Sorting tables in lobby

In all lobbies of our software (e.g. Cash, Zoom, Sit & Go, Tourney, etc.), if you left-click on a specific part of the header bar (e.g. Game, Stakes in cash games or Buy-In in tournaments, etc.), it will sort the tables by that particular criteria. Clicking the same criteria again will change the sorting order between ascending and descending.

To identify what criteria is currently selected, a triangle-shaped arrow will be displayed next to the sorting criteria. Depending on the ascending or descending order of the tables, the arrow will point up or down.

You can also resize the width of each individual column by clicking and dragging on the edge between two columns.

Right-clicking on any part of the header bar will open the Column Settings window where you can select which columns you want to display. You can also use this window to reset the widths of columns, lock their sizes or lock the way the tables are sorted.

You can sort tables using up to three sorting options.


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