5:01pm–Cuong Do out–Play ends for the day

Cuong Do, the mild-mannered 24-year-old from Toronto, Canada, has been eliminated in 30th place. Cuong, the big blind, was dealt Js8d. There was only one caller before the flop came down 5s7s8s, giving Cuong top pair and a flush draw. He bet $175,000, was raised the minimum and called another $175,000.

A Queen of spades on the turn gave Cuong his flush. Both players checked to see a 5 on the river. Cuong said: “I checked on the river but I was actually prepared to call any bet. He went all-in so I called.”

The other player, with 58, had made full house on the river. It wasn’t what Cuong was expecting. He said: “I put him on a bluff. If he didn’t have the flush, and I didn’t think he did, then he had to bet to get me out of the pot.” Cuong takes home $329,865.

Play has ended for the day with 27 players. We’ll have full chip counts in a bit.

4:42pm–Doug Kim doubles

With blinds at 25K/5K0/5K…

Doug Kim raises to 150 from the button–Paul W. called and Jamie Gold called from the blinds. Flop comes 3J6 all clubs. Checked all the way. Ten of hearts came on the turn. Gold bet out 500. Doug Kim moved all in for an addiitional 890K. Gold called with 89 in hearts for the bottom straight draw. Doug Kim holds KcQh for top straight draw and king-high flush draw. An ace falls on the river to give Kim his straight and the win. He’s now up over 2.5 million in chips.

4:30pm–Rizen rising

After taking a massive hit before the break, Rizen is back on the move, doubling up then taking down another big pot to climb back to 2 million. The first time, all in pre-flop with Q-10, he turned a straight. Then a big re-raise on the flop with two diamonds showing was good enough for another 500,000 or so.

4:21pm–Dan Nassif climbing through the field

Dan Nassif has doubled up and is now on $4,100,000. Sitting on the feature table, he was on the button with pocket 9s and raised to $140,000. Everyone folded apart from the big blind. The flop came down 2s5s8s. The big blind bet $5,000,000 and Dan raised all-in. He said: “I didn’t think he had anything so I went for it. In fact, he was on a straight draw with 6c7c but it didn’t happen.”

4:04pm–Break time

With 30 players remaining, we’re on break for a bit. There is a rumor (yeah, I don’t believe it), that we’re only going to play down to 27 players before breaking for the day. If we DO stop there, we’ll be down to where the TDs expected we would be at the end of play…tomorrow. If we don’t stop there, there’s a chance we could eb a day and a half ahead of schedule. Regardless, play will continue in just a bit.

3:58pm–Doug Kim up to 1.8 million

With the blinds at 20K/40K/5K, Doug Kim made it 120,000 to play, Jamie Gold called Lee Kort called. The flop came out TdTs5h. The players checked around. A jack of hearts fell on the turn. Gold checked, Lee Kort bet 200K, and Doug called. Gold folded. The river was a nine of hearts. Kort checks. Doug thinks for two minutes then checks behind, showing KQ for runner-runner straight win for 850,000.

3:46pm–Updated chip counts

Erik Friberg 6.5 million
Dan Nassif 4.2 million
Cuong Do 1.7 million
Doug Kim 1.3 million
Eric “Rizen” Lynch 800,000
Mark Garner 380,000

3:43pm–PokerStars cannibalism – pt III

Cuong Do has just doubled up but unfortunately it was against Mark Garner. Mark called Cuong’s $90,000 raise to see a Q32 flop. Mark checked but when Cuong bet $250,000 he raised all-in and flipped over AQ. Sadly for Mark – whose parents fly in from Little Rock, Arkansas tonight – Cuong had pocket Aces and they held up.

3:40pm–PokerStars cannibalism – part II

Huge pot goes to Erik Friberg; Rizen is the victim. Rizen raises 130K under-the-gun. Friberg calls from the big blind. Flop comes Qc-9s-5s and Friberg checks. Rizen bets 200,000 and Friberg calls. Turn is 4c and, after Friberg checks again, Rizen makes it 300,000. Friberg now moves all-in, for about 3 million. Rizen squeezes his cards again and I see A-A. He dwells, then calls for about 90 per cent of his stack. Friberg shows 4-5d for two pair. River is a blank and the Swede scoops a 4 million pot.

3:20pm–PokerStars cannibalism

Erik Friberg called in late position and Rizen raised. Friberg called The flop came down KsTs9h. Friberg bet out 250,000 and Rizen calls. The jack of spades came on the turn. Friberg checked and Rizen bet out 300,000. Friberg called. The four of clubs came on the river. Both players checked. Rizen showed KQ for the straight. Friberg mucked and claims to have had an ace (presumably the ace of spades).

3:17pm–A look around the room

Eric “Rizen” Lynch

Erik Friberg

Cuong Do

Humberto Brenes

Dan Nassif

Mark Garner

Rob Berryman

3:08pm–Rob Berryman eliminated

Rob Berryman has been eliminated from the event after flopping a straight flush draw and getting all his money against two other players. He missed his many outs. He places 33rd for $329,865.

2:20pm–Friberg loses a million
Erik Friberg makes a small pre-flop raise, called by Allen Cunningham in the small blind. The flop of 5c-Qd-7s is checked by both players then Cunningham bets 300,000 when Js turns. Friberg calls. The river is the 6d and Cunningham bets 800,000 which is also called by Erik. Cunningham shows pocket fives for bottom set and Erik mucks.

2:05 pm–Humberto Brenes eliminated

Team PokerStars’ Humberto Brenes has been eliminated after making a move with 58s and running into pocket kings.

2:05 pm–Kyle Bowker eliminated

Kyle Bowker has been eliminated from the 2006 WSOP after running pocket tens into pocket kings.

1:51pm–Break time chips counts

Erik Friberg 4.1 million
Eric “Rizen” Lynch 3.75 million
Dan Nassif 2.3 million
Rob Berryman 2.3 million
Mark Garner 1.3 million
Doug Kim 800,000
Cuong Do 800,000
Kyle Bowker 410,000
Humberto Brenes 430,000
Brian Hansen–Eliminated

1:35pm–Do doubles

Cuong Do just doubled through with jacks versus AK. He now sits on 660,000

1:34pm–Brenes back from the dead

Anything you might have read about Brenes being eliminated, forget about that. he just got moved off the featured table and is now playing somewhere else.

1:30pm–Nassif doubles up

Dan Nassif just doubled up took a pot of more than $1 million when he called in all-in raise with AK against AJ and the best hand held up.

1:15pm–A few words on Erik Friberg

As we’re just getting to know Erik Friberg, here’s a little bit about him: he comes from Stockholm, Sweded. His nickname “lilar” is Swedish slang for “player” or “gambler.” The young man in his mid-twenties is an internet genius who won the Swedish Poker Challenge in 2005.

1:12pm–Cuong Do on life support

Cuong Do, who started the day with 1.15 million in chips is now down to less than 400,000. His series of raises have fallen victim to re-raises and forced Do to fold. Do is now very short-stacked.

1:10-pm–Brian Hansen eliminated

A middle position player made it 90,000 to play, Jamie Gold re-raises to 300,000. Brian Hansen called from the button and the original raiser folded. The flop came 8d4d9h. Gold moved all in and Hansen called. Gold asked if Hansen had a set and turned over aces. Hansen flipped over tens. The turn gave Hansen a straight draw, but he didn’t get there on the river. Gold is now the monster chip leader with around 10 million.

1:02pm–Where did Rob Berryman get so much game?

Well, in his home game, of course.

Thanks to Berryman’s fans back in Alabama for the pictures.

12:59pm–Rizen all but doubles up

In an unraised pot, Rizen sat in the big blind, when the flop came 5h9hTs. One guy who had limped into the pot made it 150,000 to go. Rizen check-raised to 400,000. The limper called and the turn was Th. Rizen now bets out half a million. The original limped moves all in for 390,000 more. Rizen thinks for a long while and says, “I can’t fold,” and shows T8 for top trips and says, “If you have a flush, you win.” His opponent shows J9 suited in spades and is eliminated. Rizen is now a monster.

12:56pm–Garner riding a Tilt-A-Whirl

Garner, down to 550,000 in chips, just doubled up with 77 vs. AK on a T938Q.

12:52–Berryman gets unlucky with Big Slick

Berryman, holding AK, just got unlucky against short-stacked Richard Wyrick’s AQ. A queen flopped and took about 800,000 out of Berryman’s stack.

12:48–Friberg dodges 1.5 million chip bullet

A short-stack just moved in for 395,000. Erik Friberg called. The button then moved all in for 1.5 million more. Friberg, just off a ten minute penalty for accidentlly exposing his cards, took a long time before deciding to fold. Turns out it was a good fold. He was up again AJ and A8. He told his friends on the rail that he would not have won.

12:41pm–Rob Berryman doubles up.

Berryman raises from button. Ricki Nielsen re-reraises from the blind and Berryman moves all in, Nielsen calls with A3, Berryman has pocket queens. Kyle Bowker says “I folded an ace.” The flop comes KJ7 rainbow…then a four and eight on turn and river. Now bad for a kid who plays a 1/2 home game in Alabama.

12:34pm–Garner cut in half

Over two hands, Mark Garner has lost a million of his starting stack. It started when PokerStars SuperNova Brian Hansen took 750,000 off him. Garner then lost about 250,000 to chip leader Jamie Gold on a subsequent hand.

Day 6 of the World Series of Poker Main Event is underway. Updates can be found here all day long.

Here’s who we’ll be following:

Erik Friberg

Erik Friberg is from Stockholm, Sweden. His nickname “lirar” is Swedish slang for “player” or “gambler.” The young man in his mid-twenties is an internet poker genius who won the Swedish Poker Challenge in 2005.

Eric Lynch

While Eric “Rizen” Lynch has been proving himself online at PokerStars for months now, many people are saying the 2006 WSOP is his coming out party. He’s aleady made the final table of a $1,500 Pot-Limit Hold’em event this year and now has more chips than any other PokerStars qualifier in the field. Chips: 1,950,000

Mark Garner

Mark Garner has a couple of reasons to be happy this week. He just celebrated his birthday and he’s not walking away from Las Vegas with less than $240,000. The man from Little Rock, Arkansas lost some chips toward the end of the day after a failed bluff, but got them all back then some at the very end of the night. Chips: 1,800,000

Doug Kim

Doug “technologic” Kim recently graduated from Duke with a degree in Economics. He won his seat on PokerStars on July 23rd, one of the last satellites available. His game has been honed through PokerStars play as well as in a Duke home game that includes Jason Strasser. Chips: 1,335,000

Brian Hansen

Brian “LXIXME17” Hansen is the only remaining PokerStars VIP Club Supernova member left in the field. The long-haired poker player is a rock at the table and is among the elite players online at PokerStars. Chips: 1,230,000

Cuong Do

Cuong Do is a 24-year-old who had never left Canada until he came to the World Series of Poker. He had to get an emergency passport to come to the WSOP. What’s more, he’d never played a live tournamet and now he is guaranteed nearly $250,000 in the 2006 WSOP. Chips: 1,100,000

Rob Berryman

Rob “boilingfish” Berryman is barely old enough to even play in the WSOP. He’s only been of age for two months. Now, while his friends scream “Roll Tide” from Alabama, Steve sits in the final 45 players while his dad watches and takes notes from the rail. if Steve wins this, he will be the youngest WSOP main event winner ever. Chips: 1,250,000

Dan Nassif

Dan Nassif wasn’t really expecting to be in Vegas today. The 33-year-old advertising sales executive is taking vacation to play in the World Series – and last year he got knocked out on the first day when his tens ran into AK and the flop brought king. Obviously, this year is going much better. Chips: 1,035,000

Kyle Bowker

Kyle “kwob20” Bowker is originally from Walton, New York, but now lives in New York City. He now plays poker professionally, and his best tournament finish previous to this event is a 4th place finish a World Poker Finals event at Foxwoods. This is his first cash in three WSOP events. Chips: 885,000

Humberto Brenes

Humberto Brenes needs no introduction. He is the Godfather of Costa Rican poker and is the most famous of the Brenes family of poker players. Brenes is also a proud member of Team PokerStars. Chips: 565,000


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