It’s a sentence that just doesn’t look right on the page. After Vanessa Selbst barnstormed the 2012 World Series of Poker and outperformed every member of Team PokerStars Pro, it just felt natural to continue writing stories about her winning, surviving, and soldiering on. Even an hour ago when she was crippled after losing a race, she kept fighting, doubled up, and looked to be back on her feet. But, now, it’s over, and we have to write this setence: Selbst just busted in 73rd place for $88,070.

Shortly after the last break, Selbst open-shoved her last 15 big blinds with Q♥7♠. She got a call from A♣8♣. Though Selbst flopped a seven, it fell to a runner-runner straight. She was gone.

“We’ll get’em next year,” she said.


Though Selbst is going home before she wanted today, as of right now she remains the winningest Team Pro of this year’s WSOP. She cashed five times for a total of $534,765. Included in those winnings were two final table performances, one of which resulted her Selbst’s second WSOP gold bracelet.

Here’s the tale of the tape for Selbst’s 2012 WSOP:

Vanessa Selbst
Total winnings: $534,765
(Event #2, $1,500 NHLE, 4/2,101– $161,345)
(Event #12, $10,000 NHLE HU, 9/152 — $20,674)
(Event #46, $2,500 NLHE, 24/1,607– $20,327)
(Event #52, $2,500 10-Game, 1/421 — $244,259)
(Event #61, $10,000 Main Event, 73/6,598 — $88,070)

Selbst’s exits means only one Team Pro has a chance at winning more than she did this summer. Germany’s Jan Heitmann is the only PokerStars representative left in the field. To catch Selbst’s earnings for the summer, Heitmann will have to finish in 12th place or better.

For now, there are 69 players left in the Main Event. They go on without Selbst, but not without recognizing the mark she made on the WSOP this summer. As Doyle Brunson said last night, “Looks like Vanessa Selbst may be in the same league as Phil Ivey.”

I don’t think you’d find many people who would disagree.

Congratulations on an amazing summer, Vanessa. Thanks for letting us watch.


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