WCOOP 2017: Croatia’s josip1313 Wins Event #7-H: $530 NLHE [8-Max] for $93,988.27

September 05, 2017

One of the tournaments to conclude on Day 3 of the 2017 World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) was WCOOP-07-H: $530 NLHE [8-Max], $400K GTD. The tournament drew 1,180 runners, which created a prize pool of $590K, and saw Croatia’s josip1313 emerge victorious to capture a $93,988.27 first-place prize.

It marked the second score of the 2017 WCOOP for josip1313, who finished 98th in the first event for $1,199.30. Last year, he finished third out of 1,618 entries in the WCOOP Kickoff for $102,930.78.

Other notable players to cash were Christopher “NigDawG” Brammer (29th – $3,034.42), Bryn “BrynKenney” Kenney (59th – $1,899.15), Joao Manuel “joaommr” Ribeiro (69th – $1,899.15), and Jonathan “Gil3000” Gill (87th – $1,502.49).


Here’s how things stacked up at the start of the final table:

1: GooDrone (South Korea) – 12,241,209
2: Poeira4 (Netherlands) – 11,674,173
3: s3c3_1978 (Russia) – 9,149,594
4: josip1313 (Croatia) – 6,668,173
5: Tomi “elmerixx” Brouk (Finland) – 5,353,633
6: Powergolf (Denmark) – 4,814,520
7: Maxi “Pachila25” Gallardo (Argentina) – 3,964,182
8: 444446 (Lebanon) – 3,454,940
9: Mahon 32 (Brazil) – 1,679,576

Mahon 32 First to Go

Mahon 32 began the final table as the short stack, and it didn’t take long for him to get it in. With the blinds at 70,000/140,000/17,500, GooDrone (14,577,528) opened for 297,597 from the hijack and Poeira4 responded by three-betting to 855,800 from the button. Mahon 32 (1,317,256) then moved all in from the big blind, GooDrone folded, and Poeira4 called.

Poeira4: K♣K♠
Mahon 32: A♠Q♥

Mahon 32’s best chance at surviving was to catch an ace, but he was left wanting as the board ran out Q♦7♦7♠J♣8♣. Mahon 32 earned $7,746.34 for finishing in ninth place.

444446 Has a Kicker Problem

With the blinds at 100,000/200,000/25,000, Powergolf (10,164,040) raised to 400,000 from the cutoff only to have 444446 (2,226,941) three-bet all in from the small blind. Maxi “Pachila25” Gallardo (4,786,600) then moved all in over the top from the big and Powergolf got out of the way.

Gallardo: A♥K♥
444446: K♦Q♦

The 5♣J♥10♥ flop gave 444446 an open-ended straight draw, but Gallardo picked up a gutshot to the Royal Flush. Neither the 3♠ turn nor 3♣ river influenced the hand, and 444446 was ousted in eighth place for $9,791.58.

maxi_gallardo .jpg

Maxi “Pachila25” Gallardo

Ladies Show Gallardo No Love

After the blinds went up to 125,000/250,000/32,500, Powergolf (12,701,165) looked down at the A♦A♠ in the cutoff and raised to 500,000. Gallardo (12,401,590) then three-bet to 1.375 million from the small blind with the Q♥Q♦, Powergolf four-bet to 3.25 million, and Gallardo five-bet all in.

Powergolf snap-called and his pocket rockets held after the board ran out a clean J♥8♣6♠8♠7♥. Gallardo earned $13,526.04 for finishing in seventh place.

Poeira4 Doesn’t Get There

Not long after, the blinds were 150,000/300,000/37,500 when action folded to Poeira4 (1,923,998) on the button and he moved all in. Powergolf (26,572,755) called from the small blind, and the cards were turned up after Tomi “elmerixx” Brouk folded from the big.

Poeira4: Q♣9♦
Powergolf: K♥J♣

The J♥2♥6♠ flop paired Powergolf, and that left Poeira4 looking for a queen. The 2♦ turn wasn’t it, and neither was the K♠ river. Poeira4 hit the rail in sixth place for $18,684.75.

GooDrone Done in By the River

Approximately 20 hands later, GooDrone (6,188,227) raised the button to 600,000 holding the A♦4♦ and chip leader Powergolf (32,537,753) just called from the big blind with the A♥10♥.

Powergolf proceeded to check-call a bet of 854,544 on the 7♥6♠A♠ flop before both players checked the Q♥ turn. When the 4♥ completed the board on the river, Powergolf moved all in with the nut flush and GooDrone, who rivered two pair, called off his remaining 4,696,183. Just like that, GooDrone was gone in fifth place for $25,810.96.

s3c3_1978 Flips for Tournament Life

Just four hands later, Brouk (9,185,024) limped under the gun and then called when s3c3_1978 (3,612,472) raised all in from the small blind.

s3c3_1978: A♣J♣
Brouk: 8♠8♦

It was a flip, and the K♣8♣2♠ flop made things interested by giving s3c3_1978 a flush draw, which he needed to hit to overcome the set of Brouk. The 10♦ turn gave s3c3_1978 a Broadway draw, but he missed everything when the 3♦ bricked on the river. s3c3_1978 finished in fourth place for $35,654.99.

Brouk Bows Out in 3rd Place

After the blinds jumped to 200,000/400,000/50,000, Powergolf (18,804,432) raised to 800,000 from the button and then called after Brouk (8,263,896) moved all in from the small blind.

Powergolf: A♠K♥
Brouk: A♣J♣

Brouk had a kicker problem and it didn’t resolved as the board ran out a lowly 6♥5♥2♠6♣4♠. Brouk received $49,253.55 for finishing in third place.

A Heads-Up Cooler

Despite starting nearly even in chips, Powergolf and josip1313 played just five hands heads up, and the final one was a doozy. It began when josip1313 (31,581,672) raised to 800,000 from the button with the 6♦9♦ and then called a three-bet to 2.4 million from Powergolf (27,418,328), who held the 7♦8♦.

The 2♣A♦10♦ flop gave both players a flush draw, and Powergolf led out for 2 million. josip1313c not only called that bet, but called one of 5.6 million on the 2♦ turn, which completed the said flush.

The 4♣ river saw Powergolf move all in for 17,368,328, and he had to settle for second place and a $68,038.50 consolation prize after josip1313 called

WCOOP-07-H: $530 NLHE [8-Max], $400K GTD
Entries: 1,180
Prize pool: $590,000
Places paid: 143

1. josip1313 (Croatia) $93,988.27
2. Powergolf (Denmark) $68,038.50
3. Tomi “elmerixx” Brouk (Finland) $49,253.55
4. s3c3_1978 (Russia) $35,654.99
5. GooDrone (South Korea) $25,810.96
6. Poeira4 (Netherlands) $18,684.76
7. Maxi “Pachila25” Gallardo (Argentina) $13,526.04
8. 444446 (Lebanon) $9,791.58
9. Mahon 32 (Brazil) $7,746.34

This year’s WCOOP is just getting started, and you can continue to follow our coverage of all the events here on the PokerStars Blog.


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