NAPT 2 Los Angeles - Bounty Shootout Flight A

The Bounty Shootout has come to Los Angeles, California and The Bicycle casino! This flight sees 36 of the 81 players who paid 10,000 dollars each, fight it out for a seat at the final table. Each has a 2 thousand dollar price on their head, the goal: win your table collect $40k and get a chance to play for the winner takes all prize of $171,700. Out in field are a bevvy of poker stars, including Bertrand 'Elky' Grosspellier, Jose Barbero, David Williams who are joined by stars from off the felt, actress, Jennifer Tilly and former major league baseball pitcher, Orel Hershiser. But taking center stage is cash game great Chau Giang and two World Champions, Jonathan Duhamel and Chris Moneymaker. The battle for a spot at the LA Bounty Shootout Final Table begins now! (Episode 1 of 4)