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Nothing compares.

No matter what sporting event you attend, no matter what game you play, no matter what kind of money you want to win, nothing compares to what we’re about to see.

The final table area for the WSOP

Three PokerStars players have made the final table of the 2006 World Series of Poker. Every one of them is guaranteed no less than $1.5 million dollars. From there, the prizes get so big, Benny Binion is sure to be celebrating from his grave (and likely wondering if he could find a way to come back and host the event next year).

The 2006 WSOP main event bracelet

Dan “danxxx1” Nassif, Doug “technologic” Kim, and Erik “lirarerik” Friberg will all be sitting at the final table of WSOP, competing for the biggest sporting event prizes in history.

1 – $12,000,000
2 – $6,102,499
3 – $4,123,310
4 – $3,628,513
5 – $3,216,182
6 – $2,803,851
7 – $2,391,520
8 – $1,979,189
9 – $1,566,858

If you’re just tuning in (or have been under a rock for the past couple of weeks), here are the PokerStars players who will be fighting for the most coveted prize in all of poker.

Dan “danxxx1” Nassif

Dan “danxxx1” Nassif, the 33-year-old advertising sales exec from St Louis, Missouri, had to call his bosses at the Riverfront Times last weekend and ask for a few more days’ vacation. Given that he’s now worth more than $1.5 million, his next call to the office will probably be to hand in his resignation. Fact is, Dan will be making a lot of calls tonight. He banned his friends and family from coming to the WSOP unless he made the final table but now, after another day’s hard grinding, he has made it through. He only had one dip today, when his Kings were cracked by Michael Binger’s pocket queens. He doubled up Binger and lost nearly half his stack -but spent the rest of the evening battling his way back up to finish the day with $2,600,000.

Doug “technologic” Kim

Doug Kim from West Chester, New York, is a recent graduate of Duke and won
his seat in the WSOP Main Event on one of the last satellites available on
PokerStars. He started the day 11th in chips at $3.6M in chips, then rode a
roller coaster on Day 6. He moved down as low as $2.5M and as high as $7.8M
today. He had an extremely tough table draw down to two tables, with Jamie
Gold and Allen Cunningham to his left. He took some hits along the way but
finally took some pots from Gold, including a big pot with K-8o on a king
high board. He ended at $6.77M, good for 6th chip position.

Erik “lirarerik” Friberg

Erik Friberg, our 23-year-old PokerStars qualifier from Stockholm, Sweden, has had the kind of day at the World Series that furiously aggressive poker champs tend to have. He began the day second in chips with $5,905,000 and, as he approaches the final table, he has $9,605,000. That places him 4th out of the last nine; in with a shot.

It didn’t start well. The huge hit came within the second level, when he became embroiled in a massive pot with Allen Cunningham, out on table one. With pocket nines and looking at an all-in bet from Cunningham on a king-high board of two spades, Friberg had correctly deduced that the American did not have a king. He called, but was forced to ship it in Cunningham’s direction when he flipped over pocket fives for the set.

For more than an hour after, the ice-cool Swede looked shaken. Clearly card-dead, he found his natural game restricted and dribbled chips away. That was until he found A-Q to eliminate Kevin Aaronson and the major pot was the kick-start to an hour of all-out aggression. It came to an end, however, when he was moved to the feature table, beside the giant stacks of Jamie Gold and Allen Cunningham. There, the going was tougher and while he began to play back at Jamie, he was taking hits from other directions. He yo-yoed for three hours before eliminating Leif Force and sticking around to make the final – and considerably more than a million dollars.

Players will get a day off on Wednesday to collect their thoughts and prepare for the biggest poker day of their lives.

Here are the final table chip counts:

Jamie Gold – $26,650,000
Allen Cunningham – $17,770,000
Richard Lee – $11,820,000
Erik Friberg – $9,605,000
Paul Wasicka – $7,970,000
Doug Kim – $6,770,000
Rhett Butler – $4,815,000
Michael Binger – $3,140,000
Dan Nassif – $2,600,000

Congratulations to our final table players!

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