom 380,000
Fernando Marin United Kingdom  PokerStars Qualifier 380,000
David Gomez Spain 375,000
Angelo Milioto United Kingdom  355,000
Jamie O’Connor United Kingdom  350,000
Akshay Reddy United Kingdom  350,000
Charles Chattha United Kingdom  320,000
Konstantinos Sarras Greece 315,000
Sandeep Shah United Kingdom  290,000
Richard Milner United Kingdom 270,000
Simen Gangstøe Norway  PokerStars Qualifier 242,000
Carlos Del Vigo Gonzalez United Kingdom  240,000
Martin Hanham United Kingdom  PokerStars Qualifier 240,000
Joaquin Hernandez Spain PokerStars Qualifier 215,000
Clayton Ka Cheuk Koo Hong Kong PokerStars Qualifier 200,000
Beyazit Zorlu Turkey 200,000
Leng Cheng Ong, United Kingdom, 180,000
William Ho United Kingdom  PokerStars Qualifier 130,000
Mindaugas Šimkus Lithuania  PokerStars Qualifier 130,000
Daniel Haw United Kingdom 130,000

Ukipt5_london_main event_day2_ross_boatman.jpg

Ross is still rocking

7:15pm: Back for the home stretch
The players are reseated in their new home and we will now play out the final two levels of the evening and see how close we can get to reaching our final table.

Good luck everyone. — RS

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 8,000-16,000-2,000

7:05pm: Day 1A chipleader leads again while the tide of luck turns for others
They say it’s not how you start a tournament, but how you finish. Lawrence Bayley, a SuperNova Elite on PokerStars under the name ‘bigstealer’, ended Day 1A of UKIPT5 London Main Event as the chipleader, but could he ensure he stayed at the top?

Well, it’s deep into Day 2 and he’s chipleader once again after a massive pot played out just before the break which saw Bayley become the first player to reach the dizzying heights of a 1m+ stack. Here’s how the action went down.

It all started when Romania’s Gabriel Gusetoiu shoved his 5 and a half big blinds (67,000) into the middle from early position. When it folded round to chipleader David Clarkson in the small blind, he flat-called, not knowing that Bayley in the big blind was about to bump up the price of poker to 170,000.

Clarkson considered his options before shoving the entirety of his larger stack back in Bayley’s face. That was news to Bayley’s ears as he proudly called off his 650,000 stack and flipped over A♣A♠. Clarkson revealed 10♣10♥ and Gusetoiu sheepishly turned over K♠10♠.

The board ran out 2♠5♥8♠J♥6♦ and the monstrous pot was pushed to Bayley. Now, with somewhere around 1.4m in chips, Bayley leads the pack.

Unfortunately for Clarkson, the very next hand would see him make his exit. Clarkson – who must have hoped that shoving all-in here after such a big loss would make it appear like he was tilting – did indeed move all-in with J♠J♦ for his last 180,000, only to be called by Rapinder Cheema in the big blind with A♦10♦. The flop was safe for Clarkson, but the 10♥ on the turn provided a sweat. The A♣ on the river sealed Clarkson’s fate and he went from being chipleader to exit finder in just two miserable hands.

In a quick conversation with the PokerStars Blog after the hand, Bayley revealed that Clarkson told him he’d miscalculated the size of Bayley’s stack, thinking it was closer to 500,000 than 650,000. Perhaps he would have played the differently had he known. –JS


Huge double for Bayley sees him head the pack

6:55pm: Level end; Break time
Level 20 is completed, the players are moving to a new room and will then be free to take a short break before we play out the final two levels of the evening.

News of two players who have been flying under the radar a little but are well stacked as we move into the latter stages:

Andrew Mytton – 800,000
Hak.Man Lee – 750,000.

Well done both. We’ll be back in 15 minutes. See you then for what should be an exciting denouement to the day. — RS

6:50pm: Persaud hits the rail
It seems we cast the blogger’s curse over Nik Persaud. He has just busted, making a move with K♣9♥ but running into a dominating A♥K♥.

No spikage was evident and his tournament run finishes up profitably but short of the big payouts in around 42nd spot.

Well played sir. — RS

6:50pm: Greek tragedy for Haw
Daniel Haw is down to 150,000 after getting very unlucky in a hand against Konstantinos Sarras. It folded to the Greek player in the small blind and he shoved for 173,000 and Haw made the call.

Sarras: J♥8♥
Haw: K♦J♣

The Q♠8♣8♠ flop made Sarras say: “wow” and it only got better for him on the 7♥ turn and J♦ river. — NW

6:43pm: Pole position
Tomasz Raniszewski just secured a useful double through, his A♥Q♣ running the coin-flip gauntlet successfully against Sandeep Shah’s pocket eights over the A♠9♦J♣2♥5♦ board.

He’s up to 220,000, Shah drops to 350,000. –RS

6:33pm: Lay of the land
44 players are left now. Interested parties are swarming the threshold of the tournament arena, Luca doing sterling work in herding them back to the borders like a well dressed sheepdog.

Another table has just been broken – only 5 remaining now – Nik Persaud one of those to be sent to a new home at table 2.

Persaud has around 225,000 right now – it’s below average (426,744) but that hasn’t dampened his optimism.

“I think I’ve got this one,” he joked with a wink. — RS


Persaud still in the hunt

6:30pm: Allen can’t find the key to surviving
Kevin Allen has just been eliminated in a hand against Fernando Marin and as so often at this stage of the tournament it came down to a coin flip.

Allen shoved from the hi-jack for134,000 with pocket threes and Marin made the call with A♦J♣. The 8♠K♣A♣A♠4♠ board favoured Marin and he moved up to 415,000. — NW

6:25pm: Drake downed by Cheema
Rapinder Cheema is up to 620,000 after eliminating Ian Drake. All the chips went in pre-flop with Drake holding 10♦9♦ whilst Cheema had the K♣J♦. The K♦2♦9♠ flop saw them both hit a piece of the board, the 7♦ gave Drake the lead but the A♦ river gave it back to Cheema and Drake headed to the payout desk. — NW

6:20pm: Risers and fallers
The last two levels have been very unkind to Jamie O’Connor who has seen his previous giant stack ripped apart. He still has 220,000, which could yet see him rise again but for now he looks a tab morose as he fiddles with his significantly-smaller stack.

Tablemate Ross Boatman however looks contrastingly poised and confident, picking up pots at fairly regular intervals – his stack a chunky 480,000. — RS

6:15pm: Black humour
Andy Black has been relentlessly chipping up over the last 30 minutes, his stack rising from 200,000 to 700,000 in quicksmart fashion and he had his own inimitable quote regarding his good fortune.

“I’ve been getting lots of presents. I’m thinking about offering my younger sister to the dealer.” — RS

6:15pm: Clarkson in top gear
The current chip leader is David Clarkson he’s currently got 815,000. He’s at the same table as Lawrence Bayley and Christopher Nazer,who are also chipped up.

The latter two are involved in friendly banter during most hands and have clashed in a few pots against each other. No major skirmishes yet, but watch this space. — NW

6:08pm: Money money money
All these players, with the exception of Mark Goodchild, locked up more than a min-cash. Well played to all.

60th. Dariusz Paszkiewicz, Poland, PokerStars Qualifier, £1,590
61st. Robert Boon, United Kingdom, £1,590
62nd. David Harris, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, £1,590
63rd. Stewart Kirby, United Kingdom, £1,590
64th. Haresh Thaker, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, £1,590
65th. Juan Riera, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, £1,590
66th. Shah Athar, United Kingdom, £1,590
67th. Paul Febers, United Kingdom, £1,590
68th. Lawrence Harvey, United Kingdom, £1,590
69th. JJ Hazan, United Kingdom, £1,590 
70th. Jamie Higgins, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, £1,590
71st. Jacob Slevin, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, £1,590
72nd. Mark Goodchild, United Kingdom, £1.385

6:07pm: Gomez making moves
On a Q♦4♥10♠4♠2♥ board, we found Diego Gomez getting busy by shoving his approximately 220k stack into the middle. When his opponent Chuck Clark folded, Gomez flipped over the A♠J♦ for just ace high. “There’s something in this hand,” he told Clark, before explaining reassuringly that “I only show for you.” – JS

Ukipt5_london_main event_day2_diego_gomez.jpg

Moves like Gomez

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 6,000-12,000-2,000

6:05pm: Under pressure
It’s going to be an oppressive environment here in the cardroom over the next three and a bit levels. We’re due to play to the end of level 22 which is likely to take us down to 3 or 4 tables – close to that coveted final table spot.

These players look seasoned, aggressive and fearless and we can expect some no holds barred poker to be played out over the coming levels. There is some friendly banter happening at the felt, but they won’t be showing any mercy to each other if they spy good spots to put the pressure on.

55 players remain as we move into level 20… — RS

5:55pm: Chip counts
The average stack at the moment is 311,000 some are prospering whilst others need to find that elusive double up to get back into the middle of the pack. Here’s how some of the 59 players who are left in stack up:

Ross Boatman – 415,000
Jonathan Weekes – 400,000
Chaz Chattha – 350,000
Beyazit Zorlu – 315,000
Diego Gomez – 280,000
Nik Persaud – 220,000
Andrew Sweeney – 195,000
Andy Black – 190,000
Caicai Huang – 155,000
Angelo Milioto – 130,000
William Ho – 95,000 — NW

Ukipt5_london_main event_day2_nik_persaud.jpg

Persaud’s below average but still in

5:45pm: Good luck Chuck
Is there anything better than flopping a king-high flush when you’ve moved all in with K♦J♦ and you’ve been called in two spots? Yes, actually. It’s better when neither of your opponents holds the A♦.

Chuck Clark was the man doing the shoving, and he was called by Diego Gomez and one other player. The flop came down 4♦10♦2♦ giving Clark a flopped flush, but he’d have to hold against one opponent’s A♦K♠, while Gomez showed A♣Q♣.

The 10♥ and 2♠ completed the board and Clark’s hand help up for a nice triple up. He now sits with around 370k. – JS

5:41pm: O’Connor finding it tough to dominate
Despite his big stack, Jamie O’Connor has not quite been able to establish himself as table captain just yet, Raising and bluffing with semi-regularity, he has been picked off in several spots recently, his table adapting it seems to Jamie’s aggression and he has seen a chunk of around 300,000 removed from his stack during this period.

O’Connor down to a still very healthy 500,000 whilst one of the beneficiaries of his aggression has been Alex Bounsall who is up to 670,000.– RS


O’Connor faces resistance

5:35pm: Tang-oed
Chi Hang Tang spoke to us during the break and was sad that his photo was taken yet he never appeared in the blog during Day 1B.

Even though he didn’t make it through to day 2, Mr Tang’s desperate entreaties persuaded us to make an exception for him so here is Mr Tang plying his trade during one of the starting days.

Here he is in all his former glory:


Chi Hang Tang – current chip count: 0

5:20pm: Big stacks
As level 19 got under way these were the players who could think about adding a wing to their chip castles. UKIPT4 Isle of Man seventh place finisher Jamie O’Connor leads the way, whilst UKIPT4 leader board runner-up Tomasz Raniszewski is right up there too.

Jamie O’Connor, United Kingdom, 800,000
Miguel Seoane, Spain, PokerStars Qualifier, 700,000
Alex Bounsall, United Kingdom, 620,000
Hak-Mann Lee, Sweden, 580,000
Christopher Nazer, United Kingdom, 565,000
Tomasz Raniszewski, Poland, PokerStars Qualifier, 535,000
Sandeep Shah, United Kingdom, 520,000
Miguel Riera Suarez, Spain, 500,000
Paul Simmons, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 450,000
Tony Martin, United Kingdom, 440,000
Luis André Pinho De Faria, Portugal, PokerStars Qualifier, 430,000
Kevin Weiland, Luxembourg, PokerStars Qualifier, 420,000

5:15pm: Back to battle
Plenty of big names remain amongst the 60 players who’ve advanced to level 19. Brett Angell, Kevin Allen, Andy Black, Jamie O’Connor, Nik Persaud and Ross Boatman are just some of those still in at this juncture of the Main Event. — NW

Blinds up: 5,000/10,000, 1,000 ante

5pm:Break down
Another two meaty levels have come to pass and the players have been granted a 15 minute breather to rush off, calm their nerves and reorganise their strategies for when they return to fight for their place on the final day.

62 remain now from the 216 who started the day. It’s been a furious battle with talented players ripping chunks out of each other. More to come when we return –RS

4:58pm: Up and down for Black

The past hour or so has been rather swingy for Andy Black. When we last caught up with him he’d just doubled up to 250k, but when we checked in again his stack had dwindled to 49k. It didn’t stay there for long though, as his K♥10♥ pre-flop shove provided a welcome double up. He certainly didn’t want to see hearts come when he saw he was up against A♥J♥ – but the board ran out 3♠9♦9♠K♠J♦ and Black’s now up to 117k. –JS

4:55pm: Exits!
So many exits! Here’s a list of who’s finished in the money so far.

73rd. Christopher Gordon, United Kingdom, £1,385
74th. Jonas Christensen, Denmark, £1,385
75th. James Dorrance, United Kingdom, £1,385
76th. Nicolas Berry, United Kingdom, £1,385
77th. Vincent Meli, France, £1,385
78th. Stuart Green, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, £1,385
79th. John Chang, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, £1,385
80th. Steve O’Keeffe, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, £1,385
81st. Dahe Liu, United Kingdom, £1,385
82nd. Carl Croucher, United Kingdom, £1,385
83rd. Thales Salomao, Brazil, £1,385
84th. Carlos Del Vigo Gonzalez, United Kingdom, £1,385
85th. Sonia Padovani United Kingdom, £1,385
86th. William Chattaway, United Kingdom, £1,385
87th. William Dunlop, United Kingdom, £1,385
88th. Richard Pipe, United Kingdom, £1,385
89th. Usman Siddique, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, £1,385
90th. Louie Evans, United Kingdom, £1,385
91st. Willie Tann, United Kingdom, £1,385
92nd.Mir Nima Mousavianpour, Denmark, £1,385
93rd. Piotr Tuczynski, Poland, PokerStars Qualifier, £1,385
94th. Paul Bampton, United Kingdom, £1,385
95th. Christian Thiry, Luxembourg, PokerStars Player, £1,385

Ukipt5_london_main event_day2_billy_chattaway.jpg

TCOOP winner Billy Chattaway

96th. Jan Romate, Netherlands, £1,260
97th. James Tomlin, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, £1,260
98th. Matthias De Meulder, Belgium, Team PokerStars Pro, £1,260
99th. Peter Seed, United Kingdom, £1,260
100th. Adam Kossew, United Kingdom, £1,260
101st. Nicklas Engelberth Westhoff, Denmark, £1,260
102nd. Jake Cody, United Kingdom, Team PokerStars Pro, £1,260
103rd. Joao Felipe Ferreira, Portugal, PokerStars Qualifier, £1,260
104th. Chi Hao Tsang, United Kingdom, £1,260
105th. Camilla Reventlow, Denmark, £1,260
106th. Thomas Hemming, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, £1,260
107th. Tony Vu. United Kingdom , £1,260
108th. Damian Robertson, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, £1,260
109th. Sum Yip, United Kingdom, £1,260
110th. Tobias Leknes, Norway , PokerStars Qualifier, £1,260
111th. Rudy Raveyts, Belgium, PokerStars Qualifier, £1,260

Ukipt5_london_main event_day2_matti_de_meulder.jpg

De Meulder made the money

4:50pm: We need to talk about Kevin
We’re not just giving large amounts of coverage to Kev Allen because he is sat next to the media desk right now He’s also winning some key pots that have seen him move from shortstack to title contender in the space of a few hands.

Recently we joined a hand on the turn of a 10♦5♦2♦K♥ board, Allen looking very serious and checking before his opponent (Simen Gangstøe) got a count of his remaining stack.

Once he’d done so, he set Allen in, Allen making a quick call with pocket deuces for a sneakily-played set.

Gangstøe merely had A♠Q♥ for a gutshot which bricked on the river.

Allen up to 300,000 now, his opponent falls to 170,000…–RS

4:40pm: Big pot slides to Bounsall
After seeing a whole load of blue and green chips in the middle at table 3 we decided to stick around and sweat the action. On a board of 2♦7♣A♦K♥6♠, UK player Alex Bounsall stuck out 55k. Jamie O’Connor thought for a moment and when his mind was made up he threw out the call. It turned out to be the wrong one as Bounsall flipped over A♠6♦ for a rivered two-pair. -JS

4:22pm: Allen gets a boost
He may still be someway off the chipleaders and hasn’t even got an average stack in fact but Kev Allen has just doubled and could yet prove to be a danger man.

Holding pocket nines on the button he battled preflop with Fernando Marin, who looked disappointed that his A♣K♥ wasn’t in better shape than he felt it should have been versus Allen’s button range.

A board which contained no kings or aces saw Allen double to over 150,000 whilst Marin takes a hit, down to 220,000. — RS

4:18pm: Joy quickly turns to sorrow
When the dealer burns and spreads a flop and the first card you see is the one you need to hit, it’s an awesome feeling; sadly, though, it’s one that can so quickly turn the other way.

Steve O’Keeffe min-raised from early position and it was folded round to Caicai Huang in the big blind. She didn’t take long to move all-in and O’Keeffe snapped it off. Huang showed J♥J♣ and was ahead of O’Keeffe’s A♣Q♣. Then a queen fell in the window.

Followed by a jack. The board ran out J♠10♦Q♦3♠3♣ and O’Keeffe was sent to the rail. –JS

4:15pm: A fine defence
We’ve seen a few UKIPT champions put up strong defences of their title – Max Silver finishing first and fourth at consecutive UKIPT Dublin’s is the closet there’s been to a repeat though.

Well, Brett Angell – who won UKIPT4 London in October – is doing a good job here in London and just got a near triple up to further increase his chances. Nicolas Berry shoved from the button for around 80,000, Christopher Gordon then re-shoved from the small blind (he had about 150,000) and Angell took a few seconds before he called all-in for 109,000.

Angell: A♣K♣
Berry: A♥5♣
Gordon: K♦10♥

Angell was a 49% favourite to win the hand pre-flop but after the J♥6♥3♥ flop he and Gordon were near tied as favourites with 43% equity each. The K♠ turn was a big help for Angell as it made him a 73% favourite and he held on the 8♦ river to near triple up.

What’s more as he won the pot his football team – Middlesbrough – took the lead against Man City and thanks to the wonders of instant replay Angell could watch the goal on his iPad. Nice life! — NW

4:12pm: Quiet Lee does it
Hak-Mann Lee has been going about his business quietly and efficiently today and now has a stack capable of challenging for the title.

He doubled up care of Peter Flynn, having raised the button with A♥J♠ and called Flynn’s three-bet from the blinds.

A board of A♠6♥4♠ saw Flynn fire 18,000 and Lee make the call. The turned K♥ saw Flynn fire a second bullet of 36,000, although this time Lee waited a few moment before moving all-in.

Flynn made the call with A♣10♦ only to squirm as he realised he was outkicked.

Lee has jumped up to over 300,000 now and Flynn is still well-stacked with around 275,000. — RS

4:07pm: Cash crush
The period immediately after the bubble bursts is usually frantic and an astounding 31 players busted out during level 17. They all made the money of course, we’ll bring you news of who finished where just as soon as the crush at the cash desk subsides. — NW

Blinds up: 4,000/8,000, 1,000 ante

4:02pm: Andy Black’s in the black after double-up
Level 17 is proving to be a good one for Irish poker pro Andy Black. He just managed to double up when his pocket sixes turned into a set on the flop, and now sits a little more comfortably with a stack of 250k (41 big blinds).

With more than $4.4m in live tournament winnings, Black is no stranger to this stage of a tournament. He currently sits second on Ireland’s all time money list behind Steve O’Dwyer. — JS

Ukipt5_london_main event_day2_andy_black.jpg

Black is smiling once more

4pm: Willie out
Not long ago Willie Tann was one of the big stacks, but he’s just been eliminated in 91st place and his exit hand was pretty brutal. On the face of it losing with nines to ace-queen is about as standard garden variety as exits come but Tann explained that the board came [10][K][10][K] so his pair was counterfeited. — NW

3:50pm: We don’t know our “r”‘s from our elbows
Christopher Nazer fans – apologies for managing to miss the “r” from Christopher’s first name in an earlier post. He has not suddenly turned French.

Nazer’s stack is still one of the biggest in the tournament though he has dropped down a little – currently sat with 420k or so… –RS

3:45pm: Weiland secures dominant double
Kevin Weiland has cut a chunk out of Paul Simmons stack. The hand saw two hands collide that seemed destined to go to war. With 100,000 and A♠Q♥ on the button Weiland was always going to commit his chips whilst Simmons in the blinds might have expected his A♠J♣ to have a bit more equity when he took on the button raise and the cards were on their backs.

A board of Q♠6♠10♣6♣4♦ saw Weiland double to 200,000 whilst Simmons drops to a similar amount. –RS

3:37pm: Matti De Muelder eliminated
It’s the end of the line for Team PokerStars Pro Matti De Muelder. After Beyazit Zorlu min-raised on the button, De Muelder shoved his remaining stack over the top, forcing the Turkish player to a touch decision. It was one he would make, however, and the cards were on their backs: A♣7♦ for De Muelder and 6♠6♦ for Zorlu.

The board ran out 2♦10♣3♦4♦Q♠, sending Matti to the rail where he’ll collect £1,260 for his efforts. — NW

3:30pm: Cody cashes, but then crashes
There’s a big queue at the payout desk at the moment ant Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody is one of those waiting in line to get paid. He was kind enough to tell the PokerStars Blog how he exited the tournament. “On the first hand back from the break the big blind was sitting out and I was on the button. It folded to me and I shoved jack-nine, the small blind (Andrew Sweeney) called with K-Q and he held. That dropped me from 120,000 to about 45,000. I then shoved 8-9 from under-the-gun and got called by A-Q. We flopped a nine but he (Carl Croucher) rivered an ace.”

Cody said that he’s sticking around and may well late reg the London Cup which stated earlier today. — NW

Ukipt5_london_main event_day2_jake_cody.jpg

Cody – in the money once more

3:25pm: Busting for fun
As is usual following the bubble bursting we’ve seen a further slew of eliminations as the handcuffs come off and the wanton spin ups begin.

Already 10 players or so have been eliminated, including Shaun Conning whose A-J failed to outdraw Christopher Gordon’s A-K. Gordon up to around 300,000.

Also gone is Chi Hao Tsang whose pocket sevens lost a race to get him back in contention.

The potentially epic comebacks from the super shortstacks of Camilla Reventlow and Damian Robertson didn’t come to pass and they depart with their hard-earned minimum payouts.

The queue for the cash desk is getting longer by the second. We’re down to 103 players… — RS

Ukipt5_london_main event_day2_cash_desk.jpg

Queuing to get cash rather than spend it

3:20pm: Heads-up
The start of level 17 caught many by surprise so much so that the first hand back from the break at table five was a heads-up affair. Both blinds were sitting out, Peter Seed limped in but Willie Tann was having none of it, raising it up to 21,500 total. Back on Seed he instantly moved all-in for around 80,000 and said: “I need a double up.” Tann has a few miles on the clock though and simply folded his hand. — NW

3:15pm: Day 2 action continues
Welcome back as we continue the Day 2’s coverage with the bubble burst, 111 happy-to-be-getting-paid players and a title to fight for.

Luminaries such as Jake Cody, Andy Black, Nik Persaud, Ross Boatman and Willie Tann amongst others remain in contention but the field is stacked with talent and a number of players have a realistic shot of winning this title with some good cards and a fair wind.

At the moment Christophe Nazer is the man heading the pack – his 580,000 looking tough to topple. This is poker though, we’ve seen heroes come and go, and nothing can be taken for granted as the tension is ratcheted up.


Tuczynski has lost his overnight chiplead but is still battling away

Two players who will be ecstatic about surviving the bubble period are Camilla Reventlow and Damian Robertson. With 22,000 and 11,000 respectively, they were in huge danger of elimination but with a cash secured, they can go for broke and look to spin up this pittance into something that could see them propelled further into the tournament. –RS


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