What’s Our Most Brutal KO?

July 01, 2019inPoker

One more KO to KO

It’s time… to crown your favourite knockout.

All last week we ran daily Twitter polls alongside the UFC KO Poker Series to determine our most brutal KO from the live PokerStars felt.

From cracked aces to runner-runner full houses, we pitted eight of our most savage moments against each other in a series of heads-up battles… ones in which you determined their fate.

You’ve whittled the field down to our final two, but…  we need you to make one final vote.

First, a reminder of the contestants.

Charging out of the curtain is the epic three-way all-in from EPT Monte Carlo. You sporadically hear stories of aces coming up against kings and queens, but rarely is it caught on film, and especially at such a crucial stage. With just 11 players remaining and over one million Euros for first place, this was the one time when it would be acceptable to scream “one time!”

But, alas, only one player could scoop, and that man was Adrian Mateos, who, despite having the weakest of the three hands, managed to spike a third lady on the turn to deliver a fatal blow to both opponents. It was a hand that would springboard him into a commanding position, and help him become Spain’s first ever EPT Champion.

Fresh off a comfortable semi-final victory is this unforgettable moment from the 2016 PCA. Despite the sunshine, a big black cloud hovered over Frenchman Paul Tedeschi as his all-in on the turn with a flopped set of queens was about to be unravelled by a Royal Flush-completing river.

Some players can go years without seeing poker’s ultimate hand, but for recipient Phillip McAllister it came in one of the biggest events of the year. He ended up placing third for $356K, while Tedeschi departed in 31st for $20K. That’s quite a difference.

For the final time, we ask you this question: Which hand is the most brutal KO?

Once you’ve watched the action, let us know via the poll below.

The champion will be announced tomorrow, as will the winner of the UFC KO Poker Series Leader board in which players have been competing for the most KOs. The prize? The small matter of a VIP package to UFC 231. Definitely worth fighting for!



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