We’ve lost one

January 19, 2006

It took more than an hour – an almost unprecedented amount of time – but we have now lost a player. Not just any player, either. It’s Rob Hollink, the reigning EPT Grand Final champion, who has just shuffled out of the Casino Copenhagen, dispatched by Dario Alioto, another player with some EPT pedigree.

Dario raised in mid position, Rob called on the button. The big blind came along for the ride. The flop – ouch – 10-J-A all clubs, how many pre-flop raising hands like that one?

Two, it seems. Dario bets 450 (blinds, by the way, are 25-50), Rob makes it 1,150, big blind drops out of the running. Alioto now moves in and Hollink calls, all in a flash.

Dario probably thinks his Qh Kh – Broadway straight – might be behind, Rob probably knows his Jd is no good, but he’s drawing to the royal flush with his Kc.

Dario Alioto

But the problem with draws is that they don’t always hit. Rob Hollink’s didn’t, and Alioto probably just hit the chip lead.


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