The high-brow credentials of PokerStars Blog have long been established. This is, after all, the place you’ve seen action from the PCA reimagined as a Samuel Beckett tragi-comedy, and it’s home, of course, to the PokerStars Blog One Time Chip™, which has rapidly become the poker accessory for the ages.

It won’t surprise you then to learn that the recent dinner break was spent dabbling in high literature. While the baying crowd hit the various eating and drinking establishments of the Rio Hotel and Casino, I sought escape and delved into a novel. But the first words I read there were immediately resonant, returning me instantly to the lobby of the Penn and Teller Theater, several floors away from the calm of a hotel room.

He sits at a window table in the cafe, watching. The place seethes with talk and laughter, an inchoate sound that reminds him of the noise from some animal colony. Men and women, hooded crows and parakeets, as though a species boundary is being crossed — crows and parakeets mixing together against the laws of nature.

These words are the work of Simon Mawer, in his Booker Prize-nominated The Glass Room, and the scene is actually the former Czechoslovakia in the 1940s. But really, if it’s inchoate sounds we’re talking about, animal colonies and crows and parakeets mixing together, then the final table of the World Series this year is where it’s at. The various supporters have returned, a degree more refreshed even than they were before the intermission, and the baying has re-started. We’ll now be playing down to a final two, and it really could take us all the way through a boozy night.


The final table

The chip-count page has been updated with their stacks at this point in proceedings. As you can see, the PokerStars player Eric Buchman has assumed the chip lead, and is not going to be happy until he’s still there on Monday. Joe Cada, the second shortest stack, may have further to go, but will consider himself in with as good a chance as any. How it pans out will be revealed in the coming hours.


Joe Cada

Play restarted almost on the button at 9.30pm — that’s 30 minutes late, but at least it’s a round number. Check back here at half past every hour for the latest action. And less of this whimsical drivel*.

*That’s not a promise.

As we await further action, take a look and a listen to what our chip leader thinks of the other members of the November Nine (II).


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