UKIPT5 Marbella Final Table: Level 26 -33 updates (120,000/240,000 ante 30,000)

June 21, 2015

7:55pm: From sunny Spain to South West England
That’s almost it from Marbella, a full wrap of the day’s play will be uploaded shortly though. After that our attention turns to the next UKIPT stop, which takes place in Bristol, August 6th-9th. Satellites are running now on PokerStars and you can find out more about the event by clicking here. –NW

7:50pm: Jose Angel Latorre eliminated in 2nd place (€91,500); Isidoro Barreña wins UKIPT5 Marbella (€150,800)
The heads up battle between these two players saw very few three-bets but the last hand of the tournament saw a four-bet shove and a call all in.

Isidoro Barreña raised to 500,000 before he faced a Jose Angel Latorre three-bet to 1,350,000. Barreña wasted little time in moving all in and Latorre called all in for around 9.5 million after giving it a minute’s thought.

Latorre: A♦J♦
Barreña: A♥Q♦

Latorre gave out a cry of frustration when he saw Barreña’s dominating hand and he wasn’t any happier after the board ran 7♣4♠5♠Q♣8♠ to hand the title to him. — MC


This trophy belongs to Isidoro Barreña
7:33pm: Even-stevens
A couple more small pots went the way of Isidoro Barreña and he’s just a couple of big blinds off the stack of Jose Angel Latorre now. — MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 120,0005-240,000, ante 30,000


7:23pm: Straight over straight
Jose Angel Latorre made a smaller straight than Isidoro Barreña and did well not to lose more than he did.

He raised to 400 and Barreña called before both players checked a 7♦8♥4♥ flop. Barreña then led for 375,000 and 600,000 on the 10♦6♥ turn and river. Latorre opened K♥9♦ and lost out to Barreña’s J♠9♠.

Barreña had lost a couple of small pots before that so this pot got him back up to 8.7 million. –MC

7:15pm: No deal talk yet
The difference between first and second place is almost €60,000 but despite the stacks being quite close there hasn’t been any flickers of a sign of a deal as yet. — NW

7:10pm: Latorre back in the lead
You’ve got to hand it to Jose Angel Latorre, he started heads-up play with a big chip lead but lost that within the first half an hour of heads-up play. For the past two and a half hours he’s been the short stack of the two players but that’s no longer the case as he’s back in the lead.

The switcharoo happened, funnily enough, in a limped pot, with Latorre checking his option after Isidoro Barreña had completed from the button/small blind. Neither player deigned to bet on the 7♦J♥3♣ flop but on the 8♦ turn Latorre overbet the pot (just) betting 500,000, call from Barreña. The K♠ completed the board and Latorre reached deep, pushing out a bet of 1,360,000 which was quickly called by Barreña. First to show was Latorre and he had 10♠9♦ for a straight, Barreña could only shake his head when he saw the news.

Stacks now roughly 11,500,000 to 8,900,000 in Latorre’s favour. –NW

7:02pm: Latorre back to eight figures
Jose Angel Latorre has got his stack back up to ten million for the first time in a good while and that may provide a mental breakthrough for him.

He won two pots without showdown whilst in position. He raised to 400,000 and went on the bet 300,000 and 850,000 on the flop and turn. The board read 8♥J♠10♦K♦ when Isidoro Barreña bailed on the hand.

Two hands later, Latorre raised his button again. Barreña called the extra 200,000 and both players checked to the river where Latorre bet 700,000. Barreña stared at the 10♥Q♠K♣8♠J♦ board for a while and then mucked his hand. — MC

6:50pm: One for you, one for me
We nearly had another all-in and call as Isidoro Barreña made a huge shove on the flop in the following hand…

It began, as many of the heads-up pots have, with Jose Angel Latorre min-raising on the button and Barreña flat calling from the big blind. On the 2♠10♠3♦ flop Latorre c-bet 375,000 and Barreña then check-raised all-in. It was a huge overbet and Latorre was slightly taken aback by it. He dwelt for maybe two minutes before folding his hand.

On the next hand Barreña made it 475,000 to play and that was a price Latorre liked as he made up the extra. On the K♠7♣6♥ flop Barreña c-bet 525,000 and Latorre stuck around. There was no betting on the 5♥ turn but Latorre came out firing on the 6♣ river, pushing out chips totalling 1,150,000. After getting a count Barreña called, but he wished he hand’t as Latorre had the winning hand, K♥9♣ to be precise.

After that hand Latorre has around 8,900,000 and Barreña has 11,600,000. — NW

6:42pm: Latorre getting closer and closer
Isidoro Barreña is looking a little frustrated after losing a couple of pots to Jose Angel Latorre. The gap is down around 2.5 million chips as a result.

Latorre raised to 400,000 and Barreña peeled to see a 6♦2♦9♦ flop. Latorre continued for 375,000 and Barreña check-called before both players checked the 4♠ turn. That was the invitation Barreña needed to bluff the 6♥ river with Q♦8♥. Latorre called with A♠4♥ and scooped. — MC

6:25pm: Latorre gets his double
Jose Angel Latorre is now in a much healthier position as he just doubled up to the relative comfort zone of 30 big blinds.

First to act he shoved for 3,250,000 with A♣3♠ and after getting a count Isidoro Barreña called the shove with K♥10♦. There was a 42.66% chance this would be the final hand of the tournament, but the 9♠8♣A♥3♦7♦ board favoured Latorre and the best hand held to boost him to 6,560,000. –NW

6:15pm: Chips
Jose Angel Latorre has less than 16 big blinds to his name as level 32 gets under way.

Isidoro Barreña, 17,375,000
Jose Angel Latorre, 3,125,000


Barreña (left) has a huge chip lead

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 100,000/200,000, ante 30,000


5:55pm: Break time
The players are now on a 15 minute break, official counts coming soon. –NW

5:45pm: Latorre’s river shove gets through
Jose Angel Latorre just moved all-in on the river. Did he want a call? We’ll never know.

He opened the action by raising to 350,000 on the button and Isidoro Barreña put in the extra from the big blind. On the 5♦A♣Q♠ flop Latorre fired out a bet of 275,000 and Barreña stuck around. The Q♣ hit the turn and a bet of 500,000 couldn’t shake Barreña. The 7♣ completed a backdoor flush draw and after Barreña checked for a third time Latorre moved all-in for 2,1750,000 and despite giving it a long old think Barreña eventually folded.

That hand takes Latorre up to 4,400,000 but Barreña, with roughly 16,000,000, is still very much in charge. –NW

5:35pm: Latorre gets some back
Wins at showdown have been few and far between for Jose Angel Latorre in this heads-up match but he just clawed a few chips back after getting some value on the river.

It was a limped pot pre-flop with Isidoro Barreña completing nad Latorre checking his option. There was no betting until the river of a Q♣5♠6♠5♥2♥ board, at which point Latorre bet 350,000 and Barreña looked him up. Latorre showed 6♦2♠ and it was enough to earn him the pot. –NW

5:25pm: Latorre slipping
Jose Angel Latorre is down to 4,000,000 after losing a few pots in succession to Isidoro Barreña. The biggest of them happened when Latorre opened to 350,000 and Barreña smooth called. The Supernova Elite fired once on the flop of a Q♦10♠K♠10♥7♣ board before checking the turn and folding to a bet of 700,000 on the river. –NW


Can Latorre get his lead back?
5:15pm: Big action, chopped pot
The two players just played a near 7,000,000 chip pot but there was no fluctuation in the chip counts as the pot was chopped.

The full board was 6♦7♣8♣4♦4♠ and on the river Jose Angel Latorre bet 2,000,000 into a pot of around 3,000,000.After about 10 seconds Isidoro Barreña made the call and both players showed a five for a straight meaning we had a chopped pot. –NW

5:10pm: Small pot poker
Since level 31 started there’s been a notable increase in the number of limped pots. Both players are keeping the pots small right now. — NW

5pm: As you were
No big pots to report, the players have simply been trading small and medium ones. No real change in chip counts so Isidoro Barreña still has just over a 2:1 chip lead. Jose Angel Latorre still have around 40 big blinds so there’s plenty of play left. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 80,000/160,000, ante 20,000


4:45pm: Double up for Latorre
Jose Angel Latorre has managed to stop the rot as he just scored a full double up.

He raised to 250,000 pre-flop and Isidoro Barreña called. On the 10♦7♥5♠8♣3♣ board Latorre bet 250,000, 600,000 and then moved all-in for 2,455,000 on the river and Barreña called him every step of the way.

At showdown Latorre opened 7♠7♣ which was good enough for the pot as Barreña had A♦5♦.

So chip counts now:

Latorre – 6.6 million
Barreña – 13.9 million

4:40pm: Barreña can do no wrong
Isidoro Barreña has a 17,000,000 to 3,000,000 chip lead after winning yet another massive pot heads-up.

After Jose Angel Latorre opened to 250,000, Barreña three-bet to 600,000 and Latorre called. The flop fell 3♥6♥Q♥, bet of 450,000 from Barreña, call from Latorre. On the 9♣ turn Barreña bet another 620,000 and Latorre called once more.

The J♣ completed the board and Barreña elected to slow down, he checked the action to Latorre, he bet 2,200,000 and, after getting a count, Barreña called. Latorre opened K♥7♠ whilst Barreña had A♥Q♣. Whilst Latorre had been rooting for a heart, if another one had appeared it would probably be all over.

As it is he still has 3,000,000 to work with but can he stop the rot? — NW


Isidoro Barreña is on a roll
4:30pm: Latorre loses the lead
Heads-up Sit and Go specialist Jose Angel Latorre cannot win a pot so far is his duel with Isidoro Barreña. Apart from getting a walk in one hand, he’s lost every other pot and the chip lead for the first time.

Latorre raised to 250,000 and Barreña called to a 5♣K♠Q♠ flop where he check-called a 200,000 c-bet. The 4♦9♣ turn and river were checked and Barreña opened Q♦J♦. Latorre mucked.

Another hand followed an identical pattern and Barreña opened K♣10♠ with the board showing A♠3♠10♣2♥3♣. Latorre mucked once more.

Groundhog day once more as Barreña’s 5♦6♥ was good on a 7♥10♥5♣3♣Q♦ board.

The only good thing for Latorre right now is that he hasn’t had to show down many hands. He’s going to need to change tactics or flop better to stop the slide.


Latorre – 9 million
Barreña – 11.5 million


Heads up
4:10pm: First blood to Barreña
The two players are now a lot closer in chips as Isidoro Barreña just won the first significant pot of heads-up play.

It was Jose Angel Latorre who had the betting lead the whole way, he raised to 250,000 pre-flop and then fired out bets of 200,000, 850,000 and 2,525,000 on the 6♠Q♠7♣Q♣4♦ board. It took Barreña progressively longer to call each street but call he did.

At showdown Latorre went to muck but once the Tournament Director told him that Barreña would not have to show if he did that, he decided to show his cards – 8♣2♥ – and that meant Barreña had to show to win and his Q♥5♥ was good for the pot.

The counts are now roughly:

Latorre – 11,350,000
Barreña – 9,100,000

4pm: Heads up counts
Play has resumed with Jose Angel Latorre holding a 3:1 advantage. Still plenty of play for Isidoro Barreña though.

Latorre – 15,370,000
Barreña – 5,125,000


Let heads-up play commence
3:55pm: Rodrigo Rosales eliminated in third place (€64,600)
Rodrigo Rosales’ fun ride has come to an end in third place. The young Spaniard was never afraid to put his chips in the middle. He found a great spot to do so but walked into a bigger hand behind.

Jose Angel Latorre raised to 240,000 from the button before Rosales moved all in for around 1.8million from the small blind. Isidoro Barreña called very quickly from the big blind and Latorre moved out of the way.

Rosales: A♠5♠

The board ran 7♥6♣9♦9♠9♣.

The two remaining players are taking a ten-minute break before heads up play begins. Official chip counts coming up, too. — MC


Rodrigo Rosales – 3rd place

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 60,000/120,000, ante 20,000


3:50pm: Give and take
No sooner had Isidoro Barreña doubled up, then he was giving some back to Jose Angel Latorre. In a limped pot Barreña bet 200,000 on the A♠5♠9♥ flop and called when Latorre check-raised to 760,000. The chip leader fired out a bet of 1,200,000 on the 5♣ turn and Barreña let his hand go. He’s back down to 3,100,000 as a result. — NW

3:45pm: Isidoro Barreña doubles through Rodrigo Rosales
Rodrigo Rosales had gained a few and Isidoro Barreña had lost some by the time this key hand took place.

The former opened on the button to 260,000, Barreña moved all-in for 1,960,000 and after getting a count Rosales made the call.

Rosales: A♥5♠
Barreña: A♦10♣

A 3♥7♣3♦8♦6♠ board kept Barreña in front and he doubled to 4,000,000, whilst Rosales slipped to around 2,100,000. –NW


Barreña scored a crucial double up
3:42pm: A family pot!
What a treat to see all three players see a flop in a raised pot.

Rodrigo Rosales raised to 175,000 from the button and both opponents called to the 6♣10♣5♥ flop that was checked through. The turn was the 2♠ and Jose Angel Latorre bet 500,000 but folded, along with Isidoro Barreña, when Rosales moved all in.

Rough chip counts after that hand:

Jose Angel Latorre – 15,000,000
Isidoro Barreña – 3,500,000
Rodrigo Rosales – 3,000,000
— MC

3:33pm: Dario Carrion eliminated in fourth place (€48,400)
Then there were three after the elimination of Dario Carrion in fourth.

Carrion had been waiting for a hand and found it when he was under the gun. He had 1.15 million and it they went. The action folded around to Isidoro Barreña in the big blind who insta-called.

Carrion: Q♦Q♥
Barreña: A♦J♦

The board ran K♠A♣2♥K♦A♠ to make Barreña a full house.


Dario Carrion – fourth place
Carrion got to know what it felt like to have opponents over celebrating your demise as Rodrigo Rosales – who got a warning after the hand for his conduct – was not shy in showing his emotions at making the final three. — MC

3:25pm: A flop!
A flop! A flop!

Inevitably it was a pot involving Jose Angel Latorre and Rodrigo Rosales. The former raised to 250,000 from the small blind and Rosales called out of the big.

On the 8♥8♣4♦ flop Latorre bet 240,000 and Rosales made the call. The J♦ hit the turn and another bet from Latorre won him the pot. Rosales is down to 1,500,000. — NW

3:20pm: History repeating
The last dozen hands have gone one of three ways:

– Jose Angel Latorre has received a walk
– Jose Angel Latorre has raised and won the pot pre-flop
– Jose Angel Latorre has raised pre-flop and folded to another players shove

As you were then. — NW

3:15pm: More for Latorre
It continues to be the Jose Angel Latorre show. If his opponents aren’t shoving preflop – like Rodrigo Rosales did, for 1.8 million after a Latorre min raise – then he’s winning every single pot and has a stack that’s gone past 16 million.

There haven’t been any showdown hands to report as Latorre gets opponents off hands before the river. Rosales seems to be the one player willing to take risks whereas it may be the case Dario Carrion and Isidoro Barreña are looking at the payout jumps. That’s understandable too, as you can see below, the jumps are getting big now. — MC

Place Prize (€)
1 150,800
2 91,500
3 64,600
4 48,400

2:55pm: Lots of pots for Latorre
Given that Jose Angel Latorre is a high stakes sit and go specialist you suspect he knows a thing or two about ICM. He really is applying pressure to everyone else at the table and has won five of the first six pots in this level.

It’s hard to see anything other than a Latorre victory right now although we’ve been here before and had a different outcome. Willie Elliot had a commanding chip lead with six left at UKIPT4 Nottingham before busting in fourth place.

Latorre is a composed presence at the table and seems to know exactly where he is in every pot so a blow up looks unlikely. –NW

2:45pm: Chips for the final four

Name Country Status Chips
Jose Angel Latorre Spain PokerStars Player 13,665,000
Isidoro Barreña Spain 3,240,000
Rodrigo Rosales Spain PokerStars Qualifier 2,080,000
Dario Carrion Spain PokerStars Qualifier 1,510,000

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 50,000-100,000, ante 10,000


2:25pm: Break time
The players are now on a 20-minute break, it’ll take most of that to colour up Jose Angel Latorre’s mountain of chips. –NW

2:22pm: David Vedral eliminated in fifth place (€38,200)
And then there were four…

From under-the-gun Rodrigo Rosales opened to 190,000, David Vedral then three-bet shoved for 1,190,000 and action folded to Jose Angel Latorre in the big blind. He first asked for a count of Vedral’s shove and then asked Rosales how much he had (about four million total). Latorre then announced call and Rosales followed suit so Vedral was starring at a treble up should he win the pot.

The flop came 4♣6♥10♦, Latorre bet 500,000 and Rosales called fairly quickly. The 3♠ hit the turn, “all-in,” said Latorre and Rosales threw his head back in despair before thinking for about 20 seconds and folding pocket nines face up.

It proved to be a shrewd fold as Latorre had A♥A♣ whilst Vedral had A♦10♥. The 4♦ completed the board and again there was some unsavoury celebrating as Rosales shouted ‘Vamos’ and turned to his rail to give them a fist-bump before Vedral had even left the table. There was no show of emotion from Vedral at this though and he shook hands with everyone before departing. –NW


Vedral – a great run to finish fourth
2:15pm: Dario Carrion doubles through Rodrigo Rosales
If ever you needed reminding to pay attention at the table then this hand involving Rodrigo Rosales and Dario Carrion should bring it home.

Rosales had just won a pot against Jose Angel Latorre and was still stacking his chips as the next hand started and chatting to his mates on the rail. That all meant that he missed Dario Carrion moving all-in for 810,000 and so when the action reached Rosales on the button he through out a bet of 225,000 thinking that he was the first player into the pot.

His error was pointed out and he called the extra and both blinds folded, Carrion had 6♠6♥ and was ahead of the A♥3♣ of Rosales. The 9♠K♦J♦4♥5♣ board improved neither hand and Carrion doubled up.

A couple of hands later Carrion and Rosales were all-in pre-flop again but both had ace-queen and they chopped the pot. –NW

2:10pm: Sam Grafton eliminated in 6th place (€28,600)
That was all she wrote for Sam Grafton, the last British player to depart, in sixth place, up three spots from where he finished last year.

The action folded around to him in the small blind where he moved all in for his last 930,000. Isidoro Barreña was in the big blind and took several minutes before he called.

Grafton: Q♥5♦
Barreña: K♥9♦

The board ran K♦J♠5♠4♦7♥ to make the Spaniard top pair.


Sam Grafton – 5th place
After the king appeared on the flop the the short-stacked Dario Carrion and Rodrigo Rosales, starting anti-cheering Grafton, slapping their hands together and on the table. Grafton still found the class to shake their hands before going to the payout desk. — MC

1:50pm: Grafton and Carrion getting short
Whilst four players are firmly in short stack territory it’s Sam Grafton and Dario Carrion who are feeling the pinch the most. Grafton is down to around 1,200,000 and Carrion has about 800,000. — NW

1:40pm: Rosales making a run at this
Thus far Rodrigo Rosales has been the only player willing to take on Jose Angel Latorre and it’s worked out well for him over the last couple of orbits as he’s won two big pots against him.

In the first of them Latorre opened to 175,000 from the cutoff and Rosales smooth called on the button. On the 4♣4♦8♠ flop Latorre check called a bet of 400,000 and both players then checked the 8♥ turn. The 5♣ completed the board and Latorre pushed out a bet of 760,000, about 20 seconds later Rosales announced that he was all-in – for what looked like 1,700,000 – and Latorre wasted little time in folding. Rosales flipped A♥8♣ as he took the pot.

The next orbit Latorre opened to 165,000 on the button and Roasles smooth called from the small blind. The two of them saw a 10♠J♠5♠ flop, Latorre bet 200,000 and Rosales made the call. The turn was the 9♦, once again Rosales checked, Latorre bet again, this time 500,000, Rosales then announced raise and as he went to slide out some chips Latorre mucked his hand. Again Rosales showed that he had it as he opened K♠Q♠.

After those two coups he’s up to about 5,000,000, inbetween losing the big pots Latorre is winning lots of small ones so is still the overwhelming chip leader. –NW


Latorre and Rosales, best of frenimies

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 40,000/80,000, ante 10,000


1:25pm: Grafton loses one to Rosales
Jose Angel Latorre has continued to win most pots uncontested or with little post-flop resistance and had passed the 11 million mark. At one point no opponent had even a half average stack but Rodrigo Rosales won a three-bet pot off Sam Grafton to move up to 2.4 million.

He raised to 180,000 from early position and called after Grafton three-bet to 425,000 from the next seat. The board rolled out A♦5♦A♥6♥J♠ with no more chips going in until the river where Rosales bet 625,000. Grafton thought for two minutes and then folded to drop to 1.34 million. — MC

1:10pm: Big pot or small pot, Latorre can’t lose
Jose Angel Latorre now has over half the chips in play after winning a big pot against Dario Carrion.

The latter opened to 120,000 from the cutoff and Latorre smooth called from the button. Carrion seceded the betting action to Latorre from the flop onwards and called bets of 200,000, 500,000 and 960,000 respectively as the board came J♦Q♥6♠6♥Q♣. At showdown Latorre showed Q♦10♦ and Carrion mucked his hand. That pot took Latorre over the 10,000,000 mark and he has an absolute mountain of chips which is extending all the way over the betting line. Such is his dominance that no one else has an above average stack! Here’s how the final six stack up right now:

Seat Name Country Status Chips
1 Dario Carrion Spain PokerStars Qualifier 1,250,000
2 Jose Angel Latorre Spain PokerStars Player 10,800,000
3 Rodrigo Rosales Spain PokerStars Qualifier 2,400,000
4 Sam Grafton UK PokerStars Qualifier 1,750,000
5 Isidoro Barreña Spain 2,300,000
6 David Vedral Austria PokerStars Qualifier 1,900,000

1:10pm: Jeffrey Brouwer eliminated in seventh place (€20,100)
Jeffrey Brouwer was down to just 550,000 by the time he took his stand. He moved all-in with A♣8♣ from the cutoff and Jose Angel Latorre re-raised all-in from the small blind with A♥Q♠ to isolate the shove.

Brouwer shouted something in Dutch to his rail, presumably “I’m in bad shape,” or similar, and it didn’t get any better for him as although the A♦Q♣4♦7♠8♦ gave him two pair, Latorre made a superior two pair and eliminated the Dutchman in seventh place. –NW


Jeffrey Brouwer
1pm: Rosales tangles with Latorre
Jose Angel Latorre has continued to apply pressure on his tablemates, looking to utilise his lofty position. One would like to be sat to the left of him and that’s where Rodrigo Rosales can be found and where he’s taking the fight on.

Latorre raised to 140,000 from the cutoff but tank folded after Rosales three-bet to 375,000.

Two hands later, Latorre raised to 130,000 and Rosales was the only caller to a 9♥Q♦2♦ flop. Both players checked to the 6♣ turn where Rosales bet 240,000. Latorre check-called and both went back to checking on the K♦ river.

Rosales opened 8♣7♣ and lost out to Latorre’s J♠9♠. — MC

12:45pm: Juan Bautista eliminated in eighth place (€14,100)
There was no miracle comeback for Juan Bautista and he’s the first casualty of today’s final table.

He had 60,000 of his 115,000 already invested in the big blind, so after Jose Angel Latorre had opened to 130,000 from early position and David Vedral had called on the button, the Spaniard moved the rest of his meagre stack over the line. The majority of the chips were in the main pot but there was a 30,000 chip side pot.

Both Vedral and Latorre checked all the way down to the river of a 8♣Q♦10♠Q♣7♠ board at which point Latorre bet 150,000. Whilst Vedral was tanking, Bautista got to his feet and put his coat on, we didn’t know his holding yet but he certainly believed it wasn’t going to be good enough to beat whatever Latorre had. And so it proved, Vedral folded, Latorre opened A♣9♥ and ace high was good as Bautista had 3♠2♣.

Seven remain, all of whom are guaranteed at least €20,100. — NW


Bautista – first out at the final table

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 30,000-60,000, 10,000 ante


12:25pm: Early double for Grafton
Watch out final table players as Sam Grafton has a stack to play with now after a lucky double up.

On the third hand of the day, he moved all in for 970,000 after Juan Bautista had limped in and Rodrigo Rosales had limped behind. Bautista called quickly and that scared off Rosales.

Grafton: 2♠2♦
Bautista: Q♦Q♠

The board ran 2♥9♠K♠5♣10♠ to make the PokerStars qualifier a set.

“You got me there, Juan,” said Grafton to his opponent who dropped to fewer than 200,000.

Bautista had already been in, and lost, the first two (small) pots of the day before that. Not a good start at all for the charismatic Spaniard. — MC

12:15pm: Jose Angel Latorre leads final eight
Hello and welcome to the final table of the UKIPT5 Marbella Main Event. Just eight remain in the hunt for the title. The man looking most likely to take the title right now is Jose Angel Latorre, the Spaniard, who is a Supernova Elite on PokerStars has more than double his nearest rival.

Seat Name Country Status Chips
1 Dario Carrion Spain PokerStars Qualifier 3,305,000
2 Jose Angel Latorre Spain PokerStars Player 6,950,000
3 Rodrigo Rosales Spain PokerStars Qualifier 3,175,000
4 Sam Grafton UK PokerStars Qualifier 1,035,000
5 Isidoro Barreña Spain 1,570,000
6 David Vedral Austria PokerStars Qualifier 1,920,000
7 Jeffrey Brouwer Netherlands 850,000
8 Juan Bautista Spain 1,750,000


Latorre leads the way
You can learn a lot more about the final eight right here, courtesy of our final table player profiles.

And here’s a reminder of what they’re playing for:

Position Name Nationality Status Payout
1 € 150,800
2 € 91,500
3 € 64,600
4 € 48,400
5 € 38,200
6 € 28,600
7 € 20,100
8 € 14,100

Cards are now in the air and there are nine minutes remaining in the current level.

PokerStars Blog Reporting Team at UKIPT5 Marbella: Marc Convey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May


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