WSOP 2012: Two Team Pros eye same bracelet

June 02, 2012


So, I have a problem, and it really has as much to do with my summer dinner plans as it does the World Series of Poker. Let’s go back a year, shall we?

One night at the 2011 WSOP, I got a dinner invitation that found me sitting at Buzio’s with Jason Mercier, Eugene Katchalov, ElkY, Andre Akkari, and Max Lykov. It was sort of an uncomfortable time for me because all of those guys had just won WSOP bracelets. And, you know, I hadn’t. Ever.

It was a nice evening, one I sort of hoped to repeat this year. First, however, some Team Pros need to win some bracelets. Daniel Negreanu almost did it last night in the $1,500 Pot-Limit Hold’em event. His fifth place finish earned him $41,683, but no bracelet (for now, he’ll have to make his own dinner plans). He might have another chance in a couple of days, because he’s going into Day 2 of the O8 event as one of the top stacks.

Indeed, all hope is not lost. When Event #7’s $1,500 Seven Card Stud final table kicks off later today, it will feature not one, but two Team PokerStars Pros, either of whom could take down Team Pro’s first bracelet of the year. David Williams leads the pack. Barry Greenstein isn’t far behind.

2012 WSOP Event #7 $1,500 Stud final table

1. David Williams — 493,500
2. Andy Bloch — 296,500
3. Barry Greenstein — 254,000
4. Stephen Su — 180,000
5. Lee Goldman — 175,500
6. Scott Abrams — 130,000
7. Caroline Hermesh — 61,500
8. Joseph Ranciato — 35,000
9. Huu Vinh — 26,500


David Williams

Barry Greenstein

And that’s my problem. For all intents and purposes, tonight could decide who I end up having dinner with at the WSOP one night this summer. Would I rather have dinner with David Williams or Barry Greenstein? Both men are exceptionally fine human beings with whom I’d love to share a meal. But which one would I rather? I just don’t know. It’s like picking your favorite child, I suppose.

The easy solution here would be for one of them to win tonight and the other one to win one a little later in the summer. Problem is that I’m sure neither of those guys much care about how I want things to go. And that’s probably for the best. They should be thinking about that final table anyway. There is a bracelet on the line here.

But, just in case either man is reading, if it ever becomes a question, the answer is: I’ll have the crab cakes.

Update: Williams finished in 4th place for $36,470. Greenstein finished runner-up to Andy Bloch for $78,038. Congrats, gentlemen.


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