Not for Tom McEvoy the iPods, those badges of modern technology that equip the modern poker player against the first signs or boredom at the table. Not for Tom McEvoy the twitter account, revealing staccato insight into the last hand, the next hand and the quality of the fruit salad. No, Tom McEvoy is one of those pure poker players. Just an ex-world champ, a big cowboy hat, a couple of signet rings a pink shirt and a beard. Oh, and that shiny gold World Series bracelet on his wrist.

Back in 1983 McEvoy was the Moneymaker of his time, an amateur player, yet to turn pro, who won his seat in a satellite before winning the whole thing. In a poker career spanning more than 25 years McEvoy has won five bracelets, cashed in 42 events and amassed prize money of close to $3 million from tournament wins all over the place.

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Tom McEvoy

Then there was this year when, from among one of the most fearsome looking line-ups in tournament history anywhere – exclusive to Main Event winners – McEvoy held off the likes of Brunson, Chan, Hellmuth and the rest to win the first WSOP Champions Invitational, an event that obviously had a major effect on the Team PokerStars Pro…

“That is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. The older players clearly dominated the final table, and I have one last thing to say: ‘Old School Rocks!'”

Buoyed by that spirit McEvoy has started well today and just took another bundle from a player half his age at his table.

Making it 625 pre-flop from the cut off McEvoy was called by the young player on the button and in seat four for a flop of A♣A♠3♦. The each checked for a turn card 7♦. This didn’t change much for McEvoy who, peering through mirrored shades, the only visible sign of twentieth century living, tapped the table with his index finger. The button announced “750” and looked to have it in the bag before the action was folded back to McEvoy. Not for him the threat of the young guns playing wild poker. McEvoy called and checked the button down on the 5♣ river showing pocket jacks, good enough to force a quick face down fold.

The TV people closed in with the boom and camera. McEvoy is not normally the guy ready with the quips and rubdowns so were probably expecting a silent movie. No, wait…
“I was two jacks away from the bonus” said McEvoy referring to the bag of beef jerky up for grabs to any players showing four jacks. Two jacks away but still on course for day two.



Facing a raise from the cutoff, Spaniard Alberto Font looked down at pocket dueces and decided to play his position and re-poppped it to 1,750. But then there was John Moore in small blind. He smelled something and he wasn’t going to let it stand, regardless of the fact he was only holding a queen and a four. Moore four-bet to 7,000. Font considered the sitution and called. The flop came out 6♦Q♣3♠. Moore led at it for 9,000 and Font put him all-in. Yes, with deuces. Moore made the call. Font never found a deuce. His stack was 50,000+ before the hand now sits around 15,000. Yes, with deuces.



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Terrence “Unassigned” Chan, now up to around 60,000



“55k at break 2. Made an Ace high call on the river vs Joe Hachem & was good. Espn got it.” — @Maridu



“No, I think it’s a freezeout.”–knowledgeable railbirds in the poker kitchen share what they know about the World Series main event



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