UKIPT5 Nottingham Day 1C: Level 7-10 updates (600/1,200 ante 200)

April 16, 2015

8:45pm: That’s Day 1C in the bag
Play has ended, chips have been bagged, and many players are now enjoying a well-earned pint after ten levels of play. 109 players have survived to make it through to Day 2 on Saturday – a full round up of today’s action will be up on the blog shortly. –JS

8:20pm: Three hands remain
The dealers have been told there are three hands of play left on Day 1C. As it stands there are 115 players remaining, and we’ve recently lost former chipleader and High Roller champ Ivan Luca, as well as Terry Jordon, Jack Allen and Andrew Hulme. — JS


You can’t win them all Ivan!

8:00pm: Nice end to the day
It’s always nice to take down a big pot as the end draws to a close, and Jonee Stanton is now a player who knows that well. Foyzul Hussein opened the action to 2,000 and Stanton three-bet to 5,000 on the button, which was called. The flop, 4♠3♥10♣, caused Hussein to take the lead and bet 8,000 out of position, which Stanton called. The 7♦ on the turn put a few straight draws out there, and Hussein continued to lead – this time for 13,500. A call took us to a river, which was the 8♣. Hussein slowed down and it was checked around. Stanton’s A♣7♣ had bested Hussein’s A♠K♦ after a float on the flop – and the man on the button took it down. –JS

7:50pm: Local favourite going strong
Dusk Till Dawn regular Ian Gascoigne has a very healthy chip stack after taking down a bloated pre-flop pot. We caught the action as Simeon Sundelius had four-bet to 20,500. Gascoigne moved all in for 118,000 – about 30,000 more than Sundelius held – and got his opponent to fold begrudgingly. Sundelius was certainly happy when Gascoigne flashed his pocket aces, though; so much so that he wiped his brow and let out a ‘phew!’ with relief. Gascoigne now sits with approximately 150,000. –JS

Blinds up: 600/1,200 ante 200

7:30pm: Battle of the (undetermined) bluffers
Matas Cimbolas, who finished runner-up in last night’s High Roller final table for a nice £33,750 pay-day, is at it again today in the main event. However, a hand we saw suggested he’s not necessarily having a smooth ride.

The flop was K♣J♠6♣, and the Lithuanian faced a bet of 2,500 from Andrew Mapp. He decided a raise was in order and bumped it up to 10,500. “Why so much?” asked Mapp, before Cimbolas spread and the pot and replied “I don’t think it’s too much!”

The raise was called, but the 6♠ turn was checked around. When the 8♦ river fell, Mapp fired out for an even 12,000 – causing Cimbolas to squirm slightly and think for several minutes, whilst going through his thought process out loud. He eventually folded and begged Mapp to “show the bluff!” to which Mapp replied “Show me YOUR bluff!” – touché, sir. –JS

7:20pm: The numbers are in
The final total of players for today has just been handed to us and there were 265 entries and 26 re-entries for a total field of 291. As it stands, just 141 players remain. Among those who’ve been eliminated recently and will have to try tomorrow are: Osman Mustanoglu, Dara Davey, Benjamin Heath, Jonathan Crute, Richard Trigg and Alan Gold. — NW


Gold – will have to go prospecting again tomorrow

7:10pm: Chip leaders
As level nine gets under way these are the players who are contesting the chip lead. Amazingly Ivan Luca is running up yet another stack here at Dusk Till Dawn. He won the High Roller yesterday and is now going to town on the Main Event.

Ivan Luca, 149,000
John Keown, 146,000
Chris Brice, 138,000
Kevin Whelan, 138,000
Alexander Harriman, 120,000
Guy Taylor, 120,000
Chris Dowling, 118,500
Andrew Mapp, 118,000
Rory Brown, 110,000
David Urban, 108,000
Terry Jordon, 99,000
Ben Dobson, 95,000


Terry Jordon

Blinds up: 500/1,000 ante 100

6:50pm: Final break of the day
Players have gone on their last break of Day 1C. We’ll be back with more updates shortly. –JS

6:45pm: No luck at the races for Cody
Jake Cody has just busted out of the UKIPT Nottingham main event. It was Brendan Olidi’s small blind shove and Cody’s quick call from the big blind which put the PokerStars Team Pro at risk. Jake had A♥K♥ but was racing against Olidi’s 10♥10♣, and the flop brought no help as it ran out 5♣J♦6♥. The 3♠ on the turn changed nothing, and Cody needed help on the river. It didn’t come – the 7♥ meant it was game over for Jake and his 15,000 stack slid over to Olidi. Good game

Cody’s decision in this hand was pretty automatic but he faced some tougher ones at EPT11 London back in October. If you’re in the UK you can watch Cody put to the test on Channel 4 at 00.30 BST and thanks to our new Play Along App you can see if you would’ve made the same choices as the triple-crown winner. –JS


Jake Cody eliminated

6:40pm: The get it in bad grimace
We arrived at Jake Cody’s table to see Lee Webb betting 7,000 on a 9♣4♦7♥ flop, Ross Greig was his lone opponent in the hand and after a brief dwell he made the call. No sooner had the J♦ hit the turn then Webb moved all-in for 18,300 and Greig snap called. Webb grimaced, he knew he was in bad shape and so it proved as he held 10♣10♠ whilst Greig had 9♥7♥. He had some counterfeit outs as well as direct outs but the 2♦ river didn’t fit in either category and he was on his way. — NW

6:30pm: Game over for Geilich
For a brief time Tom Middleton and Ludovic Geilich were tablemates, and both were short-stacked, but ultimately one would fall at the other’s hand. A pre-flop raising war resulted in Geilich’s A♠5♥ up against Middy’s dominating A♦J♦. It was Ludo who faced his demise, and the Q♦10♥9♥J♣6♥ board sealed his fate. Middleton is now back up to a starting stack of 25,000. –JS


Middleton busts Ludo

6:20pm: Silver gets unlucky
Max Silver has had more good days than bad on the UKIPT but today wasn’t one of them as he just got very unlucky to bust. Craig McCorkell, Nick Hicks, Morten Mortensen and Ben Jenkins are also out. — NW

6:10pm: No need to look for action
The very next hand after Ivan Luca doubled up (see the 5:50pm post below), we saw a hand at the same table showing just how crazy poker can be sometimes. Having just joined the table, and with some action in front of him, David Jones shoved his short 8,500 stack and found a caller in the man to the his left, Kestutis Kristapaitis. However, when the two turned their hands over, there was only one you’d expect to see in a pre-flop all-in showdown.

Jones had 9♥9♣, a respectable hand indeed, but Kristapaitis had called with the 4♣5♣. Jones was far in the lead before a painful flop of 4♥A♠5♥ gave Kristapaitis two pair. The 4♠ turn simply kicked Jones when he was down, and he was down to needing one of the two remaining nines on the river (assuming nobody had folded one already). But there it was – out of nowehere – a miracle 9♦ on the river. Justice? Maybe. Unexpected? Definitely. Jones now sits with 21,600. –JS

Blinds up: 400/800 ante 100

6:05pm: Famous fallers
We’re down to 192 runners on Day 1C of the Main Event but with late registration now closed: Nick Hicks, Rumit Somaiya, Paul McTaggart, Kelly Saxby, Robert Tinnion, Mark Lane, Niall Farrell and Thiago Nishijima will all have to try tomorrow if they want to win UKIPT5 Nottingham. — NW


Rumit is out

5:50pm: High Roller champ doubles
After winning the High Roller last night for £46,800, Ivan Luca has just doubled his stack up to 46,700. The Argentine will be hoping for another deep run in the main event to cap off an already successful stay in Nottingham. –JS

5:45pm: Counts from the break
Here are some counts from the start of the level seven, Andrew Mapp and John Keown have broken through the 100,000 barrier.

Andrew Mapp, United Kingdom, 113,000
John Keown, United Kingdom, 110,925
Rory Brown, Ireland, 96,500
Kevin Allen, United Kingdom, 91,000
Ben Dobson, United Kingdom, 89,000
Matas Cimbolas, Lithuania, PokerStars Qualifier, 70,000
Max Silver, United Kingdom, 63,000
Bryn Kenney, USA, PokerStars Player, 63,000
Criag McCorkell, United Kingdom, 49,000
Chris Dowling, Ireland, PokerStars Qualifier, 49,000
Kelly Saxby, USA, 47,000
Sergio Aido, Spain, 45,000
Lawrence Gosney, United Kingdom, 45,000
Ryan Spittles, United Kingdom, 44,000
James Atkin, United Kingdom, 42,500
Marc McDonnell, Ireland, 36,000
Caicai Huang, United Kingdom, 35,800
Fraser Macintyre, United Kingdom, 31,000


Brown has plenty to smile about

James Rann, United Kingdom, 29,500
Paul Nunes, United Kingdom, 29,000
Lynne Beaumont, United Kingdom, 27,000
Jonathan Wong, United Kingdom, 26,000
Jake Cody, United Kingdom, Team PokerStars Pro, 24,200
Morten Mortensen, Denmark, 24,150
Ben Heath, United Kingdom, 24,100
Michael Kane, United Kingdom, 23,200
Timothy Chung, United Kingdom, 23,200
Andrew Hulme, United Kingdom, 22,000
Paul Zimbler, United Kingdom, 18,000
Tom Hall, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 17,400
Richard Trigg, United Kingdom, 17,000
Osman Mustanoglu, Turkey, 15,600
Dara Davey, Ireland, PokerStars Player, 14,800
Nick Hicks, United Kingdom, 14,500
Tom Middleton, United Kingdom, 13,300
Ben Jenkins, United Kingdom, 13,000


Jenkins has work to do

5:30pm: Unlucky for Johnson
Paul Nunes has instantly made presence felt at his new table, albeit with the help of lady luck. Nunes and Mitchell Johnson found themselves all-in pre-flop, A♠Q♠ against Johnson’s A♥K♥. Nunes’ hand was dominated, but only until the turn when the Q♣ fell, putting him in front. With no help on the river, it was all she wrote for Mitchell Johnson, who had already used his re-buy option. Good game Mitch – on to the next one. –JS

5:20pm: Registration closes, action continues
We’re over the halfway mark on Day 1C and the start of level seven marks the end of registration. The tournament board is showing that we had 261 entries and 24 re-entries for a total of 285 players today. We’ll confirm that soon but around 205 of those players are still in. However, Jack Ellwood, David Mcconachie, Mathew Perry, Neil Raine, Ian Simpson, Martyn Frey, Adam Prickett and Chris Ferguson are all out. — NW


Raine – not his day

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT5 Nottingham: Jack Stanton and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May


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