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Withdrawals: Selecting withdrawal methods in the Cashier

When you request a withdrawal, the funds will be automatically sent back to the methods listed in our Withdrawal Policy, if you have used them to deposit in the past 12 months, until the amounts deposited, from the oldest to the newest, have been matched up.

If you wish to withdraw to a different method, you have two options:

  1. You can first withdraw to the methods you have deposited with until you have reached the total amount previously deposited with those methods, and then, you will be able to request a new withdrawal to the method of your choice.
  2. Otherwise, you can contact us via email and request that we permanently remove the method(s) you don't want to use.  Once done, you will be able to select a different withdrawal method.

If a method you have used in the past is no longer available in the Cashier, it is likely because you have not used it to deposit in the past 12 months


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