It took a few hours, but the 2009 WSOP final table has lost it’s first player. That dubious honor goes to the UK’s James Akenhead.

It was two big hands against PokerStars qualifier Kevin Schaffel that sent Akenhead to the rail. In the first, Schaffel came in for a raise to 1.1 million and Akenhead called from the blinds. The flop came down J♦9♣4♣. Akenhead thought for a moment before leading for 1.6 million. Schaffel barely thought for a second before pushing in for nearly six million more. Akenhead wasted no time in calling and there was little question why. He held K♥K♣. Too bad for him, Schaffel held A♥A♣.The turn and river blanked out and Schaffel doubled up at exactly the right time.


Kevin Schaffel

That hand left Akenhead with less than six million. After raising and folding one hand, he held 4.5 million and eventually pushed all-in pre-flop with 3♦3♣. Schaffel called him with 9♥9♠. The board ran out 10♣2♣7♥2♠9♦. Schaffel, meanwhile was up to 19,200,000.

In other news, PokerStars player Joe Cada’s downward spiral continues.

In earlier action, Cada came in for a raise and Darvin Moon called out of the blinds.The both checked a flop of 4♣8♣9♦. Moon check-called a bet on the A♦ turn. On the river, the 4♠ Moon led for 2.5 million, Cada thought for a moment and raised to 5.5 million. Moon called and showed A♠10♦. Cada tossed his hand in the muck.

Cada is now the table’s short stack with less than 5 million.


Joe Cada

Here’s what Dennis Phillips has to say about today’s final table action

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