Moving button system

We use a forward moving button system as opposed to the dead button system.

This system works by moving the button to the next player on the left regardless of eliminations. There will always be a small and big blind in every hand (there is never a dead small). Heads-up play will proceed the same way (by moving the button to the next player on the left).

This system is widely used in many brick and mortar casinos.

When making this decision, we had to consider that online rooms are much more dynamic than their live counterparts. This is because online, players will join and leave games much more often. A table can go from 9 players to 2 players, and then back again in just a few moments.

The dead button system would result in more peculiar situations than the forward moving button in this environment.

A forward moving button system can result in you skipping the big blind for a round. This happens when you were under the gun and the player who was the big blind leaves the table or is eliminated. In this instance, the button moves forward, and whereas you were going to be posting a big blind, you are now effectively the small blind.


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