WCOOP: Mercier has a stable and ready for HORSE

September 03, 2008

by Isabelle Mercier

I’m so excited about the upcoming WCOOP, I cannot wait for this to start! I was amazed when I saw the 2008 schedule, mostly because of the 25K heads-up event, but also for my favorite one, the HORSE that is now 10K buy-in! I did really good in 2006 in the HORSE event. Back then it was 5K buy-in and I made it in 5th place, playing a really solid game, on the balcony of my hotel in Miami Beach. The conditions were perfect, it was the tournament I most wanted to win, and I was super disciplined and patient the whole time. I lost in 5th place when I was actually a favorite in the hand, but still, it was worth over $40,000.

It was a really happy day for me, because when I arrived in Miami, I went around and visit a few hotels, before I could find one that would be “conformable” enough for me to elect home and sit for 12 hours every day playing the WCOOP. When I saw suite 2001 at the Shore Club, on the last floor of the hotel, over two stories with a kilometer long balcony overlooking the ocean, not to mention the steam shower room and Olympic Jacuzzi to go along with it, I knew I had found my place. But it was so, so expensive that I was hesitant. Then after a quick thinking, I decided that I needed these optimal conditions to play my best game, and I was sure I would win back the money invested to book the room for two weeks while playing the WCOOP, which was the reason why I was there in the first place. And I did, on that last weekend of events, finishing in 5th place paid for my hotel suite and much more!

Now that I am no longer homeless, I’ll be in my home in Monaco to play most of the WCOOP. Some of them I’ll have to play in Macau with a crazy time difference and some I’ll have to play in Barcelona, but after that I’ll be relaxing home on my balcony now overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and ready to take down the big HORSE this year!

WCOOP starts Friday September 5 on PokerStars.com. Isabelle Mercier is a member of Team PokerStars Pro.


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