Spin & Go Max

Spin & Go Max is an exciting form of Spin & Go tournaments, with more players, more variety and innovative features:

  • Random player draw

In Spin & Go Max, you won't know the number of participants when you register. Just before the tournament begins, a random draw decides the number of players, ranging from 3 to 8. The number of players will impact the prize pool you will be playing for.

  • Triple prize spin

There's also an added element of chance added to the prizes. Just before play starts, pre-game spinners will show three potential prizes for the tournament's eventual winner. When play ends, those prizes will be shuffled and hidden and the winner will have 45 seconds to pick one. However, if the top possible prize is drawn on one of the pre-game spinners, it will be guaranteed and the winner won't have to pick.

  • All-in mode

During play, if no winner is decided within a certain number of hands, then it's time to go all-in! At this stage, the Spin & Go Max will switch to a fast-paced mode, where all players are put all-in on every hand automatically. A hand countdown will always show how many hands are left until all remaining players go all-in.

  • 'Cash Out' option

To add even more excitement, when some of the higher prizes are drawn, a 'Cash Out' option will be offered. Instead of randomly picking one of the hidden prizes at the end of the game, the first-place finisher is allowed to 'Cash Out' a fixed amount. The 'Cash Out' amount is equal to the average value of all three prizes minus a certain amount, presenting the winner with a compelling choice to make.


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