wampir69 takes a bite out of TPL

April 06, 2011


1,250 players took part in the 5th week of Season 6 this Sunday, a big increase on last week’s 875! With a nice round 1250 players this week 180 would be paid, and receive a minimum of five points for the leaderboard.

Last week’s top four players “abra1304”, “bandita747”, “rivermenow” (@rivermenow) and “towei” were given 300FPP bounties, and anyone who knocked them out could claim that prize. Fourth place finisher “towei” was the first of the three that played week 5 to go, as seen below he got his top pair top kicker in vs. “Max_exspert” who luckily had found the J♣ on the turn to yield two-pair. “towei” was out in 667th place, less than an hour after the tourney had started.


On the first break we had lost well over half the field with 499 players remaining, and by the second break we had only 199 players left. 19 players later and we were in the money, shortly after that Twitter Poker League regular “rivermenow” (@rivermenow) was knocked out. He had become incredibly short and was forced all-in in the big blind, he held 9♠8♣ and wasn’t is terrible shape preflop vs. the 3♦3♥ of “Oleg6999”. However, when the flop fell 9♥5♠3♣ he was virtually drawing dead, congratulations to “Oleg6999” on claiming the 300FPP bounty.

So the last bounty player remaining was last week’s winner “abra1304” and when he was still in, when we had just four tables remaining – things got pretty exciting. Nobody has ever won back to back matches, and I’m fairly sure nobody has even made final tables two week’s running. That hope was short lived though, when he was eliminated it 36th place. $4.37 for his efforts and another 5 points on the leaderboard will surely be well received.

It wasn’t long before we had the last 9 players set around the final table. “funky RU” lead the way with over 400,000 in chips, 20 times as many as shortest stack “johan301”!

season 6 week 5 FT.PNG

As the smallest stack you can’t really argue with “johan301” moving in with J♥10♥ with less than four big blinds, sadly he was called and dominated by “andrzej.r957” who held Q♠J♦. He was out in 9th place after the board came 5♦3♠A♠ 7♣ 8♠, 8th place this week went to “pac0boy” who boldly shoved his pocket sevens on the Q♦4♠6♠ flop only to find that “zwiefalter69” has flopped top pair defending his big blind. The J♥ turn and 8♦ river didn’t help and we were down to 7 players.

The very next hand “talnet” must have figured his top pair top kicker was good when he had A♥6♥ on the six high flop. Sadly for him though “andrzej.r957” held 9♥9♣ and with no ace or six on the turn or river he was out in 7th. “andrzej.r957” was now the overwhelming chip leader, but it was short lived as he was soon involved in the cooler below:

6 5 cooler.PNG

All the money went in on the flop, and a huge 540k pot was pushed in “Funky RU”‘s direction. Sixth place went to “Zwiefalter69” who couldn’t get lucky with his Q♣10♣ vs. the K♦Q♠ of “Funky RU”. Shortly after that the now crippled “andrzej.r957” was out in 5th, and then four handed kicked off with a flip between the 7♥7♦ of “Funky RU” and Q♥J♠ of “12erHolz”. The flop came 10♣A♦7♠ bringing one player a set, and the other a gutshot straight draw, “12erHolz” made that straight when the turn brought the 9♦ but the river 10♥ brought justice for “Funky RU” and made him a full house, knocking “12erHolz” out in 4th place for $85.00.

Third place finisher this week was a result of “Funky RU” shoving A♠K♠ and getting it all-in way ahead of the A♥8♦ held by “Lunathick”, but the board ran out 2♦9♣Q♠ 2♥ 9♥ and they split it. “Funky RU” wasted no time getting it all in again with “Lunathick” the next hand, the shoe was on the other foot this time when his A♦6♣ was crushed by “Lunathick”‘s A♠9♥, the flop 4♦4♣6♥ brought another bout of good luck his way, and “Lunathick” was unable to recover on the 10♣ turn and J♥ river. $115.00 was third place prize this week, as well as 16 leaderboard points of course.

Heads up play lasted a reasonable 17 hands this week, with “Funky RU” leading at the start with a 10:7 chip ratio. The turning point of the match came when “wampir69″‘s 6♦6♣ held in a huge 1.676million chip pot vs. Q♣J♥. The match was over very quickly after that, “Funky RU” took home $152.50 for second place, and “wampir69” took home $209.33 and 20 leaderboard points for the win. We still have three weeks left in this season of the Twitter Poker League, and next week’s game is already open for registration. You can find it under the tournament ID: 380817745.


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