WCOOP 2017: carpediem200 Wins WCOOP-01-H: $215 Sunday Kickoff for $115,278

September 04, 2017

The 2017 World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) kicked off on Sunday, but the first event didn’t wrap until the following day.

WCOOP-01-H: $215 NLHE [Sunday Kickoff SE] crushed its advertised $300K GTD by attracting 4,034 players, which created an $806,800 prize pool. In the end, the UK’s carpediem200 emerged victorious to capture a $115,278 first-place prize. According to PocketFives, that was the largest cash of his career and pushed his lifetime earnings up over $3 million.


Road to the Final Table

Four Team PokerStars Pros played the event – Fatima De Melo, Lex Veldhuis, Fintan “easywithaces” Hand and Ben “Spraggy” Spragg – but none came even close to cashing.

Among the top 503 to earn some cash were Ryan “i need sheet” Yu (18th – $2,547.22), Luke “ib6121” Schwartz (56th – $1,418.75), Stavros “IDOLLS” Kalfas (65th – $1,418.75), Govert “montecarlo13” Metaal (128th – $1,013.82), and Chris “Big Huni” Hunichen (268th – $724.42).

After Brazil’s “TabarinLucas” exited in 10th place for $5,094.45, the final table was set. Here’s how things stacked up:

Seat 1: AS Leshiy (Estonia) – 38,560,330
Seat 2: bettoBR (Brazil) – 28,316,227
Seat 3: carpediem200 (UK) – 26,246,339
Seat 4: -shameLi- (Switzerland) – 24,435,856
Seat 5: HogWoo (China) – 18,870,539
Seat 6: ImluckNuts (Russia) – 18,817,976
Seat 7: BBlackkk (Ukraine) – 18,233,555
Seat 8: n1ksis (Bulgaria) – 15,748,090
Seat 9: bizik1993 (Belarus) – 12,471,088

Last Brazilian Falls

The first elimination of the final table came with the blinds at 350,000/700,000/87,500 and happened when bettoBR, who had grown short, moved all in from early position for 1,964,864 holding the Q♦5♦ and BBlackkk (14,297,167) jammed over the top from the button with the A♥J♠.

Both blinds folded, and bettoBR was in need of some help. The 3♣4♣7♦ flop gave him a little with a gutshot to a six, but neither the 7♣ turn nor 3♥ river did anything for him. bettoBR earned $7,204.64 for his ninth-place finish.

HogWoo Loses Flip

In the same level, carpediem200 (37,498,202) raised to 1.519 million in middle position and AS Leshiy (47,362,451) called from the button. HogWoo (15,428,039) then moved all in from the big blind, carpediem200 shoved over the top, and AS Leshiy got out of the way.

HogWoo: 10♥10♦
carpediem200: A♣Q♥

It was a flip, and HogWoo was just looking to hold to double. That proved easier said than done though as the 4♥8♦Q♠ flop paired carpediem200. The 8♣ turn left HogWoo looking for a ten, but it wasn’t in the cards as the 5♠ bricked instead.

Day 1 Chip Leader Ousted in 7th Place

bizik1993 began Day 2 as the chip leader, but by the time the final table rolled around he was the short stack. With the blinds at 400,000/800,000/100,000, he had worked his stack up to 17,098,226 when he raised to 1.816 million under the gun with the A♥K♥ and action folded to n1ksis (20,759,590), who called out of the big blind holding the K♦7♦.

The K♣7♠2♣ flop saw n1ksis, who flopped two pair, check-call a bet of 2,224,040, and then he checked the 5♦ turn. bizik1993 bet 4,314,638, n1ksis check-raised to 16,068,812, and bizik1993 called off his remaining 8,743,545.

The 3♣ river was of no consequence, and bizik1993 had to settle for seventh place and $14,409.36 in prize money.

ImluckNuts Can’t Catch

Not long after, ImluckNuts (9,178,411) moved all in from the cutoff with the A♥4♥ and -shameLi- (22,700,861) isolated by going all in over the top from the button.

-shameLi-: 9♥9♦
ImluckNuts: A♥4♥

ImluckNuts was behind, but he received a little hope when the 2♦5♣7♠ flop gave him a gutshot wheel draw. The 7♣ turn left him looking for either a three or ace on the river, but it was not meant to be as the 8♥ peeled off instead.

AS Leshiy Drowned by River

With the blinds at 600,000/1,200,000/150,000, carpediem200 (80,296,710) raised the button to 2.4 million with the 9♦3♦ and AS Leshiy (34,004,658) defended his big blind holding the K♥8♠. The 3♥[k]8♣ flop gave AS Leshiy two pair, and he checked to carpediem200, who bet 1,888,750.

AS Leshiy woke up with a check-raise to 5.4 million, carpediem200 called, and the 2♦ appeared on the turn. carpediem200 called a bet of 6 million and then got lucky to make trips on the 3♠ river. AS Leshiy moved all in for 20,204,658, and carpediem200 called to score the elimination and chip up to over 117 million, three times as much as his next closest competition.

n1ksis Picks Wrong Time to Shove

About 15 hands later, -shameLi- (35,817,760) raised to 2.4 million under the gun with the Q♣Q♠ and n1ksis (11,073,311) called from the big blind with his A♣5♥. n1ksis then moved all in for 8,673,311 after flopping middle pair on the 3♦5♠6♥ flop.

-shameLi- quickly called and his ladies held after the K♥ appeared on the turn followed by the 9♦ on the river. n1ksis earned $40,756.06 for finishing fourth.

Cracked Aces for -shameLi-

Eleven hands after that, -shameLi- (9,227,901) raised to 9 million from the button and then called off his remaining chips after carpediem200 (166,141,898) three-bet from the big blind.

carpediem200: 10♠10♣
-shameLi-: A♥A♣

-shameLi- was primed for a double, but not after the 10♥3♣K♣ flop gave carpediem200 a set. Neither the 4♠ turn nor 3♥ river changed a thing and -shameLi- was out in third place.

carpediem200 Wins with Aces

Heads-up play lasted less than a dozen hands, and with the blinds at 700,000/1,400,000/175,000, things came to a head. It happened when BBlackkk (21,930,201) called from the button with the 9♦10♣ and carpediem200 (179,769,799) just called from the big blind with A♥A♦.

The 2♥9♥J♥ flop saw carpediem200 check-called 1.4 million with the nut flush draw, and then he checked for a second time on the 9♣ turn. BBlackkk, who made trips, bet another 1.4 million and then called after carpediem200 check-raised to 4,876,655.

When the K♥ completed the board on the river, carpediem200 moved all in with the nut flush and BBlackkk opted to call off for 14,078,546. With that, BBlackkk had to settle for runner up and an $81,512.21 consolation prize, while carpediem200 won the first event of the 2017 WCOOP for $115,278.

WCOOP-01-H: $215 NLHE [Sunday Kickoff SE]
Entrants: 4,034
Prize pool: $806,800
Place paid: 503

1. Carpediem2000 (UK) $115,278
2. BBlackkk (Ukraine) $81,512.21
3. -shameLi- (Switzerland) $57,637.79
4. n1ksis (Bulgaria) $40,756.06
5. AS Leshiy (Estonia) $28,818.89
6. ImluckNuts (Russia) $20,377.99
7. bizik1993 (Belarus) $14,409.36
8. HogWoo (China) $10,188.91
9. bettoBR (Brazil) $7,204.64

This year’s WCOOP is just getting started, and you can continue to follow our coverage of all the events here on the PokerStars Blog.


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