UKIPT5 Nottingham Day 2: level 17-21 updates (8,000/16,000 ante 2,000)

April 18, 2015

12:45am: Day 2 is done
It’s all over here on Day 2 and chips are being bagged as we speak. We’ll be back shortly with a full round-up of all the day’s action, including the chip leaders going into the third and final day tomorrow. –JS

12:38am: Last three hands
There’ll be just three more hands tonight – will there be any last-minute bust outs? Stay tuned. –JS

12:30am: Gutsy bluff gets through
It’s late in the day but play is as lively as ever. Usman Siddique opened to 33,000 pre-flop under the gun, and found only one caller in the man to his right – Lithuanian player Kestutis Kristapaitis. The flop came 9♠A♣9♥ and both players checked. The 5♠ fell on fourth street and it was checked to Kristapaitis who bed 62,000, which Siddique called. The river brought the J♥, and after checking again Kristapaitis moved all in for 317,000. It was clearly a tough decision for Siddique, who counted out the chips. Eventually, though, he folded showing the J♠ – and in return, Kristapaitis showed his hand: 7♣4♠. The big bluff got the job done. –JS

12:10am: Vinson sniffs out the bluff
There have been some great calls in this tournament for large amounts of chips, and the one we just witnessed is certainly up there. PokerStars Qualifier Foyzul Hussein min-raised from under the gun and found a caller from Ben Vinson in the big blind. The flop was 7♥3♠8♠, which Vinson checked to the raiser. Hussein made it 30,000 but now Vinson raised – a check-raise to 93,000. The bet was called and we saw the 2♥ on the turn, which both players checked. Vinson checked again on the 5♣ river and Hussein put out a chunky bet of 127,000. In hindsight, Vinson really didn’t take long to call – and as soon as he did Hussein flicked his cards into the muck. Vinson tabled K♥Q♠ for just king-high, but it was the winning hand. –JS

12am: Top of the chip charts
As the last level of the day got under way these were the stacks of the chip leaders, it’s still David Clarkson who leads but Jav Fernandez and Richard Jones are hot on his heels.

David Clarkson, United Kingdom, 1,550,000
Jav Fernandez, Spain, 1,500,000
Richard Jones, United Kingdom, 1,300,000
Patrick Clarke, Ireland, 970,000
Adam Bilcock, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 950,000
Jimmy Cinquemani, United Kingdom, 900,000
Kuljinder Sidhu, United Kingdom, 860,000
Daniel Merrilees, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 820,000
Usman Siddique, United Kingdom, 780,000
Prassanna Suryanarayanan, United Kingdom, 750,000
Soleiman Masud, United Kingdom, 750,000
Oliver Waters, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 720,000


Richard Jones

11:53pm: Back at it
The 44 remaining players are back in their seats for the final level of the day. — NW

Blinds up: 8,000/16,000, ante 2,000

11:43pm: Break time
The players are on their final break of the day. — NW

11:42pm: Can anyone keep up with Jones?
Richard Jones is up to 1,600,000 and is basically tied for the chip lead with David Clarkson. The reason for that is because it was Jones who eliminated David La Ronde and Jones said: “You miss all the good hands,” to the PokerStars Blog before filling us in on what happened.

In the hand in question Jones raised with ace-jack and La Ronde called with Q♥2♥. The flop came A♥J♥[Jx], Jones bet and La Ronde called. The 4♥ turn completed La Ronde’s flush and this is where Jones got sneaky. He checked, La Ronde bet, Jones raised, La Ronde moved all-in, Jones called and La Ronde was drawing dead.

Patrick Clark is also at that table and has close to 1,300,000. — NW

11:40pm: All in for Suryanarayanan
Just as in our 11:10pm update, this is another case of a hand playing itself. Prassanna Suryanarayanan opened to 56,000 and Marten Martensen three-bet to 125,000. That didn’t scare Prassanna, however, as he shoved all in for 321,000 and got a quick caller in Mortensen who turned over J♦J♠. It was a race, and the initial raiser would need either an ace or a king (or running cards) to win with his A♠K♣. Lucky for him, the first card out the window was an ace and the board fell A♦7♠8♠7♥8♦. It’s a nice double up, and Suryanarayanan is now sitting with about 660,000. –JS

11:35pm: No double for Dean
UKIPT4 Edinburgh champion Dean Hutchison has just been sent tumbling out of this tournament in 47th place, long time chip leader David La Ronde is also out, he finished 46th. Both collect £3,200. — NW

11:30pm: Louis at the double
Leon Louis was down to just 64,000 when he moved all-in from the big blind over the top of Andrew Hulme’s 25,000 open, Hulme instantly called off the extra and it was time for showdown.

Hulme: J♦10♦
Louis: K♠6♥

A 9♥9♠3♠6♣2♦ board gave Louis the win, he’s up to around 150,000 whilst Hulme slips to 215,000. — NW


Louis is down but not out

11:10pm: Blind on blind battle leads to exit for Stanway
You can file this hand under ‘it was always going in’. The action folded to Daniel Stanway in the small blind and he moved all-in for 185,000 – around 15 big blinds – and Foyzul Hussein made a quick call from the big blind – he covered Stanway but not by much.

Hussein: A♣J♥
Stanway: A♠10♦

The five community cards failed to help Stanway and he was on his way in 50th place, earning £3,200. — NW

11:05pm: A frustrating lack of action for Pancholi
After limping in late position, Sunil Pancholi saw the small blind complete and the big blind check. The flop fell 7♥K♣8♦ and Kestutis Kristapaitis and Richard Jones checked it over to Pancholi, who readied 32,000 of his chips and pushed them into the middle of the felt. Both players called and the turn was the 2♣. It was checked to Pancholi again and this time he made it 50,000 to go. Both Kristapaitis and Jones threw their cards away and Pancholi frustratingly tossed his into the muck – but not without flashing pocket sevens for a flopped set. –JS

10:55pm: Raine and Winsor sent packing by Jones
Double elimination! Our thanks to Neil Raine and Ben Winsor for telling us about the huge pot that saw them both eliminated from this tournament and in the process boost Richard Jones to a stack of over 1,100,000.

Pre-flop Raine raised to 32,000 from under-the-gun from a stack of 400,000 with [A][Q], he picked up three callers, Jones – who was under-the-gun+1, Winsor (small blind) and Kestutis Kristapaitis (big blinds).
The [A][Q][8] flop looked decent enough for his hand and Raine c-bet, Jones flat called and Winsor then moved all-in for 260,000 total. Back on Raine he moved all-in over the top and Jones then called both shoves. Winsor had [J][T], whilst Jones had flopped a set of eights.

The board bricked off and Raine and Winsor exited in 54th and 55th place respectively. –NW


Knot Winsor’s day

10:45pm: Two monsters for Taylor
In just two hands Guy Taylor has rocketed himself into a big stack. The first hand – his J♠J♦ all-in pre against an opponent’s 9♠9♣ – shot him up to 500,000. Now, after cracking aces with 10♥10♠ to knock out Michael Welland, Taylor is up to around 780,000. –JS

Blinds up: 6,000/12000, ante 2,000

10:35pm: Longstaff lays down jacks
Oliver Waters raised to 24,000 from under-the-gun and Ben Longstaff then three-bet to 50,000 from the cut-off. Next to act Chris Gordon four-bet all-in for 281,000 total and it passed back to Walter. He folded fairly quickly, Longstaff tanked before he too folded, showing J♠J♥ as he did so. — NW

10:25pm: We have a new chipleader
David Clarkson has just won a massive pot of 1,600,000 – good enough for the chiplead.

Rob Tinnion is the player who has boosted Clarkson’s stack. Both players started the hand with around 800,000, and Tinnion led for 70,000 on the 2♠7♠10♠ flop, but was raised by Clarkson to 170,000. After making the call, the turn was the 8♣ and this is when Tinnion decided to shove his remaining chips – around 500,000. Clarkson made the call with Q♠J♠ for a flopped flush, whilst Tinnion needed a lot of help to improve his K♠J♦. A spade didn’t come on the river – it was the A♣ – and Clarkson has catapulted into the lead.

Tinnion will collect £2,710 for his 60th place finish. –JS


David Clarkson

10:10pm: Chip counts
Below are the counts of some of the names and notables left in the field:

Dean Hutchison, United Kingdom, 550,000
Ian Bosley, United Kingdom, 440,000
Dara Davey, Ireland, PokerStars Player, 400,000
Morten Mortensen, Denmark, 360,000
Juan Benito, Spain, PokerStars Qualifier, 350,000
Richard Blacklock, United Kingdom, 255,000
Ben Longstaff, United Kingdom, 250,000
Michael Welland, United Kingdom, 245,000
William Dorey, United Kingdom, 200,000
Andrew Hulme, United Kingdom, 90,000


Will Dorey

10:05pm: Martinez gets there
Guy Taylor was stewing after Raul Martinez rivered him in a big pot. Taylor bet 95,000 on the river of a 6♠6♣10♥7♣4♣ board and was surprised when Martinez raised to 220,000.

He spent a long time thinking about his decision, checking his cards on more than one occasion and separating the chips needed to call from his stack. And call he did, Martinez showed 4♦4♠ for a full house and Taylor looked disgusted as he mucked his cards. He’s down to 300,000 whilst Martinez is up to 530,000. — NW

9:55pm: One-two knockout punch for Tim Chung
A couple of brutal hands in a row for Tim Chung have seen him exit this tournament. In the first there was unknown betting action on a 8♠4♥10♦3♦7♦ board, at this point Chung bet 60,000 and Dean Hutchison raised to 160,000 total. Chung near insta-folded J♠9♣ face-up.

That left him with around 100,000 (10 big blinds) and they went in the next hand with A♦4♦, Michiel Jonker had A♠10♦ and held on a 2♦J♠10♥3♣J♠ board. — NW

9:45pm: Updated payouts
You’ll find an updated list of the prizes and payouts here. –JS

9:30pm: Stacked
The players are back in their seats for the final two levels of the night, David La Ronde still leads and has broken through the million chip mark too. “I’ve just been picking my spots and putting pressure on people without playing any massive pots,” he told the PokerStars Blog during the break.

David La Ronde, United Kingdom, 1,100,000
Adam Kossew, United Kingdom, 920,000
Richard Jones, United Kingdom, 780,000
Uzzol Miah, United Kingdom, 700,000
Soleiman Masud, United Kingdom, 700,000
Leon Louis, United Kingdom, 690,000
Sergio Aido, Spain, 690,000
Zeljko Adzaga, Croatia, PokerStars Qualifier, 670,000
Nik Stylianou, United Kingdom, 630,000


There’s no stopping the ‘DLR express’

Blinds up: 5,000/10,000, ante 1,000

9:20pm: Last break of Day 2
We’re on the final break of the day. 64 players remain. –JS

9:10pm: Chipleader takes a hit
David La Ronde has been an overwhelming chipleader for the past few levels, but it’s not all smooth sailing. On a board of 9♦10♦7♠10♣, DLR bet 29,000 and got a call from Ben Winsor. The river came the 2♣ and La Ronde checked over to Winsor, who shoved all in for 116,000. It’s worth noting there was already around 60,000 in the pot going to the turn, so add the 58,000 and it was practically a pot-sized shove from Winsor. DLR made the call but his 6♣6♥ were no good against his opponent’s K♠9♠.

Will David La Ronde still top the chip counts? We’re about to find out – check back shortly for an update. –JS

9:10pm: So many diamonds
Dusk Till Dawn regular Ian Gascoigne has just been eliminated in 76th place and was kind enough to fill us in on his exit hand from this tournament and it was definitely one to file under ‘brutal’. Playing a stack of 250,000 he min-raised to 20,000 from under-the-gun with 6♦5♦ and found a caller in the shape of UKIPT4 Edinburgh champion Dean Hutchison, who was the big blind.

The 8♦7♦A♦ flop looked like gin for Gascoigne and a series of bets saw all the chips go into the middle, Hutchison though had 10♦9♦ and Gascoigne was in worse shape than he can ever have imagined. The board bricked out and as Gascoigne said: “that’s poker,” before adding. “I’ve loved this comp though, when’s the next one?”

Well Ian we can tell you, the next one takes place in Marbella June 15th-21st.


Gascoigne’s diamonds turned to rhinestones

8:55pm: Miah vs Judgedredd13
Daniel ‘judgedredd13’ Charlton, a feared online player with more than $1.7 million in tournament winnings, min-opened and got three-bet by Uzzol Miah to 36,000. Charlton moved over the top and bet enough to put Miah all-in. Naturally it wasn’t a decision he was going to make lightly. He went deep into the tank but found a call a few minutes later with Q♥Q♦. Judgedredd13 had the 9♥9♦ and found no help on the flop, turn or river, so it’s a nice double up for Miah to 663,000 – one of the room’s largest stacks. Charlton is still in the mix, mind. –JS

8:50pm: Two hands, two exits
All ins all over the place to tell you about…

Kestutis Kristapaitis opened to 16,000 from early position, Brynjar Bjarkason three-bet shoved to 158,000 total and Sunil Pancholi tanked before folding what he later said was ace-queen. Kristapaitis though had enough of a hand to call with, did just that and showed A♠J♠. It was ahead of Bjarkason’s Q♥9♥ and despite a sweat, stayed ahead on the 10♦4♥6♥A♥2♣ board. Kristapaitis is now up to 580,000.

Meanwhile on the adjacent table Hak-hyun Lee was all-in with pocket tens and in good shape against Robert Machin’s pocket sixes. The Poker Gods had other ideas though as the board ran 7♣7♠Q♥K♣6♥ to eliminate him. Machin climbs to 380,000.

72 players remain. — NW

8:40pm: Sound the three-way all in klaxon!
Action, action and more action as we just witnessed a three-way all-in. It was Uzzol Miah who got the action going, raising to 16,000 from middle position. James Dorrance then shoved from the cut off for 40,000 and Juan Riera then overshoved from 116,000 from the small blind. Back on Miah he got a count and then called.

Riera: K♥Q♣
Dorrance: Q♥J♥
Miah: J♦10♦

The board came J♠A♣4♦4♠J♣ giving both Miah and Dorrance a house and eliminating Riera. Although the main pot was chopped, Miah took the side pot. — NW

8:30pm: Tompkins out – and he’s not alone
We just witnessed a big three-way all-in pot which knocked out both recent SCOOP winner Jason Tompkins and his table-neighbour Luke Haward. The two were all-in pre-flop and called by Sergio Aido, who had J♣J♦. Neither Tompkins’ 6♠6♥ nor Haward’s A♠J♠ could improve and both were sent to the cashier to collect £2,280 each. Aido is now one of the big stacks in the room with 666,000. –JS

8:25pm: No derailing the DLR today
Despite just losing a small pot to Kestutis Kristapaitis, where he folded to a river bet, David La Ronde is still the overwhelming chip leader in this event. He’s got 920,000 which is almost three times the average stack, which is currently 296,000. He’s at the same table as Patrick Clarke and the Irish Open winner is the second biggest stack in the room with 760,000. If they go to war that could create one humongous stack. — NW


Patrick Clarke

Blinds up: 4,000/8,000, ante 1,000

8:15pm: Double up for Davey
Ireland’s Dara Davey has just doubled up to around 180,000. He got his K♠K♥ in against Richard Blacklock’s 9♠9♥ pre-flop, and the 3♦2♠3♠A♣J♣ was a safe one. –JS

8pm: Well done Jamie Wilson
They say that only the person who wins a poker tournament is ever happy, but they’ll be at least two contented poker players at the end of this tournament. A big hand and well played to PokerStars Qualifier Jamie Wilson, who just finished 111th in the Main Event, cashing for £2,030. That’s some return on his investment as Wilson qualified for just £8 and was delighted to make the money.

Although he’s been playing poker for 10 years this is 34-year-old Wilson’s first big live tournament. “I played a £2 re-buy and spent £8 in that and then won my seat in a £162 satellite,” the Bournemouth based finance worker told us. “I didn’t realise it was for a tournament like this though,” he added. Despite a brutal exit where he ran kings into aces Wilson is determined to qualify for another UKIPT and play more live events. “I’m going to use some of my main winnings to play more qualifiers for sure,” he said.

Well played Jamie, we hope to see you at another UKIPT event soon. — NW


Jamie Wilson

8:00pm: Dobson heads to the rail
We heard an ‘all-in and a call’ chant from the dealer over at table 11 and turned around to see Ben Dobson up and out his chair. We caught up with the man known as ‘f3nix35’ online as he was waiting at the cashier’s desk and he kindly, and succinctly, ran us through his final action.

“I shoved [ax][tx] and got called by [7x][7x]. He flopped a [7x], and that was that.” –JS

7:55pm: No gift for the Greek
A further 20 players have busted during the first half of level 17 and Greek PokerStars Qualifier Demetrios Nikolaidis is one of them. He three-bet shoved for 70,000 with K♦J♦ and Adam Block – who was the original raiser – called with K♥Q♥

The 7♦4♠A♦ gave Nikolaidis a ton of outs but neither the 5♥ turn or A♠ river connected with his hand. Others to have hit the rail during level 17 include: Seun Oluwole, Osman Mustanoglu, Mick Graydon, Neville Gothold, Yucel Eminoglu, Thomas Somerville, Lee Taylor and Charlie Combes. — NW


Neville Gothold

7:40pm: Miah floats to victory
Calling a bet with air in order to try and take it down on a later street – called floating – is a much-used poker technique; it obviously works best when you hit your card on the very next street, though.

Uzzol Miah had checked over to Razvan Naghiu on a 7♥9♦7♦ flop, and Naghiu bet 27,000. Miah made the call and we saw an A♠ on the turn, and the same pattern followed – check and bet, this time for 36,000, which was again called. The board was completed by the 2♣ and after a check Naghiu moved all in for 60,000 on the nose. An appropriate amount of reflection was given but Miah did end up making the call. He had A♦10♠ and had made his hand on the turn, whilst Naghiu’s K♥9♠ hand was to be his last. Still, he’ll collect a very nice £2,030. –JS

7.30pm: Glittering cash prizes
Everyone left in has locked up £1,820, we’re keeping track of who finishes where over on the payouts page. The likes of Rory Brown, Kevin Allen and Tim Davie have all cashed but crashed out of this tournament. — NW

7.25pm: More counts
Loads of names and notables left in the final 127 here in Nottingham. Last time we were here Duncan McLellan nabbed his second UKIPT title and Sergio Aido, Ludovic Geilich and Dean Hutchison are still in with a shot of matching him. — NW

William Dorey, United Kingdom, 395,000
Tim Chung, United Kingdom, 393,000
Remi Wyrzykiewicz, Poland, 310,000
Ben Winsor, United Kingdom, 310,000
Sergio Aido, Spain, 300,000
Uzzol Miah, United Kingdom, 280,000
Philippe Souki, United Kingdom, 280,000
Leon Louis, United Kingdom, 268,000
Rob Tinnion, United Kingdom, 265,000
Juan Benito, Spain, PokerStars Qualifier, 258,000
Daniel Charlton, United Kingdom, 240,000
Ian Gascoigne, United Kingdom, 228,000
Neil Raine, United Kingdom, 220,000
Morten Mortensen, Netherlands, 210,000
Jamie O’Connor, United Kingdom, 198,000
Dara Davey, Ireland, PokerStars Player, 183,000


Two times?

Matas Cimbolas, Lithuania, PokerStars Qualifier, 155,000
Michael Welland, United Kingdom, 145,000
Max Ladbrooke, United Kingdom, 140,000
Ludovic Geilich, United Kingdom, 131,000
Jason Tompkins, Ireland, 120,000
Andrew Hulme, United Kingdom, 105,000
Seun Oluwole, United Kingdom, 105,000
Leo McClean, United Kingdom, 86,000
Ben Dobson, United Kingdom, 85,000
Paul Jackson, United Kingdom, 85,000
Osman Mustanoglu, Turkey, 75,000
Dean Hutchison, United Kingdom, 75,000
Yucel Eminoglu, Turkey, PokerStars Qualifier, 73,000
Lee Taylor, United Kingdom, 73,000
Mick Graydon, Ireland, PokerStars Qualifier, 66,000
Charlie Combes, United Kingdom, 22,000


Matas Cimbolas

7.15pm: Big stacks
The players are back from dinner and ready once more to play cards. Should any on the below slip into a carb induced coma then it wont matter that much as they’re the big stacks in this tournament:

David La Ronde, United Kingdom, 725,000
Patrick Clarke, Ireland, 605,000
Ben Longstaff, United Kingdom, 585,000
Richard Blacklock, United Kingdom, 571,000
Usman Siddique, United Kingdom, 500,000
Ian Bosley, United Kingdom, 455,000
Raul Martinez, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 451,000
Ben Vinson, United Kingdom, 440,000


David La Ronde

PokerStars Blog Repoerting Team at UKIPT5 Nottingham: Jack Stanton and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May


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