We’re not the kind to tell you we told you so…but, yeah…we told you so. You need to remember the name Morgenstern.

This time last night, we suggested you note the young Anton Morgenstern. After starting Day 5 with 400,000 in chips, he finished the night with 3.8 million.

And today?

Oh, he just finished with the chip lead, a staggering 22 million in chips, and one of the best possible chances of making the November Nine. It was enough to make our Stephen Bartley make this bold prediction: Anton Morgenstern will win the 2013 World Series of Poker.

2013 WSOP_EV62_Day 06_8JG3081.jpg

Morgenstern, a PokerStars Main Event Passport winner, is at the top of the pack with 27 players remaining. He was among the 68 players who returned at noon on Sunday for some of the most intense hours of poker so far in the 2013 Main Event.

Now, as this temporary city crumbles from its edges and moves to center court, everyone’s attention turns to Day 7, the last before the November Nine take a break until autumn.

Tonight, we go to bed on the penultimate night of this summer session. We do so wishing a sincere congratulations to Victor Ramdin and Jose Barbero who finished in first and second in the $5,000 Carnivale of Poker Open-Face Chinese Poker event. And we do wishing the remaining players in the 2013 Main Event a good night’s sleep. By this time tomorrow night, nine of you will be rich and on your way to being richer.

Until then, goodnight from Las Vegas.

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging. Photos courtesy Poker Photo Archive.


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