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August 05, 2021inPoker

This is where we take a look at what’s in store for micro stakes players this weekend.

This is for you, the poker player who doesn’t so much worry about the first number in the buy-in so much as the many zeros that follow it.

So if your weekend poker budget is on the south side of $5 then stick with us as we go through the best value tournaments that start with 1, 2 or 3, and are followed immediately by a decimal point.

We start with Friday, which is the real start of the weekend, if you discount Thursday night that is.

Let’s get started.

Friday 14:00 ET (1900 UK): $2.20 Micro Fast Friday ($5K Gtd)

One great thing about low buy-in events is that the label tells you everything you need. Take this great start to the weekend. It’s Micro. It’s fast. And it’s on Friday. What else do you need to know?

Well, the buy-in is an affordable $2.20 for a start and that gives you 10,000 chips for a Turbo format (fast). That means while it starts on Friday it also finishes on Friday. It’ll take you about 3 and a half hours to win this one (give or take 30 seconds if you choose to slow roll with your time bank) and when you do, you’ll collect a good payday.

Last week’s $5K guaranteed prize pool topped out at more than $7500 and 872 of those dollars went to the winner. Not bad for $2.20.

Potential hourly rate: About $250 (suits anyone not currently working as a corporate lawyer)

Turbo tournaments move much faster than regular tournaments. So get yourself prepared with this Guide to Turbo events. And in the spirit of turbo tournaments you can read it all in less than 3 minutes (there are no difficult words).

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Saturday 0800 (1300 UK): $3.30 Saturday Micro ($4K Gtd)

This is where you can get busiest, with multiple good sized micro events to fill a big gap in your schedule.

The first of the two picks is this one. The Saturday Micro (see what we mean about the name).

This one has a slightly higher buy-in, but the extra dollar is worth it for a straight down the middle regular multi-table tournament.

Last weekend the guarantee was easily beaten, reaching just shy of $5400. And the winner a shade under eight hours later (no turbo structure here) logged off with $635.

Potential hourly rate: About $79. That’s still exec territory.

A plain old regular speed multi-table tournament is a great place to play poker on a low budget. It’s also something you can read a lot about if you’re still learning the ropes. Like this guide to micro stakes tournaments from PokerStars School…

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Saturday 1400 (1900 UK): $2.20 Micro Saturday Knock Out ($8K Gtd)

For afters try this one. Back to the two buck buy-in but with a very tasty looking $8K guarantee. That might be why it had more than 10000 players last week.

But this one has a few added features. $1 from every buy-in is added to the Bounty prize pool.

That means you start the tournament with a bounty of $1. Each time a player is eliminated, 50% of their current bounty is awarded to the player who eliminated them. Meanwhile the other 50% is added to that players bounty. Which gets bigger.

It means as well as prize money, there are bounties to win. Last week’s winner collected $479 in prize money, but an extra $304 in bounties, for total of $783. And remember the potential to win bounties starts from the very first hand.

At just over eight hours this one could take you into Sunday, but not empty-handed.

Potential hourly rate: $97 (according to a Google search, that’s Underwater Welder type money)

Knock Out tournaments are great fun, with bounties to win from the start. They also require a slightly different game plan to regular tournaments. To make the most of optimal KO strategy check out this guide to KO tournaments…

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That’s not everything for the Micro stakes player this weekend.

There’s also a long list of satellites into Sunday Majors and WCOOP 50/50 series events which suit small bankrolls. Be sure to check those out if you have your sights set on something bigger.

Good luck!



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