Weekly Dose: Ramdin wheeling and Dealing

September 01, 2009


What do you get when you mix a qualifier for the Million Dollar Challenge with a guy who can draw Iron Man?

Well, you get Jerry Bingham, a guy, who quite frankly shocked us with his audaciousness and lack of manners. Well, something like that. You’ll have to watch to see what we’re talking about. After all, the guy is Doyle Brunson’s love child. Or, again, something like that.

See, the Million Dollar Challenges gives people a chance to play across the table from Daniel Negreanu on TV, and part of the process is creating an audition video. We’ve already seen several of the attempts from the casting room, but we thought this one would be a good example for today’s Weekly Dose of video.

Elsewhere in the world of small screen video, ESPN’s Inside Deal just dropped another new episode on us this morning and it features none other than Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin.

Watch the video to discover the one charity Ramdin won’t be donating to.

Finally, you’re probably aware the PokerStars Sunday Million is going on hiatus for a couple of weeks while we play the World Championship of Online poker. With that in mind, here’s your final taste of the regular stuff for a while.

Watch Online Poker Show: Sunday Million – August 30th, 2009 on PokerStars.tv

Don’t forget, WCOOP begins on Thursday. I’m certain we’re going to see some good Weekly Dose matertial out of that.

Until then, happy watching.



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