Main lobby minimization

When the lobby is open it is in constant communication with our server and as the peak number of players rises, the demands on the lobby server also increase.

One of the best ways to increase the capacity and performance of our lobby server is to eliminate unnecessary communication between clients and the lobby server. In a large majority of game situations the data in the lobby is not needed, and thus the lobby is minimized when you enter a game. This eliminates a large portion of the communication (much of which goes unseen by players) and enables us to serve far more concurrent customers.

If you would like to look for an additional game, locate another friend or perform any other browsing, click on View Lobby in the upper right of a table or Poker Lobby in any tournament lobby and the main lobby will come back up.

If you wish to turn this feature off, go to the main lobby and select:

  1. Settings
  2. Lobby
  3. Lobby Display

Once there, simply uncheck Minimize the poker lobby when selected table opens.


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