We wait for it every year. Which member of Team PokerStars Pro is going to go deep in a WCOOP event? We’ve seen Raymer, Rousso, and Moneymaker (among many others) do it.

This year, we’ve seen Peter Eastgate get close, but so far, German George Danzer is the only one to snag a bracelet through the first 37 events. He did it in the Six-Max PLO event.

With that in mind, we asked George to give us some of his thoughts about what it’s like to win a WCOOP bracelet.

by George Danzer

It is hard to keep the concentration.

After my victory in the Six-max PLO tournament (with one rebuy and add-on) I am too eager to get chips in the first levels of the subsequent tournament–although i should know by now…you win tournmnets in the last levels.

Tournaments are usually very frustrating. You can give it all you have to do as good as possible, but inside you know that, with the blinds getting bigger, there will be a point where luck can take over. There will be a situation, where a coin flip–or even worse scenario–has to be won to continue the run.

And then maybe there are fifty people left and you have decent chips, but this thing is far from won.

And then there is another one of those situations and you have to win it again.

And this is all after a grueling fight not to bust out early. And then you may not cash at all, like in most tournaments.

Now say, you have overcome all that, gotten lucky a couple of times and got deep in a big event. You think that is satisfying? Try these scenarios.

Final table, total motivation, adrenaline pumping through me like I’m skydiving…and the third hand I push A-Q into T-T and bust. That’s what happened last spring during SCOOP. Chalk up a sixth place.

Then there was the time I made the final table of the PokerStars Sunday Million. I pushed 4-4 into A-K and went bust. That was a seventh place.

And there are ten other examples like those and they all suck as much as busting in the first hand with KK vs AA.

There is only one result a poker player is satisfied with. First.

I know a lot of good players who have never achieved that in a big one and I thought there was a chance I would never achieve it.

But even when you do not expect it, there is still hope, still a chance fate is going to go your way. All the fighting and all the frustration will come to an end.

You win one.

That I get a WCOOP bracelet for the effort is great, because I can now call myself a world champion.

Back to the anxiousness.

After this victory I have to go back into a grinding mode, because trying to gamble it up in the first levels is not going to give me a good chances of going so deep again.

I hope I have realized that soon enough to make an honest effort in the bigger WCOOP events that are still there to be played. As I have a chance of winning the WCOOP Leaderboard with another good result, I am going to play them all.

Wish me luck or sit down and try to beat me.

The important thing is to have fun and never give up.

George Danzer is a member of Team PokerStars Pro 2009’s only Team PokerStars Pro bracelet winner…so far.



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