WCOOP 2016: bob43155 picks up second WCOOP this week in Event #69 ($700 NLH, 6-Max, 5-Stack)

September 24, 2016

The final weekend of the 2016 World Championship of Online Poker has a little something for everyone. Big games, niche variations, huge money all around.

Event #69 was a $700 buy-in No Limit Hold’em tournament with no re-entries but five separate stacks they could play as they wished. The tournament drew 764 players to create a prize pool worth $508,060 to easily surpass the $300,000 Guarantee. The last 95 players earned a piece of the money with the big cash loaded up top for the winner. It created a very talented final table and it ended when bob43155 earned his second WCOOP title within a week.

The tournament format provided each player with five virtual stacks of chips worth 10,000 units each. Players could wield them however they wish. Bust one stack then load another, load all five at one time, or any variant in between. The only restriction was that any remaining, unused stacks at the end of registration would be put into play.

That made for some deep stack poker that would take a while to settle even with the action-fueled fun of short-handed poker. They played 28 full levels on Day 1 and 73 players were still around for Day 2 including Team PokerStars member Liv Boeree. They returned for Day 2 action with fapk2212 holding the lead but he would not factor in the latter parts of the tournament.

2016 WCOOP-69 Day 2.jpg

Top ten returning stacks

It took them only a few hours to play down to the last two tables despite the deep stacks and slow structure. SCOOP 2016 4-Max winner Conor “1_conor_b_1” Beresford dropped out in 12th place and was followed out the door by SCOOP 2013 Heads Up PLO champ terror777727, WCOOP 2010 winner Dan “APowers1968” Colpoys, and WCOOP 2014 title holder jareth3542 to set up the final table bubble.

They joined as one for the final table when a short stacked SBGstyle moved all-in from the big blind with 7♥7♣ into Erik “Popiedejopie” van den Berg’s open with 9♥9♣. No tournament-saving bad beat and the rest gathered at one table to determine the next WCOOP champ.

van den Berg hit the final table with the lead looking to add to his already impressive list of accomplishments that include a Sunday Million title in 2013, a TCOOP crown in 2014, and a WCOOP bracelet last year. That gives him two of the three legs of the Triple COOP and three of the four titles for the Grand Slam.

But van den Berg wasn’t the only player at the six-handed final table with past success. He was joined by Viliyan “PSMozak” Petleshkov with his TCOOP 2013 title (plus a little 4th place finish in the Sunday Million 9th Anniversary event for $542,000) plus bob43155 who had to be feeling pretty confident this late in the tournament. He hit his biggest career score earlier this week by taking down the WCOOP Sunday Million Special Edition for just north of $400,000.

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2016 WCOOP-69 Final Table.jpg

Seat 1: bob43155 (3,591,618 in chips)
Seat 2: KissMyAcePlz (3,708,306 in chips)
Seat 3: Viliyan “PSMozak” Petleshkov (9,729,666 in chips)
Seat 4: Godfatti (3,898,521 in chips)
Seat 5: Raizzz (3,126,138 in chips)
Seat 6: Erik “Popiedejopie” van den Berg (14,145,751 in chips)

Blinds: 62,500/125,000 with a 1,625 ante

KissMyAcePlz can’t find an ace, eliminated in 6th

The rich get richer and it really helps to catch cards on top of playing well. van den Berg hit the final table with a big chip lead and increased it even more when KissMyAcePlz three-bet shoved straight into his K♥K♦.

KissMyAcePlz had a chance with A♦10♥ and added some outs when he paired his ten on the 10♣7♠3♥ flop. But it was not meant to be as the board finished with the 3♠ turn and 6♠ river to send KissMyAcePlz out in 6th place.

The hand catapulted van den Berg even higher and he held half of the chips in play with five players remaining. A pretty significant lead.

Godfatti next to run into the buzz saw, eliminated in 5th

The four non-van den Berg players were pacing themselves and trying to pick a spot to double up or watch someone else ladder them up. Godfatti picked up a big-ish ace and went into battle with a three-bet shove from the small blind against van den Berg’s open.

It was a quick, easy call from van den Berg with A♦K♣ and Godfatti was in deep with A♥10♥. Neither player connected with the Q♦8♠5♥9♠6♥ board and van den Berg’s kicker played to send Godfatti out in 5th place.

bob43155 doubles through van den Berg

Wasting no time, the very next hand saw pretty much the exact same situation. This time, it was bob43155 three-bet shoving from the big blind against an open from van den Berg in the small.

Another quick call and once again it was van den Berg with A♦K♣ against A♥10♦ for the knockout. The 7♣6♦4♥ flop and 5♥ turn were no big deal but the 10♠ river proved that van den Berg will not run 100% pure at the final table.

PSMozak crushed by the leader, eliminated in 4th

van den Berg hit a small bump in the road but quickly corrected his course and it started with a common theme. This time, it was Viliyan “PSMozak” Petleshkov three-bet shoving from the big blind over a raise from van den Berg and the leader put his chips in good once again.

Petleshkov was in bad shape with 7♦7♣ against 10♥10♦ and it got much, much worse on the K♠10♠2♠ flop. Petleshkov needed to perfect running sevens to stay alive but was drawing dead to 4th place after the 9♥ turn.

eureka poker tour nova gorica_day 2_viliyan_petleshkov.jpg

Viliyan “PSMozak” Petleshkov

Let’s work it out

The three remaining players paused the clock to take a look at some ICM numbers for dividing up the remaining prize pool. Chips counts at the time:

van den Berg: 21,487,558
Raizzz: 8,511,015
bob43155: 8,201,427

After running the numbers plus some wheeling and dealing, this is what they negotiated:

van den Berg: $66,511.79
bob43155: $53,920.78
Raizzz: $52,010.96
Left to play for 1st place: $10,161

They each agreed to the deal and cards were soon back in the air.

Raizzz tries to raise his stack, eliminated in 3rd

Raizzz gave up a little money in the three-way deal, $800 to each of the other two, but still held the second biggest stack. Not that much of an issue when compared to van den Berg but that’s where the were at the time.

van den Berg was once again sitting with a big hand in the small blind when Raizzz open-shoved from the button with J♠9♥. van den Berg put his big stack in the middle as well and might have scored the double knockout tournament win if bob43155 called instead of mucked his 6♣6♠.

It was A♠K♣ for van den Berg, as per usual, and he erased Raizzz’ live cards on the K♠Q♣2♦ flop. He was left looking for the gutshot draw but missed the 7♣ turn and 3♣ river to drop out in 3rd place.

bob43155 takes the lead

Seat 1: bob43155 (12,484,678 in chips)
Seat 6: Erik “Popiedejopie” van den Berg (25,715,322 in chips)

Blinds: 150,000/300,000 with 37,500 ante

After such a dominant performance, it was a little surprising to see van den Berg’s heads-up lead quickly disappear. bob43155 earned several pots at the start of the match then pulled a 13 million chip pot without a showdown.

bob43155 put in a four-bet before the 10♠6♠6♣ flop and both players checked. van den Berg led out more than 3 million after the J♠ turn and bob43155 moved all-in for 14.6 million. van den Berg released his hand along with the chip lead.

Seat 1: bob43155 (24,683,017 in chips)
Seat 6: Erik “Popiedejopie” van den Berg (13,516,983 in chips)

Blinds: 150,000/300,000 with 37,500 ante

bob43155 turns away van den Berg to win another WCOOP

The match only lasted nine more hands before both players hit it big, one better than the other. It began when bob43155 called an open from van den Berg to see the Q♠J♦3♥ flop.

bob43155 check/called another 460,250 from van den Berg before the 10♠ turn and then checked once again. van den Berg’s bet of 1,261,750 was called and the last river came 10♠. This time, it was a check/raise all-in from bob43155 after van den Berg invested 3,167,875 and went deep into thought.

After a few moments of consideration, van den Berg called at risk with his turned Broadway straight A♥K♥ but was rebuffed by bob43155’s river flush with J♠6♠. Big Slick was a big hand for van den Berg the entire way but the multiple major online champ was betrayed in the end. He won’t be putting up too much of a fuss as his deal still earned him more money than bob43155 for the win.

In bob43155’s case, this is his second WCOOP win of the series and a nice little addition to his $400,000 payday for winning the Sunday Million Special Edition this week.

ept madrid_day 2_erik van den berg.jpg

Erik “Popiedejopie” van den Berg denied another title

WCOOP-69 ($700 NL Hold’em, 6-Max, 5-Stack) results
Entrants: 764
Total prize pool: $508,060
Places paid: 95

1. bob43155 (Mexico) $64,081.78*
2. Erik “Popiedejopie” van den Berg (United Kingdom) $66,511.79*
3. Raizzz (Belgium) $52,010.96*
4. Viliyan “PSMozak” Petleshkov (Bulgaria) $25,864.11
5. Godfatti (Netherlands) $17,312.60
6. KissMyAcePlz (Finland) $11,588.49
*Reflects the results of a three-way deal that left $10,161 in play for the winner


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