UKIPT5 Nottingham Day 1C: Level 1-6 updates (250/500 ante 50)

April 16, 2015

5pm: Second break
Players have gone on a break before we move into level 7. You’ll find those updates in a new post here. –JS

4:58pm: Tough table is terminated
All good things must come to an end. The talent-filled table we’ve been covering throughout the past few levels – which featured Charlie Combes, Paul Van Nunes, Ian Gascoigne, Mark MacDonnell and Chris Dowling – was broken just before the break, but not without some casualties. Both Charlie Combes and Callum Mccuaig busted in quick succession. –JS

4:35pm: Hutchinson’s house blows down
Dean Hutchison just lost a huge pot against Dean Smith, one which means Smith is now the chip leader with around 95,000.
We arrived as the pot was being pushed to Smith, his 10♥10♠ was clearly visible on the table as was a complete board of 5♥Q♣4♠Q♠10♣. “Did you have a queen?” asked Smith as Hutchison prepared to depart. “No, a house, pocket fives,” replied Hutchison. So a nasty river for the UKIPT4 Edinburgh winner, he’s may yet be back for another shot today as late registration is open until the start of level seven. — NW

4:30pm: Gudger gone
Eleanor Gudger had an eventful day to say the least. Down to 16,000 early on she recovered to 28,000 only to then lose a big pot when her opponent hit a gutshot straight. That left her with 1,500 and there was no epic spin up.

4:20pm: The names keep coming
The field grows ever bigger and Matas Cimbolas, who finished runner-up in the High Roller yesterday, and Danish wizard Morten Mortensen are both now playing this tournament. As are Jake Cody, Ben Dobson, Padraig O’Neil, Jack Ellwood, Fraser Macintyre, Craig McCorkell and Felix Stephensen. — NW


The dangerous Dane, Morten Mortensen

Blinds up: 250/500, ante 50

4:10pm: No time to waste
We saw a scattering of large chips over at one table so decided to drop in on the action. On a 6♣9♣4♥ flop, Alan Gold put out a bet of 3,300 which was called by Jack Allen. However, Darren Delahunty was in no mood for calling and raised it up to an even 10,000. The initial raiser let it go, but not after asking both Allen and Delahunty how much they had behind. Allen made the call and we went to a 6♥ turn. Delahunty insta-shoved which got a quick fold from the now short-stacked Allen. The victor showed the table his 9♥9♠ for a full house and quickly scooped up the pot. –JS

4:05pm: Fast start for Brown
Irish Pro Rory Brown, came here by boat and he might need a bigger one if he continues accumulating chips at the rate he is.

3:55pm: Bryn Kenney doin’ work
After busting the High Roller late in the day yesterday, Bryn Kenney was all up for hopping straight into the main event, however he’d narrowly missed the end of registration. The American is back today, though, and is getting to work. He currently sits with 33,000. –JS

3:50pm: Cody loads up more bullets
Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody played the Main Event yesterday but busted out near the end of the day. He’s indicated he’s playing again today although he’s not currently seated.

3:45pm: Big fold from Hall
We joined the action on the turn of a 7♥10♣A♦6♦ board to see Tom Hall betting 2,350 (around half pot), his opponent in the hand was Tim Chung and he slid out a raise, making it 7,050 in total. Hall took a look back at his cards and then let them go. “That was a huge fold,” said Hall smiling. “Two pair, ace-seven,” he added although he might have been bluffing! Hall drops to 23,700 whilst Chung has around 39,000.

Rory Brown is also at the table and the Irishman is off to a great start as he’s up to 73,000. –NW

3:40pm: Ridiculous table gets more ridiculous
Earlier we zeroed in on table 41 as a particularly tough table (see 2:55pm post) and it’s now got even more ridiculous as two-time SCOOP winner Charlie Combes has joined the table. –NW

Blinds up: 200/400, ante 50

3:30pm: A consistent story
Carl Falconer raised from early position to 800, which was called by Dahe Liu and Tom Middleton. The trio saw a flop of 3♠4♠6♦ and Falconer continued, this time for 2,000. Liu made the call and Middleton let it go. The turn was the 3♦, pairing the board. The bet this time was 3,600 from Falconer, and Liu wasn’t going anywhere, making the quick call. The 10♥ fell on the river and Falconer remained consistent with his story, leading for 7,500. Liu only had 8,200 behind, so the bet was essentially for his tournament life. He opted to shove instead of flat call and Falconer looked him up for just 700 more. Liu’s pocket eights were good as Falconer mucked. –JS

3:15pm: Exits
The list of exits is now 14 long with John Cleverly-james, Jason Barton, Max Winberg, Ivan Sebeledi, David Williams and Gerard Bucke among those who’ve been eliminated. — NW

2:55pm: Fashionably late
As we enter level 4 Players are continuing to arrive and take their seats. We’re now up to 239 runners, and it’s usually the regulars on the poker circuit who feel the most comfortable skipping early levels, and that’s been the case today. However, arriving fashionably late also means you’re almost guaranteed to be sitting with some pretty tough competition.

One such table of established pros has emerged. Here’s how it stacks up:

1 Benjamin Heath
2 Thomas Somerville
3 Paul Nunes
4 Callum Mccuaig
5 Zaheeb Zeb
6 Ian Gascoigne
7 Marc MacDonnell
8 Chris Dowling
9 Thomas Dunwoodie

In the nine seats we have an Estrellas Poker Tour second place finisher (Nunes, €204,589), a Sunday Million winner (Heath, chopped for $168,000 in March), a three-time UKIPT final tablist (Dowling), a regular on the UKIPT and EPT circuits (Dunwoodie), an online whiz with more than $900,000 in tournament winnings (MacDonnell), and a Dusk Till Dawn regular with more than $190,000 in live tournament earnings (Gascoigne). –JS


Chris Dowling – tough table

2:45pm: Chip counts, get your chip counts
UKIPT regular Lynne Beaumont has jumped out to an early lead here in Nottingham as she’s already up to 76,500 whilst Kevin Allen has built on his early double up to climb to 63,675. At the other end of the scale Ryan Spittles (6,975) and Tom Middleton (16,400) have some work to do. We’ll be updating the chip count page throughout the day. — NW

Lynne Beaumont, United Kingdom, 76,500
Kevin Allen, United Kingdom, 63,675
Jonathan Crute, Ireland, 63,000
Ian Simpson, United Kingdom, 52,000
Deborah Worley-roberts, USA, 52,000
Richard Trigg, United Kingdom, 49,000
Fernando Marin, Spain, 49,000
Timothy Chung, United Kingdom, 49,000
James Rann, United Kingdom, 44,300
Paul Zimbler, United Kingdom, 43,875
Kelly Saxby, USA, 43,500
Mitch Johnson, United Kingdom, 40,700
Caicai Huang, United Kingdom, 39,800
Jonathan Wong, United Kingdom, 34,000
Jeff Kimber, United Kingdom, 32,075
Ben Jenkins, United Kingdom, 29,975
James Atkin, United Kingdom, 29,150


Kelly Saxby

Nick Hicks, United Kingdom, 28,800
Alan Gold, United Kingdom, 28,700
Dara Davey, Ireland, PokerStars Player, 27,400
Dave Jones, United Kingdom, 25,400
Dean Hutchison, United Kingdom, 25,000
Sergio Aido, Spain, 25,000
Osman Mustanoglu, Turkey, 24,000
Neil Raine, United Kingdom, 22,000
Andrew Hulme, United Kingdom, 21,600
Max Silver, United Kingdom, 19,800
Jason Barton, United Kingdom, 19,525
Dean Lyall, United Kingdom, 17,275
Paul McTaggart, United Kingdom, 16,700
Chris Ferguson, United Kingdom, 16,550
Tom Middleton, United Kingdom, 16,400
Eleanor Gudger, United Kingdom, 16,300
Ryan Spittles, United Kingdom, 6,975


Dean Lyall

Blinds up: 150/300, ante 25

2:25pm: First break of the day
Players in the main event are now on break, check back for some of the room’s notable chip stacks shortly. –JS

2:20pm: No rest for Deadman
Despite finishing Day 1B with a healthy 80,100 stack, Simon Deadman is back at Dusk Till Dawn grinding a 5-seat guaranteed satellite into the main event. –JS

2:15pm: Exits
A few more players have already been less potless as Daniel Rohrbasser, Robert White, Michael Macleod, Bobbie Brummitt and UKIPT regular Asif Warris have all been eliminated. The field is up to 230 now. — NW

2:00pm: A river runs through it
There seem to be difficult river decisions taking place wherever you turn in Dusk Till Dawn today. Mitchell Johnson was putting a lot of pressure on Stephen Okeeffe, firing out a 12,700 bet on a 4♣6♣K♦5♥9♦ board. There was already around 16,000 in the middle, and despite asking Johnson how much he had behind, Okeeffe let go of his hand, giving the chunky pot to his opponent. Meanwhile on a different table, Ivan Iliev called the clock on Lucas Blanco Oliver – sat to his left – as he took his time to fold to Iliev’s 5,000 river bet.

Of course, what’s a cruel river for one person is a great one for another. Dara Davey bet 2,200 on fifth street with the board reading 7♦4♥6♣Q♥7♣, and got a call from Guy Taylor. However, when Davey flipped over his pocket aces, he saw that Taylor’s K♠7♠ had got there at the end. –JS

1:50pm: Follow the action
There was double punishment for Paul Hardy as not only did he lose that hand but due to acting out of turn on fourth street he also received a two hand penalty.

There were three active players still in the pot on the turn of a 6♣J♠5♥3♠ board, Daniel Tang bet 2,300, action was on Richard Jones, but Hardy called out of turn and after the floor was called to explain the situation, Jones too called.
So there was now around 9,500 in the pot as the 8♣ rolled off on the river, Tang checked, Jones bet 4,800, Hardy made a quick call and Tang through his hands up in the air. He leant back, took a sip of water and then folded the J♣ face-up. It was a good fold as Hardy showed 8♠6♣ which was behind to the 5♣5♦ on Jones. — NW


Tang – correctly laid down top pair

1:40pm: Silence for a legend
Today is a sad day in the poker world as Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott, who passed away last week after a short battle with cancer, is laid to rest. His funeral takes place in Hull today and as a mark of respect a minutes silence was just held at Dusk Till Dawn. Not only was Devilfish a big supporter of Dusk Till Dawn and friends with many who frequent the venue, he was undoubtedly a poker legend and not only in the UK.

Fittingly at the end of the minute spontaneous applause broke out as the players here showed their appreciation for a man who blaazed a trail for UK poker and who, it’s no stretch to say, is responsible for getting more players in the UK interested in poker than any other player. He will be sorely missed, but never forgotten. — NW

RIP Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott

1:35pm: Over 200
There are 208 entrants in the Main Event today and everyone’s ROI% has gone down a notch as some very capable players have arrived fashionably late. EPT10 Barcelona winner Tom Middleton is now seated as is Max Silver. The UKIPT1 Dublin champion has gone on to far bigger and better things since he won that title in September 2010. At the time it was only his second live cash, and by far his biggest score, it now sits eighth on the list. UKIPT4 Galway Champion and WCOOP leader board winner Alan ‘Mr Negreanu’ Gold is also in the field. — NW

Blinds up: 100/200 ante 25

1:25pm: A disciplined fold
It can be hard to release pocket aces and pocket kings, especially on unpaired boards, but we just caught Jonathan Wong making a very disciplined fold. On a 6♣9♠3♣ flop, David Lloyd made a 5,000 bet which Wong called (the pot was already substantial by the time we arrived). The turn was Q♣, putting three clubs out there. Wong thought hard for a few minutes, asking Lloyd “Are you going to show me if I pass?”, but Lloyd stared stoically. Eventually he passed, turning over K♠K♦ for an overpair to the board. Was he right? Lloyd assured him, saying “You were behind”. Having final tabled EPT Prague, finishing third for €410,190 in December, we’re sure this won’t be the only tough, but correct, decision Wong will make today. –JS


Did Wong make the right fold?

1:20pm: Details on the Ian Simpson exit
“No I don’t want to talk about it,” said Ian Simpson with a trademark grin, he was only joking of course and was happy to tell us about his early exit today.

After Kevin Allen had opened the button to 300, Simpson three-bet pocket aces from the small blind to 900 and Allen made the call. On the [Kx][8x][7x] flop Simpson c-bet. “If he’s got a king here I’m just going to value bet all three streets,” he explained. Allen called and another eight rolled off on the turn. “I bet 3,500 and he raised to 9,000, has he really got an eight?” Simpson continued. “So I called and another eight came on the river. So now if he’s got a king he’s going to call, so I moved all in and he called. He had quads.”

Allen had [8x][6x] to be precise and gave his own take on the hand. “It’s such a sick run out for his hand, he’s value shoving the river there.” — NW

1:10pm: ThEcLaiMEer starts strong
We just caught one of the UK’s best online players Rich ‘ThEcLaiMEer’ Trigg take down a nice pot early. With two players calling the 450 pre-flop raise from Jack Allen, Trigg decided to bump up the price of poker to 2,800. Only Thi My Van Nguyen in the small blind made the call, and the two saw a flop of J♣2♥4♦. One check from Nguyen and a 3,000 bet was all it took for Trigg to take it down. –JS

1pm: No respect
There was a time when, so the saying went, ‘under-the-gun is the new button,’ that was some years ago however although perhaps the memo is yet to reach table 14. When Karen Arthur raised to 450 from under-the-gun she picked up five callers, including both blinds. On the 4♠2♥5♦ flop she c-bet 975 and couldn’t shake off Alexander Kjellberg or Robert Moss.
Fourth street was the 9♦, she slowed down and when Kjellberg bet 2,650 both Moss and Arthur folded. — NW

Blinds up: 75/150

12:50pm: Simpson out then in again
Ian Simpson was the first player to bust today, but he’s bought back in we’ll try and track him down and get details on that one. And Mark Hawks is also out, Ivan Sebeledi looks to be the main beneficiary of that one as he’s up over 40,000 already. — NW

12:40pm: Ivan Luca’s remarkable run continues
Long after the Main Event had wrapped up last night the first champion of UKIPT5 Nottingham was crowned as Ivan Luca won the £3,000 UKIPT5 Nottingham High Roller after a marathon heads-up battle against Matas Cimbolas.

Luca outlasted a field of 51 to claim the title, and £46,800, to continue the amazing run he’s been on since December and his winnings for 2015 already stand at $773,116. At the start of Day 2 just 21 players returned, they reached a final table fairly swiftly and when Ludovic Geilich bubbled in eighth place the other seven were all in the money. The full payouts are as below:

1. Ivan Luca – £46,800
2. Matas Cimbolas – £33,750
3. Thiago Nishijima – £21,500
4. Tom Hall – £16,300
5. Mitch Johnson – £12,600
6. Felix Stephensen – £9,660
7. Bryn Kenney – £7,800


Ivan Luca – live crusher

12:40pm: Who’s here?
As expected the number of entries has shot up since play started with 177 players now in their seats. Some of the well-known players who’ve elected to play today include: Sergio Aido, Jeff Kimber, Rich Trigg, Deborah Worley-Roberts, Jon Wong, Dean Lyall, Jonathan Crute, Paul McTaggart, Neil Raine and Ryan Spittles. We’ll be tracking the names, notables and big stacks here, throughout the day. — NW

12:30pm: Chips are flying
Despite it being just 30 minutes into the first level, we’ve already noticed some pretty large pots. One such hand involved Eleanor Gudger, who three-bet Lee Webb’s 3x open from the small blind to 950 pre-flop. Webb made the call and we saw a board of Q♥4♠5♠. Gudger continued for the same 950 amount, and Webb wasn’t budging. The turn was the 10♦, which saw play slow down as it was checked around. The river brought the 8♥ and Gudger tossed out two yellow 1,000 chips, but Webb decided to amp things up and raised to 7,000 – 70 big blinds at this first level. Gudger called and saw the bad news – Webb’s 8♠8♦ had become a set on the river, and she mucked her hand. Still, it’s early in the day and there’s plenty of play to come. –JS

12:10pm: Action is under way
Cards are now in the air here in Nottingham. –NW

11:55am: C stands for crowded
There’s a noticeably busier feel to Dusk Till Dawn as we approach the start of the third of four starting flights in the £1,000,000 GTD UKIPT5 Nottingham Main Event. The bar area is busier, there’s more bustle ahead of the hustle and everything feels nicely set up for an exciting day of poker.

The board is currently showing that there are 104 players registered to play today with Kevin Allen, Paul Zimbler, Ryan Spittles, Jon Wong and Dean Hutchison among them. With late registration open until the start of level seven that number could easily double before then.

The players have been called to their seats and action should be under way shortly.


Key UKIPT5 Nottingham Facts:
– 25,000 starting stack
– Blinds starting at 50/100 for 250 big blinds
– Day 1C is today, Day 1D takes place Friday, the field will then combine for the first time on Saturday before playing down to a winner on Sunday. Cue quaffing of champagne and awkward posing for the winners photo whilst the runner-up wishes he (or she) was anywhere else.
-The UKIPT structure has been tweaked for Season 5. Levels on Day 1 are now 45 minutes, on Day 2 that increases to 60 minutes.
– Full UKIPT5 Nottingham schedule here
– Satellites to this event are still running. Tonight is the last chance to qualify here at Dusk Till Dawn with a £100+ £10 re-buy starting at 7pm.

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT5 Nottingham: Jack Stanton and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May


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