WCOOP 2016: Another week, another WCOOP title, aDrENalin710 wins Event #64 ($320 HORSE)

September 22, 2016

We were writing about aDrENalin710’s handful of COOP titles just last Wednesday. Now the Russian player is headlining the PokerStars Blog yet again.

aDrENalin710 COOPage domination started back in 2013 with two SCOOP titles. aDrENalin710 then won a WCOOP in 2014 and 2015. aDrENalin710 picked up this pace this year with victories in events #36 and #64. There’s still more WCOOP to go too.

All of aDrENalin710’s COOP titles have come in mixed games. Three are Omaha Hi/Lo titles, there’s a 2-7 TD win and now aDrENalin710 has two HORSE victories. Today’s title also gave aDrENalin710 a $17,858.89 payday.

To get that payout, aDrENalin710 had to topple a field of 356 players. It took a few days, but aDrENalin710 got there. It helped that aDrENalin710 made the final table with the chip lead.

The final table


Seat 1: Gambler4444 – 582,907
Seat 2: jnsan1 – 386,190
Seat 3: LUFCBas – 467,669
Seat 4: LarryRudex – 404,408
Seat 5: nafnaf_funny – 725,644
Seat 6: lofty1990 – 180,084
Seat 7: FONBET_RULIT – 70,735
Seat 8: aDrENalin710 – 742,363

The final table started with Omaha Hi/Lo and a big bet of 24,000. FONBET_RULIT only had 70,735 and those chips didn’t survive the first hand of play.

While players were still getting settled into their virtual seats, Gambler4444 raised from the cutoff and lofty1990 called from the small blind. FONBET_RULIT was on the big blind and called as well.

The flop came K♥3♣J♠ and all three players checked. The turn brought a K♦ and a bet from lofty1990. FONBET_RULIT raised all-in for 46,735 and Gambler4444 folded. lofty1990 called and turned over Q♠Q♣6♣5♣ while FONBET_RULIT showed A♣J♦10♣6♥.

The 10♦ on the river didn’t improve FONBET_RULIT’s hand and lofty1990’s kings and queens took down the pot.

FONBET_RULIT won $2,219.56 for finishing 8th while lofty1990 chipped up to 174,819.

Slow it down

There was no elimination on the second hand, or the third. It took a little longer for the second elimination to be dealt.

The game switched to Stud Hi/Lo and the limits were 16,000/32,000. nafnaf_funny brought it in with a 2♥ and jnsan1 called with a 5♦.

jnsan1: (X)(X)/5♦4♥4♠9♠/(X)
nafnaf_funny: (X)(X)/2♥7♣A♦6♦/(X)

nafnaf_funny bet on fourth and fifth street and jnsan1 called on both. But when nafnaf_funny fired another bet on sixth street, jnsan1 moved all-in.

nafnaf_funny called and turned over A♥10♣ for a pair of aces. jnsan1 showed 3♠2♣ for a pair of fours. nafnaf_funny caught an 8♦ on the river to win the low with 8-7-6-2-A, while jnsan1’s rivered J♥ didn’t help much.

jnsan1 got a $3,208.07 payday for finishing 7th while nafnaf_funny’s stack rose to 817,834.

Fighting for the lead

nafnaf_funny took over the lead for a bit, but then dipped after doubling lofty1990 up in a round of no-limit hold’em. aDrENalin710 then won a big pot off nafnaf_funny the next hand and took back the lead.

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aDrENalin710 dealt an elimination after that and crossed the 1 million mark. LarryRudex had less than two big bets and they went in on the button. aDrENalin710 had called from under the gun and then called the all-in bet.

LarryRudex showed Q♠10♦, but aDrENalin710 was in the lead with A♠4♣. That lead only grew when the board ran 2♦8♣A♣A♦J♦.

aDrENalin710 was up to 1.1 million while LarryRudex won $4,131.08 for the 6th place finish.

The millionaire’s club

LUFCBas soon joined aDrENalin710 in the millionaire’s club and then took over the lead with 1.4 million after successful rounds of Razz and Stud. aDrENalin710 on the other hand dropped to under 900,000.

But then aDrENalin710 scored another elimination and eked back past the seven-figure chip mark.

LUFCBas brought it in with a 2♦ in a hand of Stud Hi/Lo and aDrENalin710 raised to 24,000 with a 7♣. Gambler4444 made it 48,000, LUFCBas folded and aDrENalin710 called.

aDrENalin710: (X)(X)/7♣J♣A♥4♦/(X)
Gambler4444: (X)(X)/5♣Q♠8♣5♥/(X)

Gambler4444 bet every street and aDrENalin710 mostly called except for a raise on sixth street. Gambler4444 then moved all-in on the river and aDrENalin710 called. Gambler4444 showed K♠K♣Q♦ for two pair while aDrENalin710 tabled 5♠J♦A♦ for a better two pair.

aDrENalin710’s stack went back up to 1.1 million while Gambler4444 got a $5,635.87 payday for finishing 5th.

Tag team

aDrENalin710 and LUFBas wouldn’t let anyone join there club and they kept hammering away at the two remaining players.

Then they each took out a player when the game switched to no-limit hold’em.

lofty1990 only made it to the fourth hand of no-limit hold’em. lofty1990 only had about 60,000 and those chips went all-in from the button. aDrENalin710 called from the small blind and LUFCBas did the same from the big blind.

Both players checked the J♠6♠5♥ flop and a 10♦ came on the turn. LUFCBas bet 56,000 and aDrENalin710 folded. LUFCBas showed A♦10♣ for the turned pair of tens while lofty1990 was drawing to a straight with 9♥8♥. The river brought a 6♣ and another elimination.

lofty1990 won $7,688.80 for the 4th place finish while LUFCBas’s lead grew to 1.8 million.

nafnaf_funny didn’t last much longer.

The game switched to Omaha Hi/Lo and aDrENalin710 raised to 64,000 from the button. nafnaf_funny called from the big blind and bet the 7♥3♣4♥ flop. aDrENalin710 raised, nafnaf_funny three-bet all-in and aDrENalin710 called.

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nafnaf_funny showed a set of threes with K♠6♠3♦3♥, but aDrENalin710’s 8♠5♥4♠2♠ was a favorite. aDrENalin710 hit a straight when the 6♥ came on the turn, and an A♣ on the river gave aDrENalin710 the nut low.

nafnaf_funny was eliminated in 3rd place and won $10,849.54 while the tournament went heads-up.


aDrENalin710 – 1,782,579
LUFCBas – 1,777,421

Players took a look at the numbers on the second hand of heads-up play and cut a deal.

The numbers valued aDrENalin710’s stack at $15,712.89 and LUFCBas’s at $15,985.01. The deal also left $2,136 for first. The final two players played a number of hands in a number of games and traded the lead a few times as well.

aDrENalin710 then took back the lead in Razz and finished off the tournament.

LUFCBas got beat down to under 200,000 and brought it in with a 4♦. aDrENalin710 raised to 50,000 and after a few more raises, all the tournament chips were in the pot.

aDrENalin710: (6♣)(2♠)/4♣6♦8♠A♥/(K♣)
LUFCBas: (6♠)(7♠/4♦K♦9♠2♠/(6♥)

LUFCBas finished with 9-7-6-4-2, but aDrENalin710 hit a lower 8-6-4-2-A.

LUFCBas won the agreed-upon $15,985.01 for the 2nd place finish while aDrENalin710 took the title and $17,858.89

WCOOP-64 ($320 HORSE) results
Entrants: 356
Total prize pool: $106,800.00
Places paid: 47

1. aDrENalin710 (Russia) *$17,848.89
2. LUFCBas (United Kingdom) *$15,985.01
3. nafnaf_funny (Russia) $10,849.54
4. lofty1990 (United Kingdom) $7,688.80
5. Gambler4444 (Austria) $5,635.87
6. LarryRudex (Austria) $4,131.08
7. jnsan1 (Russia) $3,208.07
8. FONBET_RULIT (Russia) $2,219.56

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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