WCOOP 2016: Charlie “Epiphany77” Carrel denies Luciano S.H in Event 31 ($215+R NL Hold’em)

September 13, 2016

Event 31 was a nice, early week tournament on the WCOOP schedule and it pushed the action even while they pushed the rebuy button. It was a $215 buy-in tournament with unlimited rebuys for the first 90 minutes, they could keep firing away during that time if they hit the felt. That meant the chips were flying early and the numbers quickly ascended. When all those virtual betting units settled down at the end of the tournament, it was UK’s Charlie Carrel (aka Epiphany77) holding them all to earn his first COOP title.

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The tournament drew 733 players and they wasted no time rebuying 512 times while registration was open. Once the rebuy period was complete, 612 players used the optional add-on and players began dropping in a hurry. They created a prize pool worth $385,091 and the last 98 players were set to earn a piece of the money. They hit the money when former WCOOP final table member Kashmir_uzi went out in 99th and he was followed quickly by Talal “raidalot” Shakerchi.

The tournament paused for the night at the end of Level 25 and former SCOOP champ (and two-time Super Tuesday winner) I’am_Sound was eliminated on the last hand of the day to leave exactly two tables remaining for the restart.

2016 WCOOP-31 Day 2.jpg

Day 2 returning chip counts

G’s zee was the leader of the pack and trying to add another title to his WCOOP 2014 victory. Dzmitry “Colisea” Urbanovich looked like the most dangerous returning player and a top five stack certainly helped. He already had two SCOOPs and one WCOOP title to his name before Urbanovich added another WCOOP last week.

Urbanovich wasn’t the only returning player looking for his second WCOOP title this series. Christian “eisenhower1” Jeppsson earned his second WCOOP victory in Event 6 to go along with his first one from 2015. Sitting near the bottom of the counts was Mikal “mikal12345” Bromlie looking for his fourth WCOOP top honor.

All told, the 18 returning players held 13 various COOP titles along with a handful of Super Tuesday wins and a Sunday Million champ courtesy of €urop€an. A small returning field but a tough group of players to get through to pick up the WCOOP title.

Unfortunately for Jeppsson and Bromlie, they were short stacked at the restart and among the first to be eliminated. It took less than an hour on Day 2 to slice the tournament down to the final table and they reached that point when SCOOP 2014 champion n3XD lost a coin flip with A♦9♠ against yuhsuan’s 7♥7♣.

Besides former champs Urbanovich and G’s zee, the final table also included SCOOP 2013 winner Luciano S.H, SCOOP 2015 $1K Main Event final table member Kurt “kurt23x” Fitzgerald, and Epiphany77 who earned more than $200,000 for a 2014 Sunday Million runner-up finish.

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2016 WCOOP-31 Final Table.jpg

Seat 1: FreeLancerZZ (740,074 in chips)
Seat 2: highblaze (312,938 in chips)
Seat 3: TTPlayer18 (1,705,104 in chips)
Seat 4: Kurt “kurt23x” Fitzgerald (2,417,531 in chips)
Seat 5: G’s zee (1,183,423 in chips)
Seat 6: Luciano S.H (982,613 in chips)
Seat 7: Charlie “Epiphany77” Carrel (1,459,136 in chips)
Seat 8: yuhsuan (1,604,183 in chips)
Seat 9: Dzmitry “Colisea” Urbanovich (609,998 in chips)

Blinds: 12K/24K with 3K ante

highblaze doubles early

highblaze came to the final table with the smallest stack of them all but was guaranteed a little ladder jump after sliding past tenth place. He took a shot early with a button shove and Fitzgerald called with A♣4♥ in the big blind.

highblaze had two live cards with Q♣10♣ and popped right on the A♠Q♠Q♥ flop. No miracle knockout on the 3♦ turn or 2♦ river to give highblaze the much-needed double at the start of the final table.

highblaze tries again, eliminated in 9th

If one double up was good, another would be even better for highblaze. An orbit after his first survivor at the final table, the UK grinder tried again when he was dealt 10♠10♥ in early position.

He moved his (still) short stack in the middle and Luciano S.H called from the cutoff with A♥K♥. highblaze fell behind in the race on the A♦Q♥2♠ flop and was left with three outs after the J♣ turn. A king would have saved his tournament but the 10♦ river gave him a second-best set to exit in 9th place.

FreelancerZZ races out the door, eliminated in 8th

None of the remaining eight players were in the danger zone so it was going to take two big hands to get them to mix it up at this stage. And that’s what happened shortly after Luciano S.H and Urbanovich chopped a 1 million chip pot with AQ versus AQ.

FreelancerZZ opened to 69,970 from the cutoff and G’s zee three-bet to 182,000 from the big blind. FreelancerZZ moved all-in for his final 548,414 and G’s zee quickly called.

FreelancerZZ: A♥K♠
G’s zee: Q♠Q♥

FreelancerZZ needed to catch to stay alive but never had a sweat as the board ran 10♠9♥4♠10♥Q♣ to send him out in 8th place.

Urbanovich can’t add another COOP, eliminated in 7th

Dzmitry “Colisea” Urbanovich had a chance to pick up his fifth COOP title but had to get moving as the shortest stack remaining at the seven-handed final table. He moved all-in a few times without picking up callers and tried again from the button after a Carrel open.

The blinds released and Carrel quickly called with A♣K♦ to put Urbanovich at risk and in trouble with A♠8♠. Carrel hit the K♠7♦4♠ while Urbanovich picked up a flush draw. The 2♥ turn was no help and the four-time COOP champion was knocked out after the 6♣ river.


Dzmitry “Colisea” Urbanovich couldn’t capture another WCOOP title

Luciano S.H calls correctly to take the lead

The biggest pot of the tournament to this point was nearly 2 million chips strong and occurred without an all-in. Luciano S.H and TTPlayer18 were heads up to the K♥5♣2♣ flop when Luciano S.H check/called 187,553.

They both checked the Q♣ turn and Luciano S.H checked again after the 4♠ river. TTPlayer18 bet out 421,778 and Luciano S.H thought a bit before calling with 10♠10♥. The pair of tens was good against TTPlayer18’s ace-high A♥10♦ to move him into the lead while TTPlayer18 became the new short stack, but still holding more than 20 big blinds.

Luciano S.H (3,507,461 in chips)
TTPlayer18 (814,417 in chips)

Blinds: 20K/40K with 5K ante

yuhsuan makes a move, eliminated in 6th

yuhsuan had plenty of chips when he used them to open the action for 121,000 from early position and Luciano S.H moved all-in from the big blind. yuhsuan was sporting the smaller stack and called with A♠K♣ after a brief moment of consideration.

Luciano S.H was ahead with J♣J♦ and stayed that was as the board ran 10♠7♥7♣9♦3♦. yuhsuan couldn’t find one of his over-cards and was sent packing in 6th place for nearly $14,000.

TTPlayer18 ladders up, eliminated in 5th

The KO of yuhsuan allowed short-stacked TTPlayer18 to ladder up one spot at the final table before trying to double. He moved all-in from the small blind after Luciano S.H opened from the cutoff.

Luciano S.H called with 6♥6♠ and TTPlayer18 needed help with A♦7♦ but needed a miracle after Luciano S.H smashed the J♣6♣3♣ flop. No spectacular runner-runner was going to happen when the 2♦ turn left TTPlayer18 drawing dead to 5th place.

G’s zee can’t complete the feat, eliminated in 4th

Day 2 starting leader G’s zee had dropped under one million and found himself sitting in the big blind when Carrel shoved his chip leading stack from the button with 2♥2♠ four hands after TTPlayer18 was eliminated.

G’s zee took a moment before he called with K♦Q♥ to race for the double up. The A♣9♦5♥ flop changed little but G’s zee added a gutshot draw on the 10♦ turn. No help on the A♥ river and G’s zee was knocked out in 4th place. A nice run but short of where the former leader was aiming.

kurt23x quietly climbs the payouts, eliminated in 3rd

Former SCOOP Main Event final table member Kurt “kurt23x” Fitzgerald rarely mixed it up at the final table then found an ace in three-handed action. He called all-in from the big blind after Carrel shoved from the small but was in trouble.

Fitzgerald was dominated when he saw his A♦8♣ up against Carrel’s A♣10♠ and never caught a whiff as the board ran J♣5♦3♥9♥9♦ to send him out.

Chop it up

Seat 6: Luciano S.H (5,745,375 in chips)
Seat 7: Carrel (5,269,625 in chips)

The two last players were evenly stacked and paused the tournament to discuss a deal to divide up the remaining prize pool. It was quick and painless and the deal was done as soon as the numbers were presented.

Luciano S.H – $52,756.75
Carrel – $52,338.79
Remaining for the winner – $7,702

Carrel denies Luciano S.H a second COOP to win Event 31

With a near-even chop behind them, both players picked up big hands on the very first hand after the deal. It took five bets between them but all the chips went in the middle immediately after the heads-up restart.

Luciano S.H: A♦K♠
Carrel: J♣J♠

It was a WCOOP championship coin flip and Luciano S.H could add a second leg of the COOP Triple Crown by catching one of his over-cards. It wasn’t meant to be as the board had a 10♦6♠2♥10♥8♥ dry run to send the ten million chip pot to Carrel.

Luciano S.H hung on for a half dozen more hands before he moved his micro-stack in the middle with A♣5♣ and Carrel woke up with 9♥9♣. This time, Luciano S.H was able to hit his ace on the A♥3♦2♥ flop and dodged the 7♣ turn. But his chance at a big comeback ended on the unkind, two-out 9♦ river.

Carrel was able to complete the long run to the title and revenge his second place Sunday Million finish, earning more than $60,000 for his efforts while denying another COOP title for Luciano S.H.

WCOOP-31 ($215+R NL Hold’em) results
Entrants: 733 (512 rebuys, 612 add-ons)
Total prize pool: $385,091
Places paid: 98

1. Charlie “Epiphany77” Carrel (United Kingdom) $60,040.79*
2. Luciano S.H (Brazil) $52,756.75*
3. Kurt “kurt23x” Fitzgerald (Costa Rica) $34,970.72
4. G’s zee (Canada) $25,633.46
5. TTPlayer18 (Germany) $18,789.24
6. yuhsuan (Australia) $13,772.47
7. Dzmitry “Colisea” Urbanovich (Poland) $10,095.19
8. FreelancerZZ (Czech Republic) $7,399.75
9. highblaze (United Kingdom) $5,424.00
*Reflects the results of a heads-up deal that left $7,702 in play for the winner

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