There are screen names and there are screen names. Some are boring, some are clever, some are dirty. And some are just perfect.

Meet Unsyatisfied.

Anybody who has ever seen the movie Rounders (or anybody who watches it at least once a year, and keeps it on his iPod to watch on the way to Vegas…not that we know anybody like that), knows what Unsyatisfied means. They can hear it coming out of Teddy KGB’s mouth.

Ol’ Teddy was a shadowy figure, a man with whom few came in contact and even fewer wanted to trifle. His real identity was kept a larger mystery.


I suppose it’s lot like our friend Unsyatisfied. See, he is one of those folks who we don’t know a great deal about beyond what he’s willing to give up. And his real name is not one of those things.

We do know this, however, he won more than half a million bucks in the WCOOP two-day $1,050 event a couple of days ago. And maybe that’s all we need to know, eh?

“Making the final table was unbelievable. I’ve been playing Sunday tournaments for a long time and to make my first final table during the WCOOP felt like a dream,” he told us. “I try to focus on school but had to make an exception for the WCOOP events.”

Unsyatisfied is a college student who plays poker on the side to make some extra cash. He’s a 22 year-old college senior and philosophy major who uses his spare time to snowboard, play hockey, and meditate.

“To improve my ability to focus on the present moment,” he explained. “My poker philosophy is that your attitude towards the game is what determines your results. If you show up to the table with a downtrodden, negative attitude, your results will follow. If you show up ready to play your best poker and maintain this focus throughout, it can feel like your opponents are attempting the impossible by sitting at your table.”

The young philosopher now has more than half a million bucks than he had a week ago. He plans on living it up a little, splurging on his family and friends, and may do some investing. We wouldn’t be surprised if he gave a little away, too, based on what he told us about one of his favorite players.

He said, “I admire Barry Greenstein for his charity work and his book Ace on the River, which tells the importance of having a healthy perspective towards poker, which includes taking your ego out of the game and incorporating poker into a balanced lifestyle, two things which can be sorely lacking in poker players.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling pretty satisfied.


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