Win Big Blowout tickets with Neymar Jr Fast Track

December 17, 2020inPoker

You might have noticed that a global soccer mega star made an announcement this week. Well here’s a first chance to get involved, starting with Blowout Series and the Neymar Jr Fast Track.

This is your chance to win a Blowout Series package worth $1,904.

That means playing for $5M GTD at Big Blowout events, for as little as a single dollar.

And this isn’t just a one off.

Neymar Jr Fast Track will over more than $500,000 in prizes. To save you doing the maths, that means 25 Blowout Packages every day between now and Sunday December 27.


Here’s how it all works

The Neymar Jr Fast track has three steps. You need to progress through each of them to win a Blowout Package.

Three steps might sound enough to put off anyone looking for an easy solution. But hear us out. It’s pretty simple.

For one thing you can buy-in at any Step. So you can sip step one and jump right into step two if you prefer.

The only thing to keep in mind is that Blowout Packages will only be awarded at Step 3.

Here are the details of each step:

Step 1. $1 Sit & Go Tournament (12 players)

Step 2. $11 Sit & Go Tournament (21 players)

Step 3. $109 MTT Tournament (Fast Track Final)

It’s a familiar process. Win your way from one step into the next step and so on. Plus, you have that option of skipping the first step, or even the first two, and hopping right into that Fast Track final.

But act quickly. You’ve got from now until Sunday December 27 to take advantage, so get playing now so you don’t miss out.

Looking for a little more detail? check out the Neymar Jr Fast Track page.


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