Waiting for Big Blind

If you sit down at a table and decide to sit in before you are the big blind, you will be asked to pay the big blind as it is your first round and paying this big blind is mandatory.

However, if you take a seat but remain sitting out for an entire orbit or more, when you come back and decide to play your first hand, if you're not in the big blind or small blind, you will be asked to pay both big and small blinds.

The difference in the scenarios is the amount of time that you have been sitting out. If you have been actively participating at the table, then decide to sit out for an orbit or more, then finally return in a non-blind position, you will have to pay both the big and small blind. This is standard practice in most live and online games.

When you sit out of an entire orbit, we deem you as occupying a seat for an entire orbit and to enter the game you must pay both your blinds.


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