Hang around enough Brazilians, and you’ll hear it eventually.


Hang around enough poker tournaments with Brazilians doing well, and you’ll hear it even louder.


Hang around a final table of a poker tournament a Brazilian ultimately wins, and you’ll be hearing it in your dreams.


And, so, if you’d happened to be watching the final table of WCOOP Event 16, the $1,050 NLHE affair, you would’ve seen the Brazilian cheer more than any other, thanks almost entirely to Thiago “XTheDecanoX” Nishijima winning the whole shooting match.


It wasn’t so long ago that Nishijima was a banker and had been for nine years. It was a good job, but not the stuff of dreams. So, in 2007, Nishijima stepped out of the bank for the last time and turned himself into a professional poker player.

“It was the biggest decision of my life and I thank God for it,” he said. “I have the best job I could ever dream. I do what I love to do, I have the opportunity to know the most exciting places in the world to play, I’m my own boss, and I can represent my country where a lot of poker lovers root for the Brazilian players.”

He’s proven himself worth of the professional title. He’s won big money in Barcelona, Monte Carlo, and San Remo.

“Poker is so exciting because it’s a dynamic and very complex game,” he said. “There’s always a context in each played hand. Behind a single hand there’s a metagame and you must understand all these concepts to win.”

Now, with a WCOOP bracelet getting fitted for his wrist, he’s off to London for the WSOP-E and European Poker Tour.



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