Play Money top-up on the PokerStars Next Gen app

Need a chips refill? Nothing easier than that: You can top up your Play Money balance with 15,000 chips every four hours at no cost.

The refill option is available from the Account menu screen and in the Cashier.

Top up through the Account screen:

Account → switch to 'Play Money'

  • Open the 'Account' menu from the bottom of our app.
  • Toggle the switch option located there to 'Play Money'.
  • Select 'Free Chips'.

If you prefer to top up through the Cashier, here's how:

Account → Cashier → Play Money → Collect

  • Open the 'Account' menu from the bottom of our app.
  • Go to the 'Cashier'.
  • Scroll to the right to 'Play Money' in the Cashier's navigation bar.
  • Tap on 'Collect'.

Note that the toggle option under Account allows you to switch lobbies anytime. This is where you can go from 'Play Money' to 'Real Money' and vice versa. If you're not seeing the games you're looking for, you might be in the wrong lobby. It's always worth having a look there first!

How you can reach the Cashier even faster:

Depending on the lobby you're in, you can see your Real Money or Play Money balance in the header of our app. And by tapping on the balance icon, you can also reach the Cashier.

Buying chips might also be an option:

Remember the free top-up is available every four hours. If you need more chips than that, you might consider buying one of our chips bundles which offer great value (if the purchase option is available for your region).

No matter how you boost your balance, we're sure you will make the best of it at our tables!


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