Editing player notes

To access the Player Notes tool settings and the folder where your notes are saved, choose: Settings → Gameplay → Player Notes

Player Notes Settings

To take new notes or edit existing notes on other players, press Edit Player Notes.

In the editing window, you will have the following options:

  • Search bar: Search your notes on other players.
  • Add: Create a note on a player based on their username.
  • Delete: This will delete the currently highlighted note in the window above.
  • Import Notes: Import note files from other locations.
  • Change Folder...: Change the folder where you save your notes.
  • Open Folder: Open the folder where you currently save your notes.
  • Custom Label: Change the name and color of player note labels.

Player Notes Options

To save your changes successfully, select Close and exit the software by going to: Account Details → Log Out & Exit

In the event that the software crashes or is closed without logging out, new notes or changes to notes won't be saved.


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