WCOOP 2016: 3DTemujiN rolls to the title in Event 26 ($215 PLO, 6-Max, Progressive KO)

September 12, 2016

2016 WCOOP-26 KO.jpg

One of the last WCOOP tournaments of the weekend gave players a chance to grind a high-action, big money game. Event 26 was a $215 buy-in Pot Limit Omaha tournament with a short-handed format and a progressive bounty on each player to juice the action a little higher. After two days of action, 3DTemujiN of Kazahkstan outlasted the other players to capture his first major online title.

The Sunday tournament drew 1,088 players for some four-card poker and the field quickly surpassed the $150,000 guaranteed prize pool. Each buy-in sent $150 into the regular prize pool while each player began their day with a $50 bounty on their head.

Unlike a standard bounty tournament, the Progressive KO format increased each player’s bounty even as they earned elimination money. When they knocked out a player, they put half of that bounty in the bankroll while the other half went to boosting their own bounty. It can add up in a hurry and a handful of players made a nice profit without even reaching the payout portion of the tournament.

The last 131 players in the game received a piece of the prize pool and they were there after nearly seven hours of play. They continued to grind until the end of Level 25 when the clock was paused for an overnight rest.

2016 WCOOP-26 Day 2.jpg

Top ten Day 2 starting stacks

Only 35 players were still around with a chance at the title and there were some successful players sitting with a lot of chips, including the top two players sporting past COOP titles. Keep3r went on the extended break with the chip lead, he would return trying to add another COOP title to go with the one he picked up this past spring during the 2016 SCOOP series. Kashmir_uzi sat in second position after already picking up both SCOOP and WCOOP titles in 2015.

Fourth best stack Smertin owns a TCOOP title from 2013 and Joe “floes” Serock returned to a top ten stack ready to add a WCOOP title to his 2010 SCOOP win. There were plenty of tough players looking to run them down and action was back underway after a full night’s rest.

Day 2 did not go well for Serock, or 2015 WCOOP PLO 6-Max champion Henri “I_Mr_U_Bean” Koivisto, as both made it to the last four tables but fell well short of their goal. Also coming up short were 2016 SCOOP PLO 6-Max winner prapavedi and two SCOOP winner Ami “UhhMee” Barer.

It took nearly four hours to whittle down the Day 2 field to the final table bubble. WCOOP 2015 PLO 6-Max Championship winner IAmSoSo went out in 8th place to get them close and MeProOk’s elimination in 7th place got them all together as one.

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2016 WCOOP-26 Final Table.jpg

Seat 1: insomniac297 (2,494,517 in chips)
Seat 2: Smertin (490,364 in chips)
Seat 3: 3DTemujiN (3,145,399 in chips)
Seat 4: jahwise (2,573,114 in chips)
Seat 5: Kashmir_uzi (1,349,855 in chips)
Seat 6: h4jniAK (826,751 in chips)

Blinds: 20,000/40,000

Smertin bricks the flush, eliminated in 6th

Former TCOOP winner Smertin came to the final table as the smallest stack and needed to do some work to earn the second leg of the COOP Triple Crown. He made his move quickly when he called a raise from 3DTemujiN to see the J♦6♦4♥ flop.

All the chips went in the middle and Smertin was looking for diamonds holding A♥Q♥8♦4♦ against 3DTemujiN’s flopped top set A♣J♣J♠3♦. The 10♣ turn was a blank and the 4♣ river was too little, too late to send Smertin out early from the final table.

Kashmir_uzi drawing dead, eliminated in 5th

It’s pretty tough to find yourself in PLO drawing dead on the flop, but former COOP champion Kashmir_uzi managed to do just that. He put in a pot-sized three-bet from the big blind against 3DTemujiN to the 4♦4♥2♠ flop then virtually tossed in his last 486,287.

3DTemujiN quickly called with his flopped full house A♦Q♦2♦2♣ and Kashmir_uzi had exactly zero outs with A♥K♥8♠7♣. The pointless K♣ turn and 10♠ river came out before Kashmir_uzi was eliminated in 5th place. The UK grinder was the last player remaining with a past COOP title, meaning we were in line for a brand new champion.

insomniac297 coolered, eliminated in 4th

Most big PLO pots are generated after the flop, when draws are huge and a single re-pot gets things going. But occasionally you’ll see two big preflop hands mix it up. That happened at this table when 3DTemujiN and insomniac297 put in four bets to leave insomniac297 at risk.

3DTemujiN: A♥A♦J♦10♦
insomniac297: Q♦Q♣J♥5♦

It was queens versus aces with a few more outs floating around but insomniac297 never had a sniff of a save as the board ran J♣8♥2♦5♣8♠ to send him out in 4th place.

h4jniAK gets it in good, eliminated in 3rd

h4jniAK was the shortest of the remaining three, managed a double up against 3DTemujiN, then found a great spot to do it again. The two of them were heads up to the K♥10♠4♦ flop when h4jniAK moved all in with the over-pair A♣A♦10♦6♠.

3DTemujiN called with J♥10♥9♦6♦ then promptly hit two pair on the 9♠ turn. That left h4jniAK with eight outs to stay alive but blanked the 2♣ river to go out in 3rd and set up the heads up match for the title.

jahwise doubles and let’s make a deal

Seat 3: 3DTemujiN (8,685,612 in chips)
Seat 4: jahwise (2,194,388 in chips)

Blinds: 40,000/80,000

3DTemujiN began heads up play with a nice chip lead and had a chance to quickly win the title. They saw the K♦J♦2♣ flop and put all the chips in the middle, jahwise at risk with two pair K♠J♣9♠5♠ against 3DTemujiN’s middle pair/flush draw A♦Q♠J♥7♦.

While jahwise was ahead, 3DTemujiN was holding a statistical advantage but blanked the 3♠ turn and 7♠ river to send over the double. The tournament was paused for the top-of-the-hour break and the two players discussed a deal. It did not take very long and they were back underway after chopping up the remaining prize pool while leaving $3,264 behind for the eventual champ.

Heads up counts:

3DTemujiN: 5,969,432
jaywise: 4,910,568

Chop numbers:

3DTemujiN: $20,669.75
jahwise: $20,090.05

3DTemujiN outlasts jahwise to earn WCOOP title in Event 22

With most of the prize pool already divided up, there was little pressure on either player to make a big move. 3DTemujiN pushed his advantage back into the 4-to-1 territory as the two battled over another 60 minutes.

jahwise had to get his chips mixed up if he wanted to double back into contention and found a spot after a 9♠5♣3♦ flop. They went back and forth until jahwise had all his chips in the middle with flopped top two pair A♥K♥9♣5♦ against 3DTemujiN’s big wrap draw J♠8♦7♠6♣.

The 6♦ turn completed the straight for 3DTemujiN leaving jahwise looking for one of the remaining fives or nines to fill his boat. The river was 2♦ and no help for jahwise to lock down the title for 3DTemujiN. It was a great run for jahwise but he had to settle for his negotiated $20,090 runner-up prize money while 3DTemujiN captured his first major online title.

3DTemujiN earned $23,933 for his efforts plus another $3,977 along the way in the form of bounties. A fine way to start the week and 3DTemujiN can now call himself a WCOOP champion.

WCOOP-26 ($215 PL Omaha, 6-Max, Progressive KO) results
Entrants: 1,088
Regular prize pool: $163,200
Bounty prize pool: $54,400
Places paid: 131

1. 3DTemujiN (Kazakhstan) $23,933.75 + $3,977.44 in bounties*
2. jahwise (United Kingdom) $20,090.05 + $880.45 in bounties*
3. h4jniAK (Poland) $11,374.97 + $1,563.63 in bounties
4. insomniac297 (Canada) $7,435.48 + $2,013.64 in bounties
5. Kashmir_uzi (United Kingdom) $4,860.37 + $1,497.23 in bounties
6. Smertin (Switzerland) $3,177.07 + $281,25 in bounties
*Reflects the results of a heads-up deal that left $3,264 in play for the winner

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