by Greg Raymer
Here it is, just becoming August, and my poker thoughts turn strongly to WCOOP already! I mean, we’ve got over a month before this thing starts, and I’ve got a lot to do between now and then, but every time I use my computer for email or web-browsing, let alone playing at PokerStars, I can’t help but think will this be my year again in the WCOOP? A couple of years ago I won a WCOOP bracelet in a $300 rebuy PLO tournament, one of the biggest wins of my poker career, and ever since I’ve been dying to repeat the feat.

This year we have 62 events if I counted right, including several PLO events. On September 16 there is a $320 PLO 6-max with 1 rebuy and 1 add on, and on September 20 another $320 PLO 6-max, this time with unlimited rebuys.

If you want something a bit cheaper or don’t like rebuys, there is a $320 PLO on September 6, a $265 PLO Knockout event on September 8, and a $215 PLO 6-max on September 10 and 22. There is another rebuy event on September 13 for $215 (one rebuy, one add on). If you prefer Heads-Up, you can play HU PLO on September 25 for $530. Finally, if you’re a high roller, there is a $2,100 PLO 6-max event on September 23. All of this, plus a few PLO8 events, and a PLH/PLO mixed event.

Whew! After saying all of that, the funny thing is PLO is not even my best or favorite game. What I really love is the mixed games, the draw games, and the hi-lo split games. The tournaments I’m looking forward to the most are as follows:

Sep. 7 – $215 pot-limit 5-card draw
Sep. 9 – $215 razz
Sep. 10 – $215 no-limit single draw 2-7 lowball
Sep. 14 – $320 badugi
Sep. 16 – $320 triple-draw 2-7 lowball
Sep. 21 – $530 seven card stud hi-lo 8-or-better

Of course, the Main Event is going to be really something. While I kinda wish it were changed from no-limit hold’em to no-limit single draw 2-7 lowball, I know that will never happen. And anyways, whatever game we play, when the first prize will be well over a million dollars, I want in. 😉

Cya there, and Play Smart!



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