Silly us. We feel sort of bad about this.

See, we like to hear from more voices than our own during WCOOP, so we always look to our friends over on Team PokerStars Pro. They’re usually playing every event, winning scads of money, and even winning bracelets, (see Danzer, George).

So, we asked Steve Paul-Ambrose to write in, thinking…well, of course he has the time to blog for us.

Sorry, Steve. But thanks!

by Steve Paul-Ambrose

My WCOOP has been pretty uneventful poker-wise thus far. My now two week old daughter has made sure of that! [Ed. note. Sorry, Steve. Really. Our bad.]

I did however get a chance to host the final table of what will surely be the largest field tournament this WCOOP. Over 15,000 players entered Event 6, with three turning $100 into more than $100,000.

In a lot of ways it was a crazy final two tables. A number of players had big chip leads and saw them disappear. The most ridiculous hand (probably of the entire WCOOP) came heads-up. No deal had been made so they were playing for the bracelet and about $50,000. Not a bad time to get quads against an overfull.

That’s exactly what vakAAttack did for all the chips. Seemed a fitting end to a tournament where more than 15,000 players busted in less than 10 hours.

As for the rest of my WCOOP, I’ve only played three events so far, all of them last Sunday. I had chips early in two of the three before some ill-advised bluffs and running AK suited into AA left me with just a min-cash to show for the day.

Things are starting to calm down at home now so expect to see me at the tables a fair bit the rest of the way. I’ll also be hosting a couple more final tables, and hopefully playing at least one as well. Good luck the rest of WCOOP.

See you at the tables!

Steve Paul-Ambrose is a member of Team PokerStars Pro and, apparently, a new father. We’re not going to tell him that it doesn’t ‘calm down’ for several more years.



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