Watch EPT Grand Final live on TV… with hole cards

May 12, 2011


Today’s EPT Grand Final in Madrid will be the most watched live poker show ever, with numerous countries airing the coverage to an estimated 500,000 people across Europe, Russia and Canada.

Spectators from around the world will be able to see all the action of the most crucial stages of Europe’s most prestigious poker tournament – and all from their own homes, with hole cards shown!

The final table starts at 14.00 CET, broadcast live on (no hole cards shown) until play gets down to the final four players. At this point there will be a break in play, the players will be sequestered, and play will recommence at 21.00 CET with live hole cards recorded and played out on a two-hour delay. The broadcast will begin airing across Europe from 23.00 CET until a winner is crowned.

The live broadcast will take place on these networks in the following countries:

• Germany: Sport 1 – 23.30-03.30 CET (German commentary)
• Netherlands: RTL7 – 01.30-End of play CET (Dutch commentary)
• Spain: Antenna3 – 01.45-04.45 CET (Spanish commentary)
• Russia: TV3 – 23.00-03.00 CET (Russian commentary)
• Romania: – 23.00-03.00 CET (Romanian commentary)
• Slovenia: Sport TV – 23.00-03.00 CET (Slovenian commentary)
• Belgium (North): Jim – 23.30-End of Play (Dutch commentary)
• Belgium (South): Plug RTL – 23.30-End of Play (French commentary)
• Canada: The Score – 17.00-22.00 ET (English commentary)
• 23.00-End of play (English, Spanish, German, Russian, Dutch, Italian)

We hope you enjoy the EPT Madrid experience!


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