WCOOP 2019: First champ of the year, Maxime “Daghemuneguu” Chilaud

September 16, 2019inPoker

Just as excitement for the World Championship of Online Poker 2019 was hitting boiling point, Maxime “Daghemuneguu” Chilaud became one of the series’ first winners when he took down #2-L: $109 Mini Thursday Thrill for $83,581.

Chilaud outlasted a massive 7,703-strong field in one of the first WCOOP events, and captured his first title in the process.

We caught up with the Frenchman at his home in Malta to find out more about his poker journey so far.

PokerStars Blog: Hi Maxime, congratulations on winning a WCOOP title. What does this win mean to you?

Maxime “Daghemuneguu” Chilaud: Thanks. I used to play much of my volume on French poker rooms with lower prizepools. It was only recently I decided to play more on pokerstars.com so winning this very prestigious title in the first WCOOP event of the year is really awesome! This win gives me a lot of confidence for the rest of the series.

You overcame a huge field in the Mini Thursday Thrill PKO. What is it about that format you like?

The format is very cool because it gives more action and there are more factors to consider to make good decisions.

Maxime Chilaud at EPT Barcelona 2019

How did the tournament overall go for you? Were there any big ups and downs, or particular hands you remember?

I was pretty fortunate in some big pots. Hands I remember include winning a bounty with AQ>KK and then staying alive with four left when my KJ beat KK.

Could you tell us about your poker journey so far?

I discovered the game when I was 18. I started playing for fun, then to try to win some money during my studies and eventually I decided to stop my studies in France and move to Malta four years ago to be poker pro.

Do you do much work on your game when not playing?

I try to work on my game mostly by debating hand histories with friends and watching training videos like Run It Once, but I intend to study more with tools like PIO soon.

What is your life like away from poker?

In Malta I like to hang out on the terrace in the day and meet friends for the night in Paceville.

Do you have any plans for the rest of the year?

I plan on moving to London in the next few months and I’ll play some live events, including EPT Prague.

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