Jennifer Shahade's Chess Roulette Exhibition

PokerStars Mind Sport Ambassador, Jennifer Shahade took part in an eight person chess simultaneous on Saturday October 3. However, this chess simil was slightly different to usual with the introduction of a chess roulette wheel.

Jennifer created the chess roulette wheel with artist and curator Larry List. The chess roulette wheel debuted at a show in Saint Louis, USA, called "Chance Aesthetics." However, this event was the first time it was used in a simultaneous demonstration. 

The introduction of the chess roulette wheel added an element of luck to the game and helped to give less experienced/skilled players more chance to beat the simul-giver but also added a new dimension of strategy into the game with players having to think carefully about when to spin the wheel to ‘power-up’. Players could only ‘power-up’ once during the game which meant they were permitted to spin the wheel and then Jennifer was forced to move the randomly selected piece. See how Jennifer got on by watching this video now.

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