Skrill: Authenticating your transactions

From September 24, 2019, a piece of EU legislation - the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) - enforces that all online payments within the EU (also Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway) go through an extra step of authentication.

In accordance with these rules, Skrill implemented additional authentication via SMS or email.

Strong customer authentication will be valid for all Skrill accounts, and we recommend that you make sure that the correct phone number is registered in your Skrill account profile.

This new requirement was introduced with the only purpose of increasing the security of user accounts and online payments, such as deposits on your user account.

If you have never made a Skrill deposit with us using SCA, you'll be asked to enter a verification code sent to your mobile phone.

If you have used SCA before, and you ticked the option Skip authentication when doing this transaction in the future, this authentication step will not be required for future deposits on your user account.

Also, if you enter an incorrect verification code 4 times, the payment will be declined and your Skrill account will be locked. On the other hand, if an incorrect code is entered less than 3 times, you still can go back and select another payment method, such as a card.

SCA will operate in most browsers; however, we recommend turning off all pop-up blockers as they may interfere with the authentication.


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