We’re now into level 26 where the blinds are to 20,000-40,000 with a running 3,000 running ante. We play uninterrupted from here all the way through to a new EPT London champion. Updates will be posted here level by level with the latest information at the top. Click refresh to update the page. Don’t forget you can also watch the action live on EPT Live and click here for prize winners so far

3.57pm: Marcin Horecki makes a smaller pre-flop raise than usual, this time just 95,000. Philippe Dauteuil smells weakness and moves all in, another 777,000. Horecki is well covered and opts to let it go. Players take a 15 minute break at the end of the level.

3.50pm: Liu gets back in the saddle straight away after losing the coin-flip last hand. He raises it to 100,000 pre-flop and picks up the blinds and antes. Just after, Marcin Horecki moves all in again from the small blind and Michael Martin lets is go.

3.47pm: Eric Liu raises, again, and Johannes Strassmann moves all in with pocket 10s. Liu calls with A-Q and they race. The flop is 10h-Jh-4s, which gives a set and a straight draw, the turn is the 8h which extends the straight possibilties but the river is the harmless Ad. Liu is down to about 1.6m, Strassman up to 830,000.

3.45pm: Marcin Horecki’s short-stack has been all in approximately once a round so far today and he’s just got another one through. He shows A-K off suit. Eric Liu is also raising a lot pre-flop but his stack is big enough for him to bully anyone in his way.

3.40pm: Eric Lu is creeping up towards the two million mark. Here’s how they stand at the moment:

Eric Liu – 1,909,000
Michael Tureniec – 1,155,000
Philippe Dauteuil – 888,000
Alan Smurfit – 557,000
Michael Martin – 654,000
Johannes Strassmann – 454,000
Marcin Horecki – 387,000

3.35pm: Two of the smaller stacks also do battle, with Alan Smurfit reraising Marcin Horecki’s pre-flop raise. The Polish pro lets it go.

3.30pm: A massive clash between the two tournament big stacks when they get their million-plus in the middle pre-flop. Liu and Turiniec both have ace-king, but Turiniec picks up a flush draw on the flop. Liu dodges it through turn and river and they chop it.

3.25pm: Michael Martin doubles up
The vociferously-supported American player gets all his chips in pre-flop against Johannes Strassmann and is behind against the German. It’s king-jack versus ace-queen and it’s looking bleak for Martin on a 10-high board. But there’s a K on the turn and a miracle jack on the river to vault him into safety and leave Strassmann looking short.

3.10pm: Michael Tureniec raises to 70,000 and Alan Smurfit raises all in over the top. Again the Swede is forced to fold to the stong bet by the Irish player.

2.55pm: There are seven players remaining at the start of this level. They are:

Eric Liu – 1,783,000
Michael Tureniec – 1,079,000
Johannes Strassmann – 969,000
Philippe Dauteuil – 750,000
Marcin Horecki – 571,000
Alan Smurfit – 469,000
Michael Martin – 383,000


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