Sending documents without a scanner

If you don't own a scanner, here are some alternative options:

  • You can take a clear photo of your documents with a camera phone, a digital camera, or a webcam.
  • You can use a scanner at your local library, print shop, or internet cafe.

We accept screenshots taken on a computer screen. Just make sure it contains all your information and the full URL of the web page.

We accept PDF files and JPEG picture files. For larger files, you may need to use compression software such as Winzip to reduce the file size.

Also, ensure that the image resolution is clear enough so that we can read all the information. Each image must display the entire document without any cropping.

You can upload your documents via our desktop software, mobile app, or website. If you're unable to log in to your account, please upload your documents via the contact form on our website.


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